Dhadak: When Janhvi Kapoor took a trip down memory lane and spoke about her mom Sridevi

Since the time, Janhvi Kapoor started promoting her debut film Dhadak, the newcomer has been speaking about her mom and late actor Sridevi. She was all praises for the legendary star.
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Last year in the month of November, the makers of Dhadak dropped the first look of Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter's film. The late actor and Janhvi's mom Sridevi also had shared the poster of Dhadak on her social media pages and it was a proud moment for her.

Sadly, before the release of the film and during the shoot of Dhadak, Sridevi passed away and it was one of the saddest moments ever. Janhvi was shattered as the incident took place a few months before the release of her debut film.

And like a loving daughter, Janhvi remembered her mom at every step and spoke about how motivational and inspirational she was during several media interactions.

Here are a few of the pleasant words spoken by Janhvi for her dear mom Sridevi.

1. On being a supportive mother.

She supported me a lot but I think both of us were clear that she wanted this to be my own journey. I remember reading lines with her around. But she never said 'Do it like this or that'. She would always say, 'I want you to find this on your own, do it on your own'."

2. On Sridevi receiving a lot of love

I'm aware of it (the legacy) but I don't think there's a fear. I feel like mom has earned and got so much love, gratitude and adulation from people. There's a lot of gratitude I feel towards that, which even she felt. I want to make them happy. I want to earn the same kind of love.

3. On one thing Janhvi doesn't associate with her mom

Surprisingly, the only thing I don’t associate with work is mom. Both of us had consciously decided that this would be my own journey. Acting is the only thing I knew to do without her.

4. On her reactions, while watching Sridevi's movies

I remember watching English Vinglish at the Toronto film festival. I was clenching my nails into the seat because that character Sapna who played her daughter was so rude to her

Long back, I remember watching Chaalbaaz when I was a kid and at one point, I found that they (Sridevi's co-stars) were so mean and rude to her so I couldn’t sit through the film. But I loved Sadma because she made Kamalji (Kamal Haasan) cry.

5. On watching Sridevi shoot during English Vinglish and MOM.

I've seen her on the sets of English Vinglish and MOM. Just to see her make that switch as an actor, from one second being my mom and yelling at me, to giving a shot. That's the first time I realised there's something very special about her.

6. On having hardworking parents

I don't think I will be satisfied if I just lived off what my parents gave me even as mom believed that she’s worked this hard because she wanted her children to have it easy. My parents have worked very hard to get where they are. People sometimes underestimate how hard being a producer or an actor can be.

7. On being compared with the legendary Sridevi

Mom would keep saying that she has done 400 films and Dhadak is my first film but the world will compare my debut film to her 400th... She was very scared about that but I would say, ‘ Mumma, I love acting, I will work hard, I promise'. I had this very naive and idealistic outlook about it but now I am beginning to understand that some people do have these expectations. I feel a sense of responsibility towards her fans, I want to earn that same kind of love. That motivates me.

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