Happy Birthday Sridevi: THESE 6 breathtaking performances of her prove she is irreplaceable in Bollywood

Happy Birthday Sridevi: 13th August 1963 saw an incredible actor rise. From Solva Sawan to MOM, let's take a look upon phenomenal performances by Sridevi that prove her absence has left an irreplaceable void in the Bollywood industry.
Happy Birthday Sridevi: THESE 5 breathtaking performances of her prove she is irreplaceable in BollywoodHappy Birthday Sridevi: THESE 5 breathtaking performances of her prove she is irreplaceable in Bollywood
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Sridevi, a name that marks exuberance, charm and dynamism, is a jewel in the Indian Cinema who will remain etched in our hearts for decades to come. Her awe-inspiring performances have not only lit up the silver screen but have also managed to lighten up our mood and still continue to do so whenever we catch a glimpse of her incredible acting.

Today, let's celebrate her birthday and remember her with pride as we look at some of her brilliant works as an actor and appreciate her contribution to the art of cinema.


Solva Sawan, 1979

Sridevi made her Bollywood debut with Solva Sawan in 1979. It was her first movie but she marked her excellence and zeal, coming out gracefully as the 'first female superstar' in the Indian film industry. She was only 13 years old when she first appeared on the silver screen but shone nevertheless. Even before marking her debut with Solva Sawan, Sridevi had already conquered hearts with her incredible performance as a child artist in Julie in 1975.

Nagina, 1986

Sridevi yet again delivered a stellar performance in her bold and fierce avatar where she played a shape-shifting snake who avenges the death of her beloved at the hands of an evil saint. The transition from a meek and simple Sridevi to a manacing and brutal role spoke volumes of her versatility as an actor.

Mr. India, 1987

Playing an irresistible girl-next-door, Sridevi looked pleasingly adorable as she became the subject of tricks and mockery amidst a bunch of notorious children and Arun, their confidant, and caretaker, who left no stone unturned to tease her. In between all the fun and fights, they ended up becoming friends and fell in love. Adding to it, the sensational romantic number 'Kaate nahi kat te ye din ye raat' will always be fresh in the hearts of all the 90s kids and not to miss her incredible dance in 'Hawa Hawai'.

Chandni, 1989


'Chandni, O meri Chandni', you can still hear the song play in your head and groove to the catchy beats. Chiffon saree, long hair, and big beautiful eyes, you want to be her. Sridevi looked like an epitome of grace and charm as she starred opposite the legendary Rishi Kapoor and Vinod Khanna, stuck in a love triangle between the two men.

English Vinglish, 2012

Hailing from India, Shashi is a simple housewife who finds her interest in making laddus. A character relatable to every Indian woman, Sridevi brings it to life playing a passive woman who makes peace with the fact that she is ordinary until she moves to Manhattan and enrolls for an English speaking course as a response to her husband and daughter who put her down for her lack of vocabulary. She regains her confidence and self-respect in the process, turning all heads towards her as she comes out of the closet.

MOM, 2017

Delivering a heart enthralling performance, Sridevi surpasses all boundaries with her phenomenal comeback in Mom. Playing the character of Devaki, a school teacher, she exposes her ferocious side to take revenge from her daughter's rapists who are freed from the court for their prominence and power in the society. After the jurisdiction turns her down, she takes to a private detective to punish the evildoers in a heart-pounding manner. Sadly, the last performance that we could see of her, but surely a strong one that left an impactful message 'Never mess with a Mom'.

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