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From Isn't That Romantic to I Feel Pretty, 15 feel good movies to watch during the 21 days lockdown

Bored amidst the social distancing phase? We've got you covered as we list down a few feel-good movies for you to watch during 21 days of lockdown. Happy binge-watching!
From Isn't That Romantic to I Feel Pretty, 15 feel good movies to watch during the 21 days lockdown From Isn't That Romantic to I Feel Pretty, 15 feel good movies to watch during the 21 days lockdown
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Its a rough phase sitting back home all day long, or rather days long. Let's admit, we all love being couch potatoes to some extent but the state lockdown owing to Coronavirus spur across the globe feels like we've landed up in a situation like Rajkummar Rao's film Trapped wherein he is locked up in his house alone. Thankgod we have family and of course! our phones and laptops with us. Poor guy did not even have the Wifi. 

We've all had plans getting cancelled during this while. Some of us couldn't go for the vacation that we had been planning for long, some are celebrating their birthday alone exactly the opposite of what they had planned for their eve, some wanted to go dance their heart out at the club on the weekend and more sad stories. We've clearly not in the best mood but we're all in this together. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has imposed 21 days lockdown in the entire country to protect the citizens from further spread of Coronavirus. 

Now that we've got 21 days of house arrest, courtesy COVID-19, here's a list of some feel-good movies for you to cheer up your mood during the social distancing phase:

Isn't That Romantic

What's better than a rom-com and a tub of icecream to lift up the mood? The interesting thing about the film is that it is a rom-com within a rom-com. Yes, you heard that right! Natalie, an architect, shuts all doors for love as she feels being oversized, she would never be able to find love. She nitpicks everything about her life and suddenly wakes up in an alternate universe only to find that she is playing the leading lady in a real-life romantic comedy.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

The best guilty pleasure for sure! Rebecca Bloomwood is every woman ever as whenever she sees a shopping mall and can't stop! She is addicted to shopping and accepts a job as a finance columnist to clear a big debt off her head. Amidst the hustle, she finds herself falling in love with her boss.


The Ranbir Kapoor starrer is a light-hearted film that can make anyone smile. Barfi, a mute and deaf man abducts an autistic girl Jhilmil and demands a ransom for his father's surgery. Meanwhile, he falls in love with her which makes his ex-lover rethink her own marriage. The pure, unfiltered love between Barfi and Jhilmil is beyond words and Ranbir Kapoor's acting is like a cherry on the cake.


The film sums up our life right now. Rajkummar Rao goes to see a new flat and gets locked up inside. His phone's battery dies and he is left trapped in the abandoned flat with no food and water. The windows have a grill and the door is locked, there's no other way to get out of the house. Doesn't it sound similar to quarantine?

We're The Millers

A rib-tickling comedy that you can watch with your full family. David, a drug dealer, is forced by his boss to smuggle drugs from Mexico. In order to execute his plan, he hires a stripper who is also a petty thief and a teenage neighbour, forming a fake family who helps him smuggle the drugs.

This is 40

Pete and Debbie at 40 are like every couple ever. Always arguing and picking at each other, the two are not cool with the idea of turning 40. Meanwhile, growing kids, rising debts and disillusioned life create more havoc. In an attempt to reorganize their life, they head for a family vacation after which Debbie becomes pregnant. A blend of comedy and romance, this film should be a much watch on your list.

The Dictator

The side-splitting comedy will crack you up in every way possible. Aladeen, a dictator, travels to New York in order to address the United Nations Security Council. However, his plans go south when a hitman hired by his uncle kidnaps him. Full of jokes that prompt laughter and a pinch of embarrassment.


A must in your watchlist! Bala revolves around a young man suffering from premature baldness. He tries every possible remedy to treat his receding hairline and loses the love of his life owing to his baldness. He leaves no stone unturned to improve his condition but eventually, he discovers that self-acceptance and self-love is the only solution to his problem.

Dil Dhadakne Do

A family drama that every family can relate to. Kamal and Neelam invite their family and friends on a cruise for their 30th wedding anniversary. Amidst financial problems, family disagreements, growing children and more, the Mehras learn there's more to life and bond as one small happy family. Ranveer Singh's punchlines in the comedy-drama are absolutely to die for!


The con-comedy is one of its kind! Roy is the smartest conman in the town. However, life gives him lemons when his girlfriend finds his truth. As it was not enough, he finds out about a fatal illness that is suffering from and realises that he doesn't have much time. Once and for all, he teams up with an amateur conman named Dittu decides to help him gull Chandrakant Parekh, a don, but soon he finds out that in the process of framing the don, he himself is the one being conned.

Main Hoon Na

This Shah Rukh Khan starrer has my heart! Major Ram Sharma goes undercover as a college student to protect a General's daughter from a villainous soldier. During his mission, he also gets a chance to get close to his stepbrother and fulfill his dead father's wish to reconcile with his family. Meanwhile, being the eldest student in the college, he falls in love with his chemistry teacher. A perfect mix of comedy, romance, action, be ready to grab your buck of popcorn.


An underconfident girl rediscovers herself in the process of finding her stolen car. She is gullible and introvert but circumstances make her strong and powerful. Meanwhile, she meets a conman who helps her finding her new car, to whom she credits her transformational experience.

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

An overweight college girl shies away from talking to people. Gifted but insecure, she teams up with a popular student to win the heart of her high school crush while the mistaken identities lead to an unexpected romance scenario.

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Can a boy and girl be best friends? After Salman Khan's Maine Pyaar Kiya, the Imran Khan and Genelia D'Souza starrer reiterate the same plot. Best friends, Jai and Aditi make for a perfect couple but refuse the idea of a romantic relationship with each other. However, when they find potential partners for themselves and start dating other people, they realise the fact that they are in love with each other.

Bachna Ae Haseeno

Raj, a typical playboy is a perpetual heartbreaker. However, tables turn when Gayatri rejects him after their brief romance. After having gone through the pain of a broken relationship, he decides to apologise and seek forgiveness from all the women he has dumped before. 

I Feel Pretty

An oversized woman struggles with insecurity and feels physically unappealing. After an accident at the gym, she wakes up to find herself suddenly become the most beautiful woman ever. She regains her lost confidence and seems unstoppable. Empowered to live her life, she sets out for her goals. Soon, she realises that her physical appearance never changed, it was the newfound confidence that made her feel pretty.

Self isolation is lonely, let's become companions for each other. Click here to share your lockdown stories anonymously and read what other's have shared.

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