Now I don’t feel that rush of excitement for Kareena - Ranveer Singh

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We saw Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma, both gushing over their supposed idol Kareena Kapoor, on the 'Koffee with Karan' episode in Season 3. However, it seems a lot has changed for Ranveer since then. He now tells, in an interview to Rajeev Masand that he does not feel that rush of excitement for her.

Kareena was supposed to work with Ranveer in Ram-leela. However, as things did not work out for some reason, Deepika Padukone ended up with the meaty role. Zoya Akhatr's next film on siblings also was supposed to be played by Ranveer and Kareena, out of which Kareena dropped out too. So, is this the reason for Ranveer's change of heart?

He says, "Now I don’t feel that rush of excitement [for her]. My feelings have waned. (laughs) I’ve grown up. I was effusive about my admiration, but I didn’t do anything wrong. It came and bit me in the face. People really judge you."

That is quite an honest confession from Ram, isn't it?


Good Ranveer... Kareena acts tooooo smart n she is tooo proud of herself.. Now when U have Deepika, why u bother about people like Kareena who dont deserve respect from anyone...

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