An Open Letter: Why I am disappointed with Kangana Ranaut

An avid Pinkvilla reader penned her thoughts on why she does not agree with what Kangana Ranaut said during her recent interaction with Sadhguru.
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Recently, Kangana Ranaut and Sadhguru had an interaction on various issues. During the course of their discussion, they talked about the government, spirituality and religion. During the conversation, Kangana made several remarks for which she faced backlash and clarified her stance eventually.  An avid Pinkvilla reader, Nidaa Chakkittammal has penned a rebuttal to Kangana Ranaut's comments. 

Here is the letter:

I have always been wary of making people my role models. Not that we have many. Even when I come across people worth looking up to, I always remind myself that we all are beautifully flawed. We cannot expect them to always say what we want to hear. It is an unfair burden to place on people. Yet I couldn’t help feeling disappointed with Kangana Ranaut (what she said and perpetuated on the chat show with Sadhguru). My rebuttal.    

1. "Those who debate over violence and lynchings have not seen the real India. They are living in cities and endlessly talking about these things."

By this logic, honour killings, sati, casteism, patriarchy should never be discussed - because hey we have not seen the 'real India'. What is wrong is wrong. Whether people in cities do it or those in the village. On another note, have you been to Kerala?

2. “The so-called liberals are indulgent with an entitled worldview.”

It might seem entitled. Liberals seek knowledge, exposure, experience and constantly strive for more balance. And yes, liberals do get impatient when they see half-baked notions of nationalism create paranoia in the minds of the majority.

Liberals get scared and desperate when these notions are shared and parroted, creating a rift among citizens. They don’t want that privilege to remain/concentrate in one area. So yes, they do harbor these Utopian dreams and do their best to keep the conversation alive. This comes out as an entitlement.

3. “We didn’t normalise lynching at any point.”

Erm... you did, Ms Ranaut. Saying that those who talk about violence don’t know the real India and saying that it ‘happens’ in villages - if this is not normalizing, then I don’t know what is. And no, saying that it is ‘heartbreaking’ doesn’t negate the effect.

4. “If a certain religion worships cows, you can’t slaughter cows.”

For some people, it is just food. If you worship an animal, you don’t slaughter to eat. Why should a group of people have a say over what I should eat? And on another note, some of these fancy leather bags and shoes celebrities flaunt come from animal skin.

5. “I am vegan and I can’t see raw meat.”

And how is that the problem of meat-eaters exactly? Different people like different foods. Nobody has any business telling anyone what they should eat. Ever heard of live and let live concept or eat and let eat?

6. “I can’t be shamed for my choices. If it’s a sentimental thing, why instigate people?”

Similarly, a meat-eater should not be killed for his/her choice. For them, being shamed is least of the worries in this context – they are being hunted and lynched. Why is it so easy to instigate people? Who is instigating who? Who says so?

Should ‘sentimental things’ be above our constitution, Ms Ranaut? Instigation should not rise above the law of the land. And yes, it should apply to every religion. Like you said, governments should not be partial here.

7. “The truth is majorities run the risk of being wiped out by the minority-friendly governments.”

I feel this is a dangerous statement. By constantly feeding this paranoia to people, aren’t you attempting the same in reverse? You have turned the entire conversation into a prettily-worded debate of Us Vs Them. That too when these liberals you taunt so much do their best to remind people that there are no sides.

8. “Governments can't be partial to either side.”

I agree, Kangana. So, just because ‘they have done it’ is no reason for the current government to do it. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

9. Our religions are beautiful, but we must subscribe to nationalism to bind us together. These self-proclaimed liberals are b***ardising nationalist sentiment.”

I am all for nationalism. But I do draw a line at jingoism - my pet peeves being caste system and different personal laws for different religions. We should have the freedom to criticize the government. But people with different opinions are asked to leave the country. I fail to understand what right does anyone has to tell somebody to leave.

10. “These liberals will not take you into their group unless you hate the same people as they do.”

I am sorry if the ‘liberals’ have made you feel this way. I agree with you on this. Liberals nowadays do take the easy path of shutting down debate – this goes against the basic concept of liberalism. This is where liberals should re-evaluate themselves. It is high time liberals take the not-so-easy route of convincing and engaging people with healthy debates. Don’t call names. Don’t ridicule.  

Nidaa Chakkittammal - Digital Marketing Professional

The views expressed here are the author's personal opinions and Pinkvilla does not necessarily subscribe to it.

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Loved the conversation and her deep understanding of issues. She asked questions like regular folks. Name one actor and actress of her generation who can get on to the level of lively and insightful talk with a learned man like sadguru. Middle aged uncles would stammer the hell out and look for daddies to rescue.

100 % agree with this letter. god, this woman. the minority vs majority comment was just awful.

Give a pen and everybody starts scribbling.

This is a good one. Thank you.

Hrk has paid the guy to write this letter. Lol stop using same old stories HRK . We are really tired of this nonsense.

Seriously, he latches onto everyone and anyone who speaks about Kangana fishing for an opportunity to attack her. Loser uncle!

Wow, can't do anything without HRK, can you?

If you listen carefully to what she says, she didn’t imply any of these things people are accusing her of. Taken out of context to malign her. But I do agree, Manikarnika looks so promising; please keep your mouth shut!

Kangana should change up her saree routine . The same old chiffon with pearls is getting boring. She takes heavy insipiration from Sharmila tagore and Gayatri Devi when it comes to sarees.

That interview was embarrassing to watch.

I'm sick of open letters, but this hits the nail on its head. I am hindu, and I find the cow statement downright mornic. By that logic, certain sects of Jains don't eat plants, vegetables. You're going to ban onions now? And before admonishing liberalism, maybe Kangana should pause and consider that most of her movies wouldn't get released in a conservative theocracy. And I am absolutely disgusted by her "minorities v majorities' comment; straight out of Nazi Germany.

Maybe she should stick to acting. Because this is a hot mess and I am embarrassed for her.

Lol they took everthing she said out of context so the haters will hate. Listen on the Sadhguru channel.

Man this guy killed the wife isn't it? Go read his colleague's post on Quora. Btw which saadhu says wife died attaining enlightenment? So if that's what you get by getting enlightened nobody wants it. Another Rajneesh scandal is about unfold someday tumbling some Bollywood names I guess. No sane common man pays attention to this.

Stop lying

i have to applaud PV and the writer for this post. simply points out how indefensible kangana is. she has alienated every single part of the audience in an attempt to court every single part of the audience. only thing is the first quote is something he said (and by reference the 3rd point).

Why would anyone expect a self serving sexual predator and a psychopath to be a decent human being? she isn't a feminist, nor she is a liberal.

She said. He said. Sadhguru said. Pinkvilla avid reader said. Twitter reader said. Bla bla.... Rinse and Repeat. Welcome to social media age!


Completely agree with everything in this open letter

For the first time I thought maybe all she says and all she’s been saying has just been a ploy for attention. Maybe hrithik was telling the truth?

For once i agree with Kangana and support her on this topic

What does she know about anything? She just rehearses a couple of controversial sentences and throws them around here and there. How embarrassing for Sadhguru.

The first quote wasn't even said by her

Your mistake was idolising Kangana in the first place.

Bang on.

great! instead of nitpicking every details of what kangana said, get out and make a difference.

On a side note, why are these celebs flocking to this Sadhguru? He murdered his wife way back and said she attained mahasamadi. His father-in-law's pleas for justice fell on deaf ears. He has accumulated a lot of wealth so perhaps a murdered wife is just a minor inconvenience to be glossed over.

Kangana is right.

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