Pinkvilla Exclusive: Sonam Kapoor - "I won’t ever wear a bikini"

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Fun, honest and spunky she is all that and more. She is every designer’s dream. Quite contrary to what one would think of a star, she is warm and approachable. 2010 has been a big year for her. She has delivered a hit with I Hate Luv Storys. Mausam and Thank you being her upcoming movies, she is here to stay. got an exclusive interview with Sonam Kapoor where she talked on the Koffee with Karan controversy, on opening her own clothing line and her upcoming movies. Read on. Saawariya, Delhi 6, IHLS, and Aisha - Do you think you are getting stereotyped as the girl next door?
Sonam Kapoor: Lol, they all are very different characters I’ve had the privilege of playing. Just because I didn't wear hot shorts and a bikini top I wouldn't call them "girl next door roles". But if it means I'm going to get more roles like the ones I've played then I'm very happy with the image. Could you provide more details on the character you portray in Mausam?
Sonam Kapoor: It’s too early to speak about the role right now, but it’s been an incredible journey as an actor for me. : How was your experience working in Anees Bazmi’s Thank You?
Sonam Kapoor: The most fun set I've been on. I love the entire cast and crew. Do you rehearse your scenes before you go on the sets?
Sonam Kapoor: I rehearse and do a lot of homework, and because of that people have started confusing me as the character, after Saawariya they thought i was very Indian, after Delhi six they thought of me as a serious actor, after ihls as a commercial heroine and after Aisha a spoilt brat. Apart from Mausam and Thank you, any other movies you have signed?
Sonam Kapoor: I have also started ‘Players’ opposite Abhishek Bachchan directed by Abbas Mastan. Do you aspire to be the number one actress in Bollywood?
Sonam Kapoor: I aspire to be an actor above all. I don't believe in the number game. A top Bollywood actress made a statement that there is no ‘act’ in actress today. What do you have to say to that?
Sonam Kapoor: I think Kareena, Priyanka, Deepika and Katrina are all extremely talented in their own way and they act very well in their respective genres. : Is Hollywood on your agenda?
Sonam Kapoor: The world is on my agenda One movie of recent times you wished you were a part of?
Sonam Kapoor: Three Idiots, though I don’t think anyone besides Bebo could have done that role One star you are dying to get paired with?
Sonam Kapoor: Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan. Would you be fine donning a 2 piece suit if the role demanded it?
Sonam Kapoor: No I won’t ever wear a bikini. : A lot of controversies arose after your Koffee with Karan show aired. Do you have any regrets regarding your statements on Ranbir Kapoor?
Sonam Kapoor: Nope, I didn’t say anything in bad taste. I said exactly the same thing he said and even took up for him saying he is well brought up. : Did you get a chance to speak to Ranbir or his family after the KWK show aired?
Sonam Kapoor: I haven’t spoken to him in a year : Is it true that you were thrown out of the Ranbir Kapoor world tour 2011? Any comments you would like to make to clear this up?
Sonam Kapoor: I was asked to participate way before the whole so called controversy and I refused to be a part of it since I didn’t have dates. : Are you good friends with Deepika now? Are you open to doing a movie with her?
Sonam Kapoor: I’m not friends with her, I’m cordial and get along when I meet her and I am open to doing a movie with her. : The Bollywood celeb you are closest to [apart from your sis and dad
Sonam Kapoor: I’m friends with all the people I’ve worked with. I’m especially close to Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Rakesh Mehra. My best friends are not from the industry : Would you ever consider opening your own clothing line?
Sonam Kapoor: Yes I would love too Who plans your look for the events? Is it your stylist who puts together the look?
Sonam Kapoor: Not really, I work with different stylists but I usually wear what I feel looks nice and my sister helps A fashion blunder that most Bollywood celebs commit?
Sonam Kapoor: Not matching their body tone to their face colour, it looks very bad Who do you think is the best dressed Bollywood celeb from your generation [Male and Female?]
Sonam Kapoor: Deepika Padukone and Kangana Ranaut
Imran Khan and Abhishek Bachchan

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i love yfu sonam

all the best sonam! you sound honest!

bcoz shes like a teenager,child and simple girl...not like deepika who always talks abt condoms on tv shows...Duuh..

And I agree that Abhishek is always very well dressed.

She's really cool.

stolid she is

Abhay CAN"T STAND SOMAN, and neither can Imran and Ranbir.
The woman's just a spoiled brat and always acts like a teenager.

I Think Katrina and Shahid are also well dressed. Also I love Ranbir's style.... very urbane.

its hot pants not hot shorts...any 'fashionista' would know that

abhishek?????????????????? comonnnnnnnnnnnnnn sonammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

When her movies don't do well she might not be saying this like the rest of the women in the movies.

pinkvilla next time you interview her please ask her why she wore a bikini top in i hate luv stories yes you know what im talking about that red sari with a bikini top.. is that not considered half a bikini? the blouse was literally a copy of a bikini top and the sari was netted so you could see everything....

she doesn't have the body to wear a bikini!

Money and famous last name allows people to say what they want.

I'm really loving Sonam at the moment.
She seems so real..unlike a few others who have a certain 'air' about them.
Hooray for not deciding not to wear bikinis. Let your work speak for you!

sonam u look so nice in every pic....
i must say u are the superstar...

you look very nice in every pic....
i must say you are really hit and a superstar.

charlene a.k.a deepika hater, what she said abt ranbir was on par with deepika. at least deepika had a reason, what's the reason for her bashing ranbir. but i agree that she seems to be a bit innocent, but she's lucky that she has the kapoor name next to her to survive. however, that innocence is part of her charm. let's hope she doesn't lose that.

This is a SCAM!!! My God you ppl need to get a life!

oh wow i was waiting for this interview thanks PV!! love sonam alot.:

arent your sarees as good as bikinis, sonam??

lol. shes only aa acting talent.BOLLYWOOD IS DYING. first katrina, now sonam

best dressed

yea maybe u don't have that much perfect body...... thats why :)

oh plz. Who said abhay will not work with sonam? I think abhay has more issues with anil and the production house instead of sonam. i can totally see abhay and sonam doing some off beat movie together. but sonam - my one advice to you- plz plz plz STOP focusing on your fashion and clothes and START LEARNING TO ACT! Sonam doesn't want to wear bikinis or dance around (and she's a terrible dancer just like abhay) so why not follow abhay's career path? both are star kids and don't have to worry about putting food on table or paying bills. Abhay did the right thing by making his own niche and I want Sonam to focus on improving her acting and do the same thing as abhay, maybe THEN they can work together!

Another advice to the girl - plz I understand your dad helps u in career but plz listen to YOUR HEART SONAM! Not what your dad tells you! And you will be invincible. I can see the potential.

love this girl

Racial abuse? All Indian are of same race. Shobha De criticized both Sonam and Deepika and Sonam too replied in a bad way.

love love love sonammmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

she seems like a nice person.. and also an opiniated one for a cause...
big kudos for her sticking up for Deepika against the racial abuse faced by Shobha De towards Deeps.

one word--- JUVENILE

yea maybe she doesn't have the body thats why
otherwise as if she wont wear it...or at least they were things closer to not a big deal

"The world is on my agenda" great answer!!
but abhishek "best dressed man"??? are you blind honey?!?!? Should we show her AB's jacket collection?? O.o

She is the trendiest fashionista in bollywood but she has a long way to go befre she can call herself an actress. In Sawariya, and IHLS, she barely had a speaking role. She had loads of moments she was talking or expressing her feelings but the directors were smartand they knew she can't act all that well yet. I adore her but i have seen pics where herface n body don't match.

"how come she didn't speak to ranbir for a year, ranbir was on the sets of koffee with karan, see in pinkvilla for the pics with deepika behind the scenes"

I was just about to comment the same thing...its quite evident in the kwk pix that they were having a good time talking and lafing...sonam deepika and ranbir !! This article looks like a scam ..either that or sonam is lying ! Wateva !!

(Do publish my comment)---

i like sonam ...cute.

but she thinks deepika abishek and kanga were best dressed..LMFAO. THE BEST JOKE OF THE YEAR.


the fact that she chose Abhishek as one of the best dressed shows that she has no fashion sense!

Ummmm dear you need a figure for a bikini.....which you don't have ......and if you were not anil kapoor's spoilt brat nobody would have glanced at you thanks to your ordinary looks and non-existent acting.

And o my god how delusional can you actually think you were so good in those roles that people completely thought you were the character.Oy vey!!!

i luv this girl! she is so real! but i feel sorry for her coz she is so innocent..people jut use her and move along...i feel like deepika did that when she needed someone else with her on the "hate ranbir wagon" and poor sonam and her family got more brunt for "what they said" which wasnt half as bad as what deepika said...n sonam totally fell for it...i hope she stays real and can tell fake people from real people...luv her and wana see her as the future of b-wood!

I know Abhay Deol isn't interested in working with her after the Aisha fiasco.
Neither are Ranbir and Imran after their comments about her on KWK. so she's left to star with old men like SRK, Akshay, etc.

how come she didn't speak to ranbir for a year, ranbir was on the sets of koffee with karan, see in pinkvilla for the pics with deepika behind the scenes

if she thinks abhishek bachchan is well dressed then she really is 'clueless'. She should launch a clothing line like the other rich non talents like victoria beckham, jessica simpson, paris hilton, kim kardashian.

i dont c media makes such a big deal with the whole bikini thing........... they all wear bikini blouses or next to nothing ala pchopra

Sonam is so refreshing, natural, stylish, talented and such a today girl...I love her and wish her big luck!

Abhishek best dressed????? HAHAHAHAHA

Fashion blunder :-)))))

she's my superstar. and she's stunning. :p

i want sonam to work with karan johar. i feel she's got amazing potential for this industry.

all are awesome man

sonammm.... :)) she's too good.

we want a movie with ranbir deepika and sonam, KJO are you listening??

ranbir kapoor she still says good things abt him. nice to see their friendship.

sonam and deepika can never be friends . mostly thanks to deepika , she maintains her distance.

Thank you so much Pinkvilla for this. I am looking forward to her clothing line. any idea when she plans to start them...i am so buying it

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