Happy Birthday Kareena Kapoor

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It's Sept 21st in India and it's Kareena Kapoor birthday. She turns a gracious 32-years of age today and has probably been memorable birth day for her as her biggest film till date, Heroine released today and dazzled on the screens, garnering much hype and critics ratings.

Here's wishing her many more years to come and many more films, allowing her to shine even more. What's your favourite Kareena Kapoor film?

I still can't get over the chatterbox, Geet from Jab We Met.

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happy birthday

Wish you a very happy birthday....wish u loads of luck and happiness in your life...you are so beautiful...u rock...love you lots...:

Happy birthday bebo
hopefully long life, always beautiful and successful :D


Saw Heroine and this girl is so brave for playing such a bold, daring, and complex role. Especially something that has lesbianism. I can't see any other actress having the guts to play that. Her acting was the life of the film. She is a true superstar. She is the hero of her film. Congrats to her and Happy Birthday!

Happy belated birthday.....Just finished watching Heroine.....Kareena did a FAB job of playing a very complex character....It was very brave of her (at this stage and being a superstar in India) to play a character with lesbo shades. Hope, she will continue to take more challenging roles....Please take note, Sonam/Sonakshi/Deepika/.... specially KATRINA!

Happy b-day!!

Kareena happy birthday.
after watching Heroine.
my respect towards increased to another level....you deserve each and every award in this world

happy birthday most praised heroine of the year!

Kareena is gorgeous and a talented actress. She has come a long way. So proud of her. She's so true to herself and has a good image. I hope her marriage continues to blossom her life. Happy Birthday Kareena!

Happy Birthday Bebo!:)


happy birthday bebo

Happy Birthday Kareena Kapoor!! Have a lovely day and special regards of the day!!
From your biggest fan!!!!
I love you Kareena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Kareena Kapoor!! Have a lovely day and special regards of the day!!
From your biggest fan!!!!
I love you Kareena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kareena for me is above average actress. I liked her in K3G for some reason i think she is good at comedy....I really miss her pairing with Shahid kapoor. I also like her dressing sense.. She is a trendsetter for me and the one thing about her that makes me like her even more is that she is honest unlike her contemporaries. Happy birthday bebo...Wishing u great time ahead....

Happy Birthday pyaari Bebo. I've watched her grow into a mature and beautiful woman. She is fortunate to have a loving man, a great career, great genes, and a wonderful life. May you be blessed with more you beautiful rani!

happy birthday i want to say it to u personally but my bad luck that i am just 11 years old and a common girl but happy birthday

Happy Birthday Diva! :)

happy birthday bebo, wish u all the best in life

I think she's the most gorgeous actress in Bollywood right now. She's so naturally flawfree and glowy and happy. I give Saif the credit for balancing her out and keeping her so happy. Happy birthday Kareena! Hope Heroine makes bank!!!!

Wish you a happiest birthday and all the success in every walk of your life.
You are the BEST.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY today is big day for you...................today your heroine film is releasing it will be super hit..........................

Happy happy birthday.
You are a real life heroine and are admired by billions of young women all over the world.

happy birthday LOVE......................................Muwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...............Bollywood should be extremely proud of heroine like u coz u epitome mix of beauty and talent....................muwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Why some moron runs over kareena's age ? she is a promising star kid. And 1980 is her real Birth year.

happiee birth day to u n me :)

Happy Birthday Bebo

Happy Birthday Kareena !!! And may u have many many more

i just luv u kareena.u r such a sweetheart my frnds my family all lyk u bcz u r d best.really u r most desirable women i personally fee.wsh u happy birthaday.luv u bebo.i m jst mad bcz of ur beautiful face nd dat dying flawless skin.u r dream of any boy.

wish u all hapiness nd success in ur lyf.keep n working for ur fans we love u so much......

What is your real age kareena tired of lies about you

Thu, 2012-09-20 16:22 — Pinkvilla_boy

Seriously you adore her and you made this for her birthday? I thought you must be creative like her.Now start making something unique for her next birthday which is going to be special since it's after her wedding.

happy birthday beautiful kareena kapoor............
i m ur biggest fan in the wrld ...
i wish this year brings you all d happiness due to you..and the movie heroine takes you to the zenith...it turns out to be a blockbuster..

Happy birthday kareena

Happy birhday kareena

Happy Birthday bebo!!!! watched Heroine yesterday..All I have to say is you deserve the best actress award for this year!!! love from Dubai!!!!

Happy Bday bebo. I pray GOd Almighty light
Will shine upon u. This movie heroine will cross 100cr.
And I wish u all the very best in this film nd
Other future films. I wish u all the best in life
God in heaven will continue to favour u.
And anything you put ur hand in will become
An instant blessing. I wish u and ur hubby
To be success in your career and ur marriage.
Even after marriage and children u will continue
To be a successful actress, mother, wife, frd.
I pray God in heaven will continue to shower
His blessings upon u and ur family. Success will forever
Be urs in Jesus name. Amen. Luv u. Osa from USA.(ps I'm African. Just love Indian movies.)
I luv all the actors and actresses.

happy brith

happy birthday

Happy Birthday Bebo! You are the best!

I'm waiting for That Daily Girl to come here all mad and angry.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREENA! She has grown up and become so mature and poised! I'm loving the new balanced and sweet and gracefule Bebo. Hope your marriage is wonderful and you are blessed with commercial success and new movie roles

~Happy Birthday!~

happy birthday kareena. please dont quit movie a we like to see more and more.
you were aweome and amazing in heroine no doubt this year all the awards goes to you only.

Happy Birthday Girl.

Happy birthday Bebo!!!! best actress of this generation!!!!

Happy birthday Bebo. May you have a rocking year and hope you always remain the same - Pataka and carefree like RK put it:)

All the best for your wedding. Lotsa love.

aww so many people love her - I love the collage pvboy did - she is so blessed and may she always remain so.

happy birthday bebo ... wish you all the success for your future


Love ya bebopals :) thanks @Pinkvilla_boy

@ Thu, 2012-09-20 16:32 — bollywood lover

any thing related to BEBO is special so is your video :D well done!!!

may all ur dreams come true....

My pleasure Bollywood-lover and Pinkvilla-boy

@Pinkvilla_boy I love your message for bebo. Super sweet :)

I made a vid. Nothing special, pics & stuff :D

Happy Birthday Kareena! You were SUPERB in Heroine! You are heroine #1.

@ Thu, 2012-09-20 16:18 — bollywood lover
NO worries YES that s why i did n t make one LOL anyways thanks to @ Nabby H

Ranbir got the acting talent in him, poor cousin Kareena just got a loud mouth.

Happy Birthday Kareena K from Pinkvilla_boy

@ Pinkvilla_boy that was plan but I guess I was too late. @ Nabby H already made a post on bebo's birthday [& I thank you for that :)]. I think this is the first year in about 3-4 on PV's & I didn't make a post on Kareena's birthday. Doesn't matter, there's always next year :)

Happy Birthday to one of the finest actress of OUR time Kareena Kapoor
lots of wishes and best of luck for future BEBO
yes HEROINE all the way :)

P.S. Thu, 2012-09-20 16:02 — bollywood lover i was expecting a full fledged post on her bday from your side :S

can anyone do a post on kareena kapoor-- about how she met saif and her further life?

happy birthday bebo. you are the BEST.

Her real birthday is Sept 21, 1977, birth year could be 1978. She is around the same age as Rani. Before she started films she went to Havard for 3 months and then went to college in India for a short time after that she joined films. I could be wrong. Her imdb. page used to say sept 21 1977.

Awww happy birthday to my bebo. So hope & wish this is your best birthday. Can't wait for the big day. less thn a month to go for the big btown wedding :D Keep rocking. Love love love. Heroine all the way.

Thu, 2012-09-20 14:48 — That Girl Daily Wow you are incredible...you HAD to pass a snide remark even when wishing her for her birthday ... smh!

happy birthday kareena. i just watch herine and loved it. u r the best and u deserve all the awards no doubt. kareena rocks......

happy birthday to the most praised heroine in the world!!!! love you

Where is pinkvilla boy???? i thought first comment will come from his side. lol
Happy Birthday to Bday girl!!!!

Happy Bday Bebo.. U r the best...

Happy Bday bebo hope UR film reaches 200 crore! Luv u , always pray4u . Mrs khan

love yue kareena

shes 32 not 31

Happy Birthday BEBO!!!! Wish U all the best for HEROINE!!!

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