Katrina Kaif and Cobie Smulders..any similarities??

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I find their looks quite similar..like their smile and face structure..
i was going through post

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cobie is better looking than katrina. she way hotter than katrina

Katrina is a much hotter version of cobie!!!


katrina is wayyyyyyyyyyy prettier. she looks more like camille belle

Agree. Since 2006.....

they look damn similar

Young Raveena and Cobie...esp the movie andaaz apna apna..when raveena arrives at the airport

Cobie is a better version of Kat!

no similarities.... cobia is Hot and kat is cute.....

Look at their masculine jaws.

look at cobie trying to be katrina kaif cobie do u know who u r comparig ur self to bollywood rocks ok

the only difference is that not many people in the world will find Cobie pretty while in India she will be hailed as the most gorgeous thing to have walked the planet only because of her gora rung. Much like Kat, Dia and Ash.

they are quite similar.... not exactly... but the closest Kat look alike there is!

kat is pretty. COBIE IS HOT!!!

its the long faces.

when it comes to comparing her to camilla belle i dont see any.
well camilla and kat have totally diff face shapes, kats is narrower, diff nose, diff lips.

i think the similarities are in the eyebrows, but i dont think camilla threads, she probably plucks the odd ones out.'but i can conclude that camillas features are more exotic and classy compared to kat...

she looks like the woman from the real housewives of atlanta. saw this ages ago. Kim Zolciak.



Uh...not really.. I'm not really seeing much similarity. I'll agree with the one below me, if Camilla Belle's eyes were a bit wider, then THERE'S a similarity with Katrina Kaif.

Kat is prettier

Cobie is stunning! Kat is common as hell!

try katrina kaif and CAMILLA BELLE

i know they look like sisters....both u beautiful indeed

they do not look alike!!! katrina has a gorgeous smile uh that girls smile is not so pretty but that other girl does have really nice eyes. katrina is prettier

I think they are both pretty. they look nothing alike though wow for someone to think they look alike might need glasses yaar. I like katrina more though she's so gorgeous and she has a good personality

In this pics Maybe!
Have been watchin HIMYM for so long! never thought she did!

no cob ,,kat beautiful

Yes except Cobie absoultely smoulders, Kat kant

just the face shape

katrina is better looking then ashwaria atleast

Katrina Kaif looks more simple, and elgant, and I find her smile and features simply breathtaking.

they both have ,lovely long faces

lips eyes and shoulders

omg..kat has so many lookalikes..huh

nope..kat has a narrower face

Cobie is more prettier than katz!! may be look alike

colbie is waaaaaaaay cuter!

I've always thought Cobie looked so much like Kat every time I watch HIMYM :)

I don't know about others , but i always felt that whenevr i wach that show!!!! i am glad someone also think the same.....

i srsly think kat looks like nigella lawson. look her up if you want and no i don't think cobie looks that similar to kat.

i dnt think cobie looks like katrina...i think the images posted on here do look similar but if u actully type in google colbie u can see no resemblence to miss kaif...but they both very preity and so is everyone

They are kinda but Kats prettier :D

Cobie is an upgraded version of Katrina. Katrina is average at best. Cobie's super pretty!

oh hell no.. there DONT look alike at allllll.. Katrina is sooo beautiful and the other one is :S:S:S:S
u cant even compare

No........when you watch the show...Cobie looks quite different

Cobie is a beautiful woman...especially more so in the earlier seasons...Katrina looks nice, but they don't look alike

Cobie has a thousand times better features than Katrina non-defines ones!

yes frm some angel but kat is preetier ny day.

Another clone of Katrina , did you understand that original is the best & unique

Ermmm no!!! This chick actually looks white!! Katrina looks very asian

Katrina is the best

A little bit, Camille Belle looks like Kat alot more.

This is why Katrina just doesn't works for me. There are toooo many people who look like her! Camilla Belle, Zarine Khan, Lisa Lazarus, Militzer Radmilovic etc. She isn't special or unique. But I don't hate her she just isn't my favorite actress.



omg the first time i saw katrina i thought she looked exactly like colbie!!! however, i think colbie is prettier and i love her on himym!

I dont' see any similarities at all!!!
Katrina looks very Italian while the other woman looks typical non-Mediterranean European.

They have a resemblance but Katrina is prettier ........she is exquisitely lovely

ya she does... wenever i watch HIMYM ( and I am a big Fan ) i find her (Cobie Smulders) face a little familiar... so katrina it is...

sunny leone is a better lookalike for katrina IMHO


I can c no similarities between them + Kat is 1000 times more prettier than Cobie.

tht was the frst thought tht came to my mind when saw himym.but cobie a far better version of kat...

like twins

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