Happy Birthday Virat Kohli: 5 things that make skipper Kohli the best husband ever

Virat Kohli is one of the best captains India has ever got, and well, he is also nothing but the best to wife Anushka Sharma. And on his birthday today, he deserves every bit of appreciation!
Happy Birthday Virat Kohli: 5 things that make skipper Kohli the best husband everHappy Birthday Virat Kohli: 5 things that make skipper Kohli the best husband ever
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Indian team skipper Virat Kohli turns 31 today (November 5, 2019), and we sure can't keep calm because this is one of those days when I can express my love and adoration for him, without any inhibition. That's what birthdays are for, aren't they? While we always find an occasion to get hold of some major event to take time out and write about everyone, Virat needs no such thing because he makes sure that wife Anushka Sharma and he are always around, setting out major goals, and of course, giving out all the good vibes.

Today, as Kohli celebrates yet another of his birthdays, we thought we'd list down 5 ways in which the Indian skipper has managed to give out husband goals. It is practically anything and everything that he does, because it does make it to the news somehow, here is my favourite, and probably, a sum of everything that most of you would be looking at! Have a look at what makes captain Kohli, an equally loved husband Kohli.

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1. The way he looks at Anushka



Seal the silly moments

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Both Virat and Anushka have so much love for each other that they have us turning green with all the picturesque photos they have together. While the photos are taken at great places, what makes it special is all the love it contains and the way Virat looks at Anushka. 

2. Always holds onto her 

Most of the times when they step out from the airport, he has a tendency to either protect her by walking ahead of her while holding onto her hand or simply holding each other's hands, often giving out major couple goals on certain occasions.

3. Never fails to praise her enough 



mine @anushkasharma

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Virat has always landed into the comments section of Anushka, and we have seen that happen on multiple occasions, making sure he has all of our love, and he, gives all his love out too.

4. Together, they set major fashion goals



Happy Diwali to everyone. May the Festival of Lights light up your lives and bring more love and peace to all

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Time and again, both Anushka and Virat have sported the finest of outfits, and every single time they are snapped together, they have our heads turning to look at how can she be so pretty after all, and he, so handsome.

5. He always adds the 'Kohli' touch

While this might sound uncalled for, Virat has a thing called the 'Kohli' touch, something that only he can do, and something that he definitely knows how to put to right use!

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