Is Farah Khan and Sania Mirza's plea to stop sharing workout videos and food pictures justified?

From workout videos to kitchen experiments, Bollywood celebs are keeping the gram an entertaining place during this lockdown. But not everyone seems to be on the same page. What are your thoughts?
Discussion,farah khan,sania mirza,Coronavirus,21 Days LockdownIs Farah Khan and Sania Mirza's plea to stop sharing workout videos and food pictures justified?
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The deadly coronavirus, which first originated in China's city of Wuhan, has brought life to a standstill in India and across the world. With most of us holed up inside our homes and either working from home or doing the chores, mental health is bound to take a hit during this 21-day lockdown. Even more so, if you are living alone and not with your loved ones during this difficult time. As for Bollywood, the entire industry has come together during these trying times and contributed their bit to various relief funds and opened up their facilities for patients battling the deadly virus. 

Apart from their generous donations, celebs on social media are also making the most of their time and giving fans a sneak peek into their self-isolation item. From Katrina Kaif washing vessels to Vicky Kaushal's kitchen experiments, celebs are keeping the gram an entertaining place. Another great addition has been videos of celebs working out within their home spaces. 

However, there are some other celebs who are not completely on board with this idea. For instance, within the first few days of lockdown, Farah Khan had expressed her disappointment over celebs' workout videos. In a video message, Farah had said, "Since everyone is making videos I also thought of making one. In the interest of public health and safety, my video saying that please, it's a humble request for all the celebrities and stars to please stop making you're working out videos and bombarding us with it. I can understand that you all are privileged and don't have any other worries in this global pandemic except looking after your figures. But most of us have bigger concerns during this crisis. So please have some pity on us and stop posting the workout videos." 



BAS KARO yeh workout videos !! video shot by :- #diva

A post shared by Farah Khan Kunder (@farahkhankunder) on

Well, while I agree with Farah that there are other bigger things to worry, it is important to note that these celeb workout videos are not only motivating but also tell you how you can stay fit within the confines of your homes. A necessity in these times to keep the mind and body active rather than lazing on your sofa all day or even just working while sitting in the same spot. 

Diljit Dosanjh, too, took to Instagram a while ago and had shared a meme asking celebs to stop flaunting their workout videos. Cut to this weekend, the 'Good Newwz' actor shared a video flaunting his muscles and captioned it 'Plot Twist'. Farah's bestie -- ace tennis player Sania Mirza also tweeted over the weekend and asked netizens to stop sharing cooking videos and food pictures. Sania tweeted, "Aren’t we done with posting cooking videos and food pictures yet ? Just spare a thought - there are hundreds of thousands of ppl, specially in our side of the world starving to death and struggling to find food once a day if they are lucky."  

Dia Mirza, too, resonated with Sania's thoughts but asserted that this is not the time to pass judgements and let everyone handle it in their own way. Yes, no doubt that many of us are privileged but everyone copes differently right? We say, to each his own. And to add to that, a special mention to Karan Johar and his two adorable kids, Yash and Roohi, for brightening up our days.  

Do you think it is inappropriate for celebs to share workout or cooking videos on social media? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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I am abstaining from posting comments on PV till the end of the lockdown. PV peeps I exhort you to do the same across social media. Let's not give our publicity-hungry and self-obsessed stars the attention they can't seem to live without.

I agree

I'm in

Absolutely justified _ you don't flaunt what you have in front of the deprived and call it motivation.
Putting exercise videos to motivate those without food and money is like making fun of them.
Try to know what is the real problem of common man before motivating

Sania can post her son's pics then why others can't do what they want...all show off

Sania can post her son's pics then why others can't do what they want...all show off

That's why they are both good friends. 2 idiots together.

Cooking videos,that's Malaika and company.A woman is her 50s is behaving like a youngster who has just learnt cooking.The most idiotic one was katrina washing dishes.

Yes, go ahead and troll me, but I agree with them. Actually could we have a social media quarantine too, then maybe our tone deaf and self-centred celebs will stop it. #Socialmediaquarantine

Hypocrites. Fat and ugly ones.


Both of them seem to be targettign Maliaka Arora

It is people who are comfortably placed with finances that go through Insta and twitter or FB. Poor dont have enough knowledge or time. Farah and Sania are both probably pissed off with the ones who post. Real friends. Dia Mirzas was a much better response

I thought only Farah and her brother are trash, sania joined the bandwagon.

Did Sania's world come to an end? Is she and her family starving? Its beyond me to understand their stupidity.

Keep you gyaan to yourselves, Bit**es

Can someone pls take these two and leave them in Italy forever?

Farah is a cheap blabber mouth.

Wow , says who?? These two idiots !!!

It makes no sense at all!bcoz ppl who r going thru such hardships won’t have time or resources to go thru other pplz food videos and that too on insta..luks like the ppl who r preaching all
This have too much of time on their hands and r feeling all preachy

Sania looks like a witch in the pic

Lol so true she can try for Dayan 2

How dare they say this living such luxurious previleged life? It is easy to pass judgement, but kidnly look into your own low life.

Dia darling, you kindly focus on your divorced life. you are in no place to pass judgement.

I thought only bollywood has some shitty people around.

Sania, seriously pls pls mind your damn business. you are no one to tell others. she got so used to wearing the pants in her house, so she thinks she gets to tell others what to do.

Farah, you are tooooooo irrelevant to tell others to stop fitness videos, just because you cant move your body.

Everyone has their own right to do and post what they want. STOP your entitlement to tell others what to do. Pls mind your business

These two have lost it. Africans are starving, so why are indians wasting food then? Dumb morons !!!

Exercise and cooking at home are good messages for majority of people in India , they can manage both at home . But at the same time they should keep spreading msg of donation as much as possible because a small sect of India needs it and cannot manage to stay at home without money .

Rightly said....we have become
So used to ordering....exercising and eating home made food!the right message!

Do their world come to an end since others are suffering? what kind of stupidity is it?

Sania, there are lot of handicapped people around, so why dont you go help them out instead of bouncing in the grounds?

Farah, you and your brother are educated fools

There are lot of kids on the roads begging, so Sania, why do you post your kid in good clothes and pamper him? arent you supposed to send him to the streets too since you love people so much.

Live and let live
If u wana help poor help stop the gyaaan

Heights of hippocrisy. Two idiots in one frame

It is spelled hypocrisy you idiot. Go back to school or better yet get a brain transplant as suggested by Joey on Friends.

Sania, more than half of the world is suffering from virus, so why dont you go to a hospital and contract some virus since you are so concerned for them.

Same birds flock together. Thats why they are friends

Farah, you anyway cannot move your fat a**. so lets leave it right there

Ok, to each its own. If they don't want to watch others videos. Pls leave social media.No one is forcing them to watch it. also, these people have absolutely no right to tell others what to do.

Fitness video is fine where promoting fitness & health in such times sends out the right message. However will have to agree with Sania on food videos which make no sense given the hardships most people are going through under the current circumstances.

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