Deepika Padukone to Vicky Kaushal, 10 celebs who broke up with their partners after making it big in Bollywood

We bring to you a list of Bollywood stars and who they dated before achieving stardom in the industry. Read on!
Deepika Padukone to Vicky Kaushal, 10 celebs who broke up with their partners after making it big in BollywoodDeepika Padukone to Vicky Kaushal, 10 celebs who broke up with their partners after making it big in Bollywood
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In Bollywood, being in a relationship and achieving success at the same time do not go hand in hand. When it comes to Bollywood relationships, over the years, we have witnessed a lot of them coming to an end. From Deepika Padukone-Ranbir Kapoor to Shahid Kapoor-Kareena Kapoor Khan, we have seen many such biggies calling it off after dating for several years. Apart from their professional life, these Bollywood stars manage to create equal buzz because of the relationships they have and had in the past after making it big.


Well, if you are a big Bollywood fan, then it’s obvious that you will be knowing about Bollywood stars and their dating history. For example, we all know that Deepika Padukone dated Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra dated Shahid Kapoor. But do you know who these beauties dated before they were not a big thing in Bollywood? It is alright if you don’t because we have got you covered.

We bring to you a list of Bollywood stars and who they dated before achieving stardom in the industry.

1: Deepika Padukone and Nihaar Pandya

The undisputed queen of Bollywood, Deepika Padukone had dated Nihaar Pandya, who she met during her modelling days. Yes, you read that right! The couple was in a live-in relationship. After Deepika switched to acting and started getting fame, she parted ways with Nihaar Pandya. She then started dating the chocolate boy of Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor. While Deepika is now happily married to Ranveer Singh, Nihaar Pandya is married to Neeti Mohan.

2: Priyanka Chopra and Aseem Merchant

Priyanka Chopra who is currently ruling Bollywood and Hollywood was once dating Aseem Merchant during her modelling days. When she arrived in Bollywood, she distanced herself from Aseem. In the past, Aseem announced his plans to make a movie based on Priyanka’s life, but nothing was done about it. As we all know, Priyanka is now happily married to Nick Jonas.

3: Alia Bhatt and Ali Dadarkar

Alia who is now a big thing in the industry was dating her childhood sweetheart Ali Dadarkar before she achieved the stardom. The actress reportedly called it quits right before making her debut opposite Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra. After parting ways with Ali, Alia got into a relationship with her SOTY co-star Sidharth. However, she is now dating Ranbir Kapoor.

4: Anushka Sharma and Zoheb Yusuf

The ‘Pari’ actress dated Zoheb Yusuf during their modelling days. The couple reportedly came to Mumbai to try their luck in films. While Anushka got an opportunity to star opposite King Khan, Zoheb couldn’t make it big. Anushka later called it quits with her model boyfriend and moved on. She is now married to cricketer Virat Kohli.

5: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Rajeev Mulchandani

The actress who has a history of dating Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi was in a relationship with Rajeev Mulchandani during her modelling days. Once she made it big in Bollywood, she parted ways with Rajeev. Aishwarya is now a part of the Bachchan family as she is married to Abhishek Bachchan.

6: Jacqueline Fernandez and Rashid Al Khalifa

Before entering the world of Bollywood, the Sri Lankan beauty was in a relationship with the Prince of Bahrain. Yes, you read that right! She was dating Prince Rashid Al Khalifa. After achieving stardom in the glamour industry, she called it quits with him. The diva was then rumoured to be dating director Sajid Khan.

7: Sonakshi Sinha and Aditya Shroff

Before making her debut as a Dabangg lady opposite Salman Khan, Sonakshi was in a serious relationship with Aditya Shroff. The couple was dating for two long years. Once Sinha entered Bollywood, she decided to call it quits with Aditya. Rest, as they say, is history!

8: Vicky Kaushal and Harleen Sethi

Vicky who earned the title of ‘India’s National Crush’ broke millions of hearts when he confirmed that he was dating Harleen Sethi on Karan Johar’s talk show ‘Koffee with Karan’. Later, he made it Instagram official by posting a cute picture with his girlfriend. However, as per new reports, the couple is not together anymore. Vicky who is currently in high demand in Bollywood is now rumoured to be dating Katrina Kaif.


9: Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh

As we all know that the Nawab of Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan was once married to Amrita Singh. The couple is proud parents to two kids Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan. Gossip has it that after Dil Chahta Hai’s success, Saif Ali Khan parted ways with Amrita. After delivering several hits, he then went on to marry Kareena Kapoor Khan. Bebo and Saif are parents to Taimur Ali Khan, who is already ruling hearts.


10: Aamir Khan and Reena Dutta

During his struggling days, Aamir Khan was married to Reena Dutta. Aamir met his now wife Kiran Rao while they were doing Lagaan. During that time, Kiran was working as an assistant director. It is said that during Lagaan, love blossomed between the two. However, Aamir then divorced Reena and went on to marry Kiran Rao.


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Harleen is the lucky one. Vicky has a has been girlfriend attached to him. While Bollywood considers her to be an A lister. The only thing she will take away with her is her soul, which is far, far, far from being on the A list.

Katrina a is an opportunistic who is known for her dirty past and breaking relationships. She always run after rising stars . Remember how she went for RK who was touted as the next superstar. Now playing the same game with Vickey. He should be careful and know that she is not loyal to anyone .

And kat the vile and shameless woman broke Vickey and Harleen. What an ugly person she is !

This young actor has been tasting stardom professionally with his string of hits at the box-office. However, he doesn’t seem to be so lucky in his personal life. But the actor has no one else to blame but himself and his obsession for a senior star. This A-lister actress is apparently the cause of serious heartburn for the actor’s steady girlfriend. And this has finally led to their break-up! Insiders say that the actor has been in awe of the star. In fact, he made no bones of his crush on her among his friend circle, much to the dismay of his girlfriend.
This definitely did not go down well with the girlfriend, who decided to call it quits. However, we hear that the parents are very unhappy with the split. They have decided to intervene and help the couple patch their differences. The parents are also trying to talk in some sense into the young actor. But seems like the A-lister actress has been showering much praise and showing some interest in the actor too. That has him all kicked up. Interestingly, this is not the first time that the A-lister has driven a wedge between a steady couple. She is in fact known to keep quite a keen eye on rising stars too.
Right now the actor is smitten by the A-lister, especially after she reciprocated to him. So, what started off as the young actor simply being in awe of a senior star, has become much serious. Naturally, the A-lister giving him so much personal attention has gone to his head and led to his break-up. The now ex-girlfriend is said to be heart-broken. And although not too hopeful is being consoled by the actor’s family to not give up yet. Can you guess who are we talking about? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below!
Our Guess
Young Actor: Vicky Kaushal
Ex-GF: Harleen Sethi
A-lister: Katrina Kaif

Is it true? Katrina fans are flying high and so glad about their liasion. Igorning how vindictive their idol is to fracture other's relationship to get guy who is talk of the town currently. This only indicates how she is as a person. Indeed uglyiest inside out with no morals and decency. She is already accused of Ranbir Deepika breakup.

Vickey left his girl because of relationship breaker katrina. she is the reason. see the blind how she eyed him and showered praises at him to get him as he is successful and a rising star. She played the same game with Ranbir and broke RKDP.

Saif and Aamir did not leave their wives because they made it big. Their marriage fell apart after being together for so many years.

Aamir didn't leave his wife after sucess...she divorced him and he was in shock...
What about kangana-pancholi...sushant-ankita?!...

Hmmm... Kat and dp are cordial silly fans should stop fighting

Why isn’t Sushant Singh Rajput in this list. Like Vicky, he dumped gf Ankita Lokhande as soon as he got a slew of movies

katrina ditched kazid gutad , salman and rk,

Just after getting fame Salman khan left Saheen banu for Sangeeta Bijlani. Saheen is the mother of actress sayesha who got married recently with south star Arya. PV post it.

Katrina always plays a victim card would like to know how much depressed Salman, kazid, kabir, Ali, Terry, rk, sid, adi, John and Hrithik are after she played them
Post this please. Dont be biased towards Dp.

Apna apna kam karo sab

So most of these people, Deepika, Aish, Saif, etc. went on to marry co-stars they fell for. It really makes you wonder if SRK had broken up with his wife like all of these guys, which co-star would he have ended up with? Someone obvious like PC, Juhi, Kajol... or someone totally different? THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS.

Deepika always plays victim card, would like to know how depressed nihaar, yuvraj, mallya junior, dhoni feel after she played with them

One person aka kat pr writing hate comments on dp. They can see only her in this list .

Katrina ditched Sallu.

Anushka LOL and she acts like such a saint. They are all social climbers and gold diggers.

What Vicky did to Harleen wasn't nice at all. As soon as he got his first solo hit, he left her. What a douche.

They are all after money and fame. They dump their pre-success significant others without a thought.

The only people who stuck with their partners from before fame are SRK and Varun.

Le...and Deepika was 'angry and felt betrayed' becoz RK wanted to part ways with her..

Why does Deepika tajes digs at RK then

And deepika has the nerve to point at RK for dumping her ...baap re baap..she also dated yuvi but dumped him as she had a thing for RK! Lol true love only for the hottest and most successful guy with s heavy sir name..padukone is real too much

Then deepika is depressed when she is being treated unfairly and ditched.

wow!! p.v how much hatred you have for Deepika!!! why using her name on headline??? who is paying you to write against deepu nowadays?

Vicky Kaushal is definitely not dating kk. Everyone knows that salman khan's fandom wants him to marry kat. Any actor who will dare to date kat will meet the similar fate like that of rk. Rk survived because he comes from a big family. Actors like Vicky or sidharth won't survive the wrath of Salman fans. They already abuse Vicky on YouTube videos.Lol poor kk has only one choice either to marry old Salman or remain single forever or at least wait for his never happening marriage

Its kat fans who want him to marry kat mkt his fans

When Salman is living with iulia how can he marry kat? Kat can be his side chick.

Breakups and linkups are norm in Bollywood. Sad that those who were average human being changed their colors once they got taste of Bollywood success.

Why is not katrina here ,She also parted ways with salman after getting success and whenever she needs success she mends ways with salman and others.

She was still w Salman even after success. She really hit the big time namstey London. That was her break through in 2006-7 and after that she became successful and considered the hottest Bollywood Star. But she didn’t part ways w Salman until she worked w ranbir in Ajab prem ki that maybe around 2009.

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