Movie War this November & December

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It is raining movies this November and December. 7 big releases, releasing just a week or so apart from each other...which one to watch? Better start saving up right?


GTPM has the best songs among the other movies.

Going to watch GTPM for sure

gori tere pyar mein for sure

Krish 3

GTPM..for sure..excited to watch kareena performance

As someone who does not care for or watch Bollywood movies at all, Ram Leela is the very first and only Indian movie to make me giddily excited.

That is the magic of Ranveer and Deepika's powerful chemistry. At this point I'm kind of addicted to seeing them together.


Waiting for ram leela only.

Ram Leela.Period.Most awaited film this year.

I will go for GTPM..kareena is so looking splendid..and her performance is superb

2. Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3
Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

1. Krish 3 (For PC:D)
2. Ram Leela
3. Gulb Gang
4. Doom 3

From best movie to worst movie list

1 GTPM- Looks very fresh ( I love Kareena imran together)
2 dhoom 3 just for one and only amir
3 ram leela- ranveer has given powerful performance
4 gulab gang- just for Juhi chawla iam not big fan of madhuri

5 bullet raja, krrish 3 , r rajkumar biggest flop of the year

GTPM here I come, just for u my bebo.. she's back with bang

I just watched the trailers for all of these movies. Ramleela came out on top for me, what an exceptional trailer, the rest are cold in comparison. The two songs released for ramleela are also fantastic and the album is so traditional and beautiful.

But if I had to list these movies in terms of their trailers I would say:
1) ramleela
4) gori tere pyar main
5)raj kumar
6) bullet raja.

Ramleela is a must watch at the cinema.

GTPM for sure and dhoom 3

GTPM..waiting for kareena release...the res will be on DVDs

1-ramleela(for only deepika)
2-gtpm(for kareena)
3-dhoom3(for amir)
not expecting anything from krish3,r-rajkumar or bullet raja.

gori tere pyar mein onlyyyyyyyy!

Gori Tere Pyar Mein look very promising and kareena performance is superb and Dhoom 3 too.


1-ramleela(for only deepika)
2-gtpm(for kareena)
3-dhoom3(for amir)
not expecting anything from krish3,r-rajkumar or bullet raja.

OMG! I am soo waiting for Gulaab Gang! Can't w8 to see my 2 fav actresses together ^_^ The movie might not be great but I cannot miss these 2 most charming ladies.

Other than that, excited about Krissh 3, Dhoom 3 and Ram Leela :)

Gori Tere Pyar Mein and Dhoom 3 are hot favourites!!!!

1. Ram-leela
3. Gulaab gang

Anubhav Sinha's GULAB GANG to hit screens on 10th Jan. 2014.

K3 and D3 for sure. Madhuri's film looks really tacky.


I'm watching Dhoom 3 online or something. Why should i pay to watch Katrina do nothing?

1. ram leela
2. dhoom 3
3. Gulaab Gang

R Rajkumar

These films will do well...

Dhoom 3 and GTPM..

Ramleela..a disaster coming a way

RAM LEELA is Hot favorite , i love my ranveer muuuwahhhh

It's all going to be about Ram Leela. I can see it now, FILM OF THE YEAR. I think Gori Tere Pyar Mein will be a cute movie, I love Kareena Kapoor in this setting.

none, indian movies suck and are copies of other movies.

Ram Leela for me! I'm interested in the magnificent way SLB is telling his story. Actually the tricycle rickshaw crossing the desert to Nakhtarana town - taking us to the story grabbed me with the Gujarati folkloric tune, as if to recount a folkloric legend of two star crossed lovers. Ranveer has torn apart every frame of the tattad tattad song... a crackler of a song...SLB has injected layers upon layers of meaning in the telling. Can't wait. This movie is worth seeing multiple times.

Baqi sab thanda esp. d3!!!

Ram leela/
GTPM will be a BIG flop!Write it down.

gori tere pyar mein...looking to this desi film...

Excited about Gori Tere Pyar Mein..the film look very promising and talent and performance is here:):):) Dhoom3 too will rock 2013...

GTPM and Dhoom3


I'll go for Krrish 3 and Ram Leela and i'll give a miss GTPM,Dhoom 3!!

GTPM GTP MTP..this look promising..kareena woes in this film

krrish & Ramleela are this list hits
dhoom 3 is a flop.

Gulag gang......waiting for the release...from picture looks quite promising.....kudos to madhuri .....

GTPM nd Dhoom3 ,,nd Bullet Raja(for Tigmanshu nd saif combo only)....................
Rest all looks like a spoof on sum other big movies...

GTPM looks interesting then Ramleela and Dhoom 3..dont wanna watch Krish 3

Only Dhoom 3 will do well...the rest will FLOPS or below average

i badly want to watch gtpm and gulab gang on big screen
i don't even care about others movie

well well well i am definitely waiting for GTPM Especially can't wait for the music :)

GTPM- blockbuster
dhoom 3- hit
ram leela -hit
krrish 3- biggest flop
bullet raja- average
r rajkumar- flop, bcz shahid movie never does well at box office and sonakshi does nothing

Ram leela, and gtpm are the ones for me. Madhur's film looks interesting and bullet Raja looks like another massy film. Btw, Sonaksi needs to try diff roles if she wanna leave her mark in Bw.

Ram Leela is the one I really want to see. Also Krrish 3 and Dhoom 2 and Bullet Raja.

Gulab Gang looks interesting but I wanna see the trailer to decide. Gori Tere and R... Rajkumar I'll probably catch on DVD or online.

looks like gori tere pyar mein and ram leela going to rock the screen
well I am looking for gtpm just for kareena

really looking forward to see gori tare pyar mein

Dhoom 3 - big flop
r. rajkumar - SUPERFLOP
bullet raja - FLOP
ramleela - FLOP
Gulab Gang - FLOP

GTPM and Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3!!

nov-krissh 3 and ramleela

krissh 3

Ram leela.


gtpm....kareena is delivering a powerful performance...she rules

I might watch all the movies for entertainment and fun only!

Gulaab Gang has already chickened out. Terrified of all these biggies, the film's now moved to Jan 2014.

i will buy them for $1 on dvd and watch ehehe only Dhoom3 i will watch at the big screen

D3 and GTPM

gori tere pyar mein..........Bebo...for her beautiful performance:)

waiting for ramleela and dhoom3

The talented Queen KKK..GTPM..100%..kareena acting..outstanding!

Ram leela
Krissh 3

Dhoom 3. Aamir khan. Enough said!

I'm gonna watch Dhoom 3 for sure!!!!!!!!


Gori Tere Pyar Mein and dhoom3. The rest will be watching on DVDs

GTPM luved the trailer and bebo and music seemed to be nice 2

GTPM and Dhoom3

im gona watch bebo and only bebo



GTPM, R Rajkumar and Doom3..:):):):):)

Gori Tere Pyar Mein

Gulaab Gang is not even releasing this year. Been postponed to 2014. Looks like it will be another Ishkq in Paris.

gulaab gang is releasing on 10 Jan 2014 so not counted in the list

I'm with kkrish 3 only!!!!

Best is Dhoom 3 of course. Worst is Gulabi gang. Looks like Lajja part 2.

Looking forward to Gulaab Gang and Ram Leeks..everything else looks time waste already.


r. rajkumar - SUPERFLOP
bullet raja - FLOP
ramleela - FLOP
Gulab Gang - FLOP


Piniky R... Rajkumar Trailer PLEAAAAASE!

Ram leela


After watching the second song Nagada, very predictable...SLB has used the same steps of doli taro..and deepika is aping Aishwarya Rai. And now people saying she gonna win best actress...if she wins,,jury gonna gone mad...where acting...??????ITS a remake of HDDCS....pffftttt bollywood...


all r good films but i cant get enough of DEEPIKA PADUKONE my heart beat goes up when i see her on silver screen !!so its fr sure RAMLEELA RAMLEELA RAMLEELA cant wait !!

and ramleela


Gulaab Gang ( only if it is directed like Eng-Ving)

And finally DHOOM 3 :)

Ram leela!

Dhoom 3!!!!

I think rambo rajkumar n saif ali khans bullet raja will be a hit . Coz audiance love when hero shows his herogiri. Shahid kaminey was also super hit . I feel people love shahid in herogiri type of movies and guys this is festival season.

Ramleela very colorful and beautiful and deepika and ranveers chemistry looks good .deepika looks genuinely in love with ranveer . But it looks a melodramatic movie as its based on romio jutiet and biggest disadvantage is its comming on festival season. People dont want to cry they want to wistel and sream when and clap on every dilogue. Still it might work on multiplexes as audience are more sober there.

Last dhoom 3. As I am amir fans .amir has never been wrong about a movie . And yrf plus amir is deadly combo . This movie is just going to create records . Coz amir has a goodwill. And amir katrina abhishek and uday are comming after long time . So they will have something fresh to offer which we have not seen the whole year round .

Gulabi gang can do business if story is great and it will be only though word of mouth and if its not released opposite any big flick. Even rajjo is releasing. If kangna will be liked in krishh than even rajoo will do good business.

Ram leela, ram leela and only ram leela!

Ram Leela for me.

I am waiting for only one movie and that is ram leela

Ramleela seems to be everyone's favourite. This is finally going to be Deepika's year with all the Best Actress awards coming her way.

off course ram leela ! 100 % , becuz of my sweetheart ranveeer

1. Ram-Leela - Ranveer and Deepika chemistry + SLB grandeur? I'm there first day.
2. Dhoom 3 - For Aamir and Aamir only.
3. Gulabi Gang - interesting premise and good to see the older actresses getting in some unexpected action.

The rest are just blah. GTPM doesn't look good, Imran/Kareena are such a bad pairing. R...Rajkumar feels like something we've already seen Salman do a hundred times before. Krissh3 just looks bad.

bullet raja, gtpm. dhoom.

Ram leela, krish3, Gulab gang...NOT INTERESTED IN DHOOM 3

Biggies like Krrish, Ramleela, Bullet Raja, R...Rajkumar and Dhoom are going to eat up all the rest.

GTPM for Bebo

Ramleela, Dhoom3 and Krishh3 without a doubt. Rest are kinda meh esp Gulaab Gang looks like those melodramatic revenge films of the 80s.

Dhoom3 for Aamir....maybe not interested....

Action sequences of Madhuri's Gulaab gang seem more realistic than all artificial out of the world computer tricks in D3 n K3.dont know much abouth gulaabgang,but yes,it looks exciting.

this "Gulaab gang" looks different.Madhuri ?
As an Action heroine?
That will be a treat to the eyes.and for a change.

I'm waiting for Gulaab Gang and though I'm a little bit disappointed with Ram leela but still want to watch it.

Only Gulab Gang really looks interesting. The rest are same old same old. I will support Krishh though.


gori tere pyar mein and dhoom3

Krish..ram leela..rajjo..gori tere pyar mein..rajkumar..gulabi gang

I'm looking forward to GTPM...and Bullett raja

gori tere pyar mein....!

I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up!

I'll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back
later. Many thanks

Gori tere pyar mein...:):):)

Hmm..GTPM and Dhoom3

GTPM..this film looks so simple and promising..and acting is superb..with great story behind..and message..too..!

I will go for Gori Tere Pyar Mein...

gtpm, ram leela & doom 3

Ram leela!

I am in desperate anticipation Gulaab Gang Madhuri Dixit returns, the story sounds very serious and well), I'm happy), and I'm very happy that so many people mention about this movie here) God bless this movie!

I'm looking forward to RamLeela, Dhoom3 and Gulaab Gang

Ramleela bullet raja r rajkumaar and dhoom 3 for me .

Ram Leela all the way!!Seconded by D3 strictly for Aamir.Others have that been there, done that look esp R..Rajkumar and GTPM.Not really excited about K3,looks like another but all the best to my PC and Hrithik.

It's a toss up, there's absolutely no way to know which will flop and which won't. Look at GRAND MASTI.

I am elated to see the number of responses for Gulaab Gang. In a sea of formulaic, mass pandering rehashes and uninspired ideas with semi-talented faces, we see credible actors coming together to entertain. More power to them for being women. After being snubbed by industry's writers (no scripts for middle aged people!), co-stars (who fawn away on television shows while promoting their own films) and mainstream producers, kudos to the cast, especially Madhuri and Juhi, to sign something aligned to their experience and fitting to their level of talent. Good luck team GG!

Ramleela for sure. Bhansali's films are always epic and this one looks already all set to be another blockbuster. Also D3 and Krishh. What is this Gulaab Gang????

I see Sonakshi is back to doing the crap that she always does after a gem of a movie Lootera. Lets see, really looking forward to
1. Gori Tere Pyar Mein
2. Ramleela
2. Gulab Gang( Juhi and Madhuri together, doesn't get any better than that)

Krishh and ram leela


Awesom! I go for Gori Tere Pyaar Mein & Bullett Raja!

This Madhuri - Juhi Combo is kinda exciting

Gori tere Pyar mein
Ram Leela
for me

The release date of GG is still not confirmed.. i hope its shifted to jan 2014 to avoid clashes

Ram leela

honestly speaking I'm looking forward to all the films mentioned especially Ram Leela and Dhoom3. And btw Gulab Gang is postponed to next year!

I wanna watch Ram Leela

gori tere pyar mein..

Waiting for Ram Leela the most!

GTPM bullet raja gulab gang

Gulaab Gang

dont know of gulaab gang..even a poster has not been released yet.cant get an idea from those photos.

rivality of Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla comes to the screen finally..though in a different way :D


Krrish 3, Ram Leela, Dhoom 3

Ramleela and gulab gang

GTPM and Gulaabgang


gori tere pyar mein and dhoom 3

Zenny... I agree with u.. :)
Out of all these movies, only Gulabgang sounds appealing to me. Rest are okay,,, one time watch on TV...

BTW, Barun Sobti rocks... :)

krrish 3 is defs the worst. and r...rajkumar will suck too.

Dhoom and Krish..Same old Shit
Rambo Rajkumar and Bullet raja..Senseless cinema
GTPM...repeating Bebo's annoying avatar
Ramleela - not SLB classic..Getting vulgar day by day.
Gulaab gang- no idea :D

Bullet Raja and P. Rajkumar are big films?!?!?

Need a change..Sometimes Gulaab gang will be different.

Well i think just Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 are going to cross 100crs..both the projects already have a huge fan following and both are the final episodes of the series so everyone is curious about them and plus we know that yrf and rakesh roshan do not joke about their movies get ready...we might even find hrithik and aamir promoting their movies in our dreams...well obviously i wont mind hrithik

FLOPS: R Rajkumar, Bullet raja, gulab gang, ramleela, and that bakwas imran khan film

Krishh 3 - Ramleela - Dhoom 3 for me on the big screen. Thx for the heads up.


So many good movies coming out at the end of the year!! But without a doubt looking forward to ramleela the most!

Besharam got lucky they had no clashes--imagine adding besharam to this list..would have been destroyed

I definitely want to watch Ramleela and Gulaab Gang. GTPM is a maybe. I might do D3 just out of curiosity.

dhoom 3!!!!

I'm waiting to watch 'Ram Leela'.

Only here for Dhoom 3 ,Gori Tere Pyaar Mein and Krrish maybe R... Rajkumar I do have a soft spot for Shahid)

D3 & RL

ram leela

Gulab Gang definitely!

Ram Leela for sure
ps: Get well soon Ranveer singh

im gonna watch ramleela and dhoom 3. And maybe krish 3


Gulaab Gang ...


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