Missing the 2 Hero & Heroine Films?

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Remember those 90’s movies with two top hero's & heroine's which not only did well but entertained us? Movies like Ishq, Karan Arjun, Haseena Maan Jayegi to name a few. While we still get the two hero & two heroine romancing one or the other like Gunday, SOTY, Cocktail, Dostana etc....a two heroine & two hero film these days seems very rare.

Anyone else misses these kinda films…which actor's from today’s time would you guys like to see star in something like this?

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When I read the title I thought to myself : NO! .... But when I saw that picture I realized how much I like those movies :( . Bollywood is more competitive than what it ever was . So, I doubt if top stars will ever work with each other since everybody wants the most screen time... and not to forget their paychecks will a cause the producers to drain all their money ;P

Poster#2 - Everyone looks so young and beautiful. Wouldn't mind seeing them paired up again.

ranbir ranveer dp aanushka

Individually these guys are talented. But they don't have the kind of spark and chemistry stars had back in late 90s and early 2000s . So thanks but no thanks :)

Like Ishq & A3.And Dil Chahta Hai, One of my Favs. I hope some day ranveer, arjun & shahid will do a friendship film together with Deepika, shraddha & sonakshi as their lady loves resp. Or a chick version of Dil Chahta hai with deepi, priya & sona, it would be awesome..

Amir, Salman, Kareena, Katrina.

Don't you find it wrong pairing them up with girls two decades younger than them.

wow i was thinking the same like anaaz apna apna 2

i want to c srk,ranveer,pc,and dp in one film...!!!!! will it????????

i dont think srk will work with pc again after his well known rumoured affair

SRK, Salman & Aamir in a movie playing friends and the actresses r going to be Kajol (SRK), Karishma (Salman) & Rani (Aamir) ^_^ (my dreams are a bit too far-fetched).

wow great choices! esp Rani

Have been a fan of Aamir nd Rani's chemistry since Ghulam. Although, I must say Juhi complemented both SRK nd AK perfectly!

This movie would be the perfect movie EVER!

IKR? If only an annoying thing called "ego" didnt exist :P

Yes but if this ego didn't exist, We've already seen a movie casting three khans by now:) BTW i tried to get back at you but i am not authorized. So what can i do to get authorization?

Hey, I have no idea why but many people r having a prob to send me a msg, which says they need authorization :S that is confusing. Some other users can send me msgs on the other hand. Let me check with pinkvilla, hopefully they will give a solution :) thanks.

OK. Your welcome:)

Aww,look how cute young Sallu and Amir were. Now they are such unclejis.

They are older now so to you young folks they look like unclejis. It's a shame though that they still get paired with young girls and get the role of a hero in the movies but the actresses in that poster can't get a single good role.

you never know.....the trend may just come back. If movies like Dabaang came back.

i want a vettai remake in hindi, great masala film with a good story, arjun-ranveer as madhavan-arya, maybe anushka-parineeti as their heroines

2 yrs ago there were news of casting shahid n ali zafar n then abhishek n john but then it never happened n it was shelved now rumours again tht dharma and utv will co produce n they will have shahid as the younger brother n the rest cast has not been talked abt.. but if they do I sure want srk n shahid..always wanted them playing brothers both r gr8 together as co hosts :D

Ranveer Deepika Siddharth Asin in a movie

Me with salman Vivek abhi

Salman-karishma, saif-kareena. Karishma-kareena-salman

Kapoor sisters are mans

K3G is my favourite.

kkk is the worst

ranveer asin ranbir anushka in a movie pleazzzzzzz

You've forget to add Karan Arjun

SRK-Aish Ranveer+Deepika
where SRK and Ranveer are playing brothers!!!

Deepika-Shahid with Imran-Priyanka.. these pairings would be fresh and interesting... and hopefully no ego clashes between the leading ladies or heroes.

Why adding Imran? He cant act so adding arjun or someone else wud be better maybe farhan

Varun-Alia , Aditya-Parineeti
Aditya-Alia , Varun-Parineeti :D

Arjun kapoor Asin.....Ranveer Sonam....

ranveer and sonam are cousins

So Shilpa Shetty and Sunil Shetty are cousins and they still played roles of lovers in the movie Dhadkan.

They share the same surname but they're definitely not cousins .


Dil Dharkne Do will be a major flop of 2015..Mark my words

why do you want it fail? have some mercy with your words



Ranveer-Parineeti, Arjun-Sonakshi!!

Aww Ishq one of my faves I cant think of any recent films that has two heroines

i want ranbir-katrina and ranveer-deepika to do a movie together!!! cant wait to see deepika and katrina in d same film!!

i want ranbir-katrina and ranveer-deepika to do a movie together!!!! cant weght to see deepika and katrina in the same film!!

I was just thinking about this the other day! I think all the A-list actors and actresses these days have such big egos to work together.

U R SO RIGHT. Like deepika n anushka wd want to work with anyone. Or srk will ever work with sallu. I mean the audience makes them stars n then they act like God. Esp deepika, she wd have been nowhere if she had debuted with a newcomer.

Dil dhadkne do is coming next year.

wish we would go back to the multi starrer era! everyone is so caught up with the 100 crores club and ego hassles that viewers have been robbed of the opportunity of watching two heroes and two heroines or more matching histrionics! How about Shahrukh-Vidya-Akshay-Kareena? Or Hrithik, Saif, Priyanka, Deepika?

Zoya's film isn't exactly a two hero/two heroine project though. The film is primarily about the dysfunctioal family unit (mom, dad, bro and sis), Farhan and Anushka are both playing supporting characters. So it doesn't quite fit in the same box as films like Ishq, Ajnabee, AAA, Suhaag, etc. The last proper two hero/two heroine film I can think of is Partner. It would be good to some of the younger generation pair up in movies, there could be some great combinations out there just waiting to be tapped.

I already said this when Dil Dhadakne Do was announced ;(

Kya sooper cool hai hum was a recent mvie on d same concept..

Parineeti n alia as sisters n varun n pulkit as brothers.. I guess ds wll be d best ensemble casr fr abve kinda fllick

I would like a tamil film ' Engeyum Eppothum ' to be made in hindi. It is an awesome film 2 hero and heroine. Ranbir, Asin, Arjun and Parineeti should be casted. The movie has very strong characters that can fetch awards too :)

Dream cast: Priyanka (with Shahid), Deepika (with Hrithik)

I know the RS-PC-Anu-Farhan film is on its way but i would also like to see more such films, especially with a lot of young couples in a fresh, breezy romcom.

I want a remake of hum saath saath hain or a movie like that!!!

We are going to get Farhan-PC-Anushka-Ranveer one soon :D

Dil Dhadakne Do - Priyanka, Ranveer, Farhan and Anushka

I want shahid n srk in a film playing brothers!! N was watching face off yesterday n thought of shahid n ranveer in a movie like tht something in thriller action..or after seeing the trio of ranveer arjun n shahid in guild awards I want them in a buddy film!

Well isn't there is going to be a film starring Ranveer, PC, Anushka, and Farhan. But would like such films again.

Well Zoya Akhatrs next with Ranveer, Farhan, Priyanka, and Anushka is gonna meet the 2 hero- heroine criteria.
Although, I wonder how Anushka feels about playing a supporting character to Priyanka. We know that it's essentially a brother sister story with Priyanka and Ranveer being the main protagonist.
I guess she's ok with as she was supporting to Kat in JTHJ but won awards.
This is gonna be "LIP- biting" movie with PC and Anuskha Both.

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