End of an Era: As Randhir Kapoor CONFIRMS RK Studios’ last Ganesh Utsav, Pinkvilla joins 70 year old tradition

In what was a 70-year-old tradition for the Kapoor family, an emotional Randhir Kapoor confirmed the rumours that RK Studios will be celebrating its last Ganesh Utsav. Pinkvilla joined the Kapoor family as they went ahead with their tradition for the very last time.
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RK Studios has a legacy that will be spoken about for generations. 70 years ago, Raj Kapoor established his baby where iconic films like Mera Naam Joker and Sangam were shot. However, last year after a fire broke out destroying many a portion of the classic studio, the costs could not be incurred. To add on top of that, barring a few TV shows, RK Studios was not on the top of filmmaker's studio lists to shoot. Hence, the Kapoor family had to make the grave decision of putting the RK Studios up for SALE.

One festival which was religiously celebrated at the RK Studios even after Raj Kapoor’s demise was Ganesh Chaturthi with the entire Kapoor family including Randhir Kapoor, Rajiv Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor partaking in the festival and lighting up Chembur like never before. However, this year the 70-year-old tradition comes to its completion and 2018 will be the last year that RK Studios welcomed Ganpati Bappa home. Randhir Kapoor was an emotional mess as he welcomed the media including myself to what can be touted as the Kapoor 'temple' today.


At 3 pm, we were allowed to the enter the premises as half an hour later, Randhir Kapoor and Rajiv Kapoor came. The tradition kickstarted with a sthapna aarti which saw many employees breaking down. Someone who caught my attention was an old worker who has been associated with RK Studios since its inception. You could see the gentleman on the verge of tears as he indirectly said goodbye to his beloved RK Studios which became his home.


Even Randhir Kapoor could not hold back his tears but proudly spoke about RK Studios with us. Confirming that this was indeed the last Ganesh Utsav for RK Studios, Randhir got candid about how the damages caused by the fire could not be recovered and that they were incurring losses as films were not being shot there, given the location.


We could sense the sombre atmosphere in the air of RK Studios, as the tradition was finally broken! And just like Raj Kapoor bid us farewell leaving a smile on our faces, RK Studios follows its leader's footsteps as well. Exactly 10 days to go and the three Kapoor brothers will dance on the streets of Chembur with the Nashik Dhol playing in the background for the very last time bidding goodbye not only to their bappa but to loads of memories and a legacy that has seen 7 decades pass by.


Bahu-to-be Alia should buy RK studio and save the Kapoor legacy.. lol.. Kjo make it happen! It would be good pr.

Where are the other people of the family? Probably busy attending one of the Ganapati's outside their family.

they have enough money why they cant make it well again :) :)

No worries. Ranbir's career is taken care of. There's always Dharma and Bhatt Production houses. Ranbir has become smarter with time and age.

WHy ? WHy? WHy are they selling RK Studios ?? Really Sad

very sad that the rest of the kapoors who acted are not there : karisma, kareena, neetu, babita...is it because they are women ?

yeah coz they are locked in homes in Burka. Feminazis will cause WW-3

Whatever RK was.He was passionate about Indian Cinema

Ganpati Bappa Morya at RK studios. May he bless them always

Very sad occasion. Sad that all these people in the family couldn’t come together to save this iconic studio. Raj Kapoor must feel so disappointed.

History of Indian film industry is incomplete without Kapoor legacy and RK studio.

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