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The most I have seen of Divya Bharti is few songs and I think 2-3 movies but she leaves such an everlasting effect on you. Every time I see her work she just reminds of that star quality. So sad she was taken away from us so early in life.

Surfing the net and found these pics of the 90's superstar for just one year sadly. She acted in over 14 Hindi films between 1992 and early 1993 which is till date an unbroken record for a newcomer in Bollywood.

A song can make you a star or it at least did in her case :)


Divya very beautiful lady in the world koe unki jaga ne la skta ar hamary lye to wo he superstar hn

Raveena Divya bharti, Hema malini are looking so gorgeous even though it was 90s pics, hairstyle & attire. Look at Karisma she is just white skin & blue eyes. No features at all. It simply proves when you are beautiful u look beautiful even in your worst time.
PS I am sure if Divya was alive she would have been a STAR.

She was beautiful and had a bigger star presence than any of the leading ladies back then, Madhuro, Sridevi and Karisma included. May her soul rest in peace. Hope if there's any truth in the conspiracies to her death, that the perpetrators suffer.

When I saw saath samundar paar in kick movie , next thing I did when I reached home was searching for that Divya Bharati Song

It's " saat" . Saat = 7 , saath = together

very sad 1990's sweet memory. i love action classic films. i saw meri jung(anil kapoor) last week. what a awesome film. amrish puri did good villain role this meri jung film.

So beautiful and innocent looking

I was reading some interesting stuff about her career but then accidentally saw pictures of her dead body :(

One of the last actress I loved completely & was the last true superstar in such a short span.

Can any one tell which song is posted here? I can't see the link. She was gorgeous no doubt. And talented. Tragic end indeed...

Saat Samundar from the movie Vishwatma (1992)

why black and white pics? they certainly had colored pics during 80's!

i heard sri had a part in her falling off lol

The biggest problem she faced was coming from a dysfunctional family from very modest beginnings . Her father already had a wife & children . Bollywood is a tough nut to crack for anybody ,leave alone someone like this with no real support from inside. It made her insecure & childish & she sort of rebelled against everything like any teenager .

i loved her soo much. i even cried when she died....i watched the news over and over again wishing it wsnt true. i had posters of hers watched all her movies and songs. this was my favorite song. watching this reminds me of my good old childhood days.

i am really sorry she died so early, it's even sadder how many male vultures there were around her taking advantage of her, marrying a teenager??? how did her parents allow it, she was a minor after all. or was the $$$ worth it to them. i don't find her especially goodlooking but wish her career had played itself out

I remember people were saying that she is a younger Sridevi and was going to replace the older star. Divya Bharti was just a teenager with a lot of success, she was a bit of a wild child, she would still be alive today if not for the drinking and the drama filled life.

There is an interesting article about her tragic death.

Thanks was an interesting read...wish it hadn't happened though...:(

I love that pic with karishma divya was so beautiful

Yes, indeed a very talented actrees and a good dancer. Her death paved the way for Madhuri Dixit in Bollywood.Bhaygyashree also quit movies after MPK. So Madhuri got all the roles without any competition.

Madhuri was already a huge star by then, Divya's contemporaries were Raveena, Urmila etc.

Wrong. MD was the first choice for all the films she did at that time. Divya hit it big in 92. MD did so with Tezaab in 1988. That is a good 4 year gap. Think before you say such things. It is obvious you are grossly misinformed. It was Sridevi who got one of Divya's roles actually. Sridevi got the lead role in Laadla after Divya's sudden demise.

Thank you, i think of myself as a great fan of hers. I was a toddler who was mesmerized by her - just watching her songs would make me so, so happy!

I was just born when she died, but I must say when I grow up and watched her movies, I became here fan, watched her in shola aur sabnam, deewana, vishawatma, dil ka Kya kassor, and dil ashana he. Great actress, rarely comes such strong personality.

She was beautiful, successful, great actress and had great screen presence.

I was so young when she died but I still remember the effect it left on me and the entire bollywood community. She was such a beauty had such an innocent face and died at the age of 19. So sad poor thing only came to see the world for 19 years. RIP

her pic with karisma is the most adorable one, two most beautiful ladies of bollywood ever, must be a treat to watch.

her pic with karisma is the most adorable one, two most beautiful ladies in bollywood ever for me.... love them.. :)

i feel really sad for her. she was too young and too innocent to understand the filth in bollywood.

didn't her then hubby and her so called friend have an hush hush affair right after his marriage to Divya? which upset her a lot? she was very busy at a time hence got very insecure and volatile. does anyone think this has anything to do with her drinking heavily, being depressed despite having most successful career for which she was seeing Dr. Lulla???
T and S developed cold feet in the wake of tragedy and T moved onto another married man.....
Sad saga.

who is T?


The mystery sorrounding her death will never be solved,did she commit suicide,was she killed,or accidentally fell....whatever happened,she left an unforgatable impression on bollywood,what a beauty!love you

Yes I too noticed just less than 2 years and she was below 18, and so many movies and she got married too. Thats fast. And it was like her beauty attracted everyone to cast her. She would be something even bigger if she lived.

All this makes me more curious everytime.. how she died. Did she jump, or fell? Was she unhappy?

Her parents in last year's interview said at that time they didn't buy it either. That she could fall or jump. But now they do believe she fell because she was an active girl. But it solves nothing.

No one pushed her. Lulla was in their home when the accident happened. Divya had a drinking problem and was in a volatile , unstable relationship with Sajid. She climbed on the balcony/window drunk and was fighting with him and lost her balance.

She was such a happy looking person that I refuse to believe she jumped. All these stories saying she was a drunkard I refuse to believe all that either. She looked like an innocent girl so untouched by the darkness of Bollywood. Her interviews were full of life without an ounce of diplomacy. She married Sajid in secrecy and converted. I think someone pushed her. She didn't seem like the kind who didn't want to live.

Miss the 1990s. Actresses used to Act

love her.nice post.keep it up

"She acted in over 14 Hindi films between 1992 and early 1993 which is till date an unbroken record for a newcomer in Bollywood." WOW. --> almost as if she knew she wasn´t going to live long! Sad. :-(´

Awsm post by the way, a welcomed respite from all the controversies & attention-seeking shenanigans of our beloved Bollywood. More of these please PV!

Beautiful Beautiful lady, GREAT dancer! TFS dear Bollywood Lover, I never saw any of her movies. Time to catch up: another excuse for procrastination, hehehe.

Though agree with everything u wrote, but more with the second para. Line.


BTW You can watch Shola aur Shabnam. It's one of my fav 90s movies which has comedy, romance, action and good songs!

Deewana as well. "teri umeed tera intazar karte hain" wow such beautiful songs, dialogues, and movies. today's movies have lost it all.

aisi deewangi dekhi nahi kahi ...Maine iss liye jaane jaana deewana
Tera naam rakh diya, tera naam rakh diya

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