Rani, Kareena & Preity battle it out in September!

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The last time we saw Rani Mukerji, Preity Zinta & Kareena Kapoor together was at the 'Being Human' show.

Now we will see them together at the box office in September this year.

Rani Mukerji's 'Aiyya' , Kareena Kapoor's 'Heroine' and Preity's 'Ishq In Paris' are all set for release that month.

All three of them are women centric and it would be interesting to see how they fare at the box office.

Trade analyst Taran Adarsh earlier tweeted about this -

"September is packed with 'heroine-centric' movies: 14 Sept #Heroine [Kareena], 21 Sept #IshkqInParis [Preity], 28 Sept #Aiyya [Rani]."

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To the person who wrote -
Preity is over, why does she even try? She should just keep sleeping with rich men for money.

Have to say that why would a rich man wish to sleep with a 42 yr fake old hag?

Rani will rock, I''m sure.

preity and rani>>>>>>> kareena doesn't know how to act. Her movies do well because of the heros and their fan base not hers.

Preity is the best for ever and she will rock 2012 after her is lovely rani.

Rani will surely rock!!

Rani u did every role so nicely.So i am ur fan since i am 8. Now i am 22.Still no one has beat ur position in my heart. I love u rani.I am waiting 4 aiyaa.Best of luck shona.

i'm waiting for aiyaa.rani will rock.everything about aiyaa looks fantastic.and after that i would watch heroine too.but ishgh in paris?nooooooooooo way.

Ishq in paris???Smitag... do you need to go to a mental institution?

Preityy?>>> ahahhahahahahhahahahah..

preity and kareena will be hits....rani flop

iskq in paris will rock!

Everybody stand aside and make way for Queen Bee Rani. Aiyaa is gonna rock and Rani as usual will be mind blowing. Heroine might be good too although. Anyways all three are good, best of luck to all. BTW Rani is the best of the besssttttt!!!!!!

rani obviously :)

Kareena kareena kareena kareena kareena kareena Kareena kareena kareena kareena kareena kareena kareena kareena kareena kareena kareena kareena kareena kareena kareena kareena kareena kareen kareena kareena
Heroine will rock

Kareena and rani will win

im countting on rani aiyya

"Rani and Preity!! I wait for the come back of those actresses so that Kareena can return in the background where she always belonged! Ha!"

Um Kareena is always in the background behind the Khans in films, in case you didnt notice.

Rani and preity gonna fail miserably

aiyaa is my choice

i have a soft corner for rani so i choose her plus i really wanna watch a cool love story again can't remember what was the last noteworthy one it seems to be ages

aiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wowww wait and see it s gonna be the most incredible romantic comedy that we have not seen in years since hum tum

rani's film sound the best


Preity is over, why does she even try? She should just keep sleeping with rich men for money.

I think i m goona watch only aiyaa

aiyaa is my call good luck for the others though

i will watch all of them though aiyaa is a special one

waiting for aiyaa and heroine

come on it's aiyaa hands down a fun north-south love stroy is definitely more appealing to the Indian audience than the other two

can't wait to see all of them especially aiyaaa i heard a lot of great things abt it

aiyaaa is going to be fun to watch

aiyaa seems to be the winner

raniiii is unique no comparison plz

rani januuu

aiya maybe the best one i guess


arjun and kareena jodi is boring whilst rani-prithvaj jodi is exciting to watch so aiyaa

rani and prithvaj gonna rock looking forward this jodi

rani mukerji will rock 2012 with aiyaa and talaash she'll gain her numero uno spot whe she always belongs

Preity looks so bad with all that nips and tucks on her face

raniiis aiyaa i can't wait, heroine too but mostly aiyaa :)

Rani and Preity!! I wait for the come back of those actresses so that Kareena can return in the background where she always belonged! Ha!

no kareenas no katrinas it s the return of the true queen raniiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

rani is the queen

I am really looking for romantic comdey so I chose aiyaa

aiyaaa is the best

rani's movie gonna break records ; it's an intuition


gonna watch the three buit aiyaaa is number one for me

aiyaa is interesting

kareena gonna flop without any khan by her side ; i mean now we will figure out who's the real queen which i think gonna be ranii

no doubt it "s rani's time i mean no comparison is relevent here she's the queen

heroine and ishq in paris r flop movies ; hopes r pinned on aiyaaa for some masala

i think ranii's aiyaa will take september by storm

30 September...the flop of three movies.....

AIYYA will do better I guess! Maybe HEROINE will also break even... But, not ISHKQ IN PARIS.

I hope the three movie do well cox the three of them are superb actress.I love all of them so I will watch all the three movies

raniii gonna steal the show

sorry for preity but the other two seem way better especially that of ranii

got a feeling this year belongs to rani ; though kareena is good

rani mukerjiiiii for suree



aiyaaaaa of course

I choose aiyaa we wanna some fun guys

I think aiyaaa i can't wait to wathc rani on screen again and that too in a masala film

Aiyaa sounds the best

Definetely Aiyaaa it sound awesomeee

feel sorry for kareena ; wait for september to know who's the real queen RANIIIIIIIIII

sure rani mukherjeeeeeeeeeeee goooo

Of course Rani will win the race ; Aiya is fun not boring drama like Heroine or for overseas viewers as Preity's ishq in paris

of course AIYAAAA will rock the plot is very interesting a girl desires a man coz he smells good
; it seems a masala film quirky love story with a lots of twist and dances and songs we really miss that I think rani will rock in this movie and sweep all the awards next year after all the film is directed by a national award winner ; as for madhut i can't understand why kareena worked with him the rapist he should be in jail shame on him ; I guess she was desprete to copy vidya ; I agreee with the opinion that the heroine plot is repeated it's basically a combination between FASHION and THE DIRTY PICTURE don't know what kareena got herself into ; she better stick with khans this movie can ruin her career if it flops which there is a huge possibility it will especially after her mediocre roles in agent vinod and ek main aur ek tum this industry is harsh

I dont have high hopes for preity's film but I think Aiyya and Heroine will do better...But I hope all of these films will be hits:)

Aw man I MISS Rani and Preity!

Kank, kal ho na ho, black, salaam namaste!

Best Bollywood years ever! These films were sosososo good and fresh!

Kareena and Katrina had to ruin it all :(

Though I'm a preity fan! I'd say, Kareena's film has far better chances! But I should mention here that Preity's film has one very major factor: Isabella Adajani, who is very highly regarded in the international film circles. Preity could release the film in English as well as in French apart from the original Hindi version! This film can hence cross more than 100crores in revenues if marketed well! Rani's.

All three films will do well, But major battle, in terms of box office collections would be therefore between Preity's and Kareena's.

LOL! IF Preity's movie even release (Which i highly doubt) it will be a huge flop! She is a joke she cant even be a threat to Rakhi Sawant forget about Rani and Kareena!

that's good for audience, great choice

people just miss Preity and Rani, i think their movies will do great, they are not big budget movie

i am just waiting for their promotion period and hope that time Salman will do some TV shaw and host them, just love Salman and priety, rani, kareena jodi

preity is gonna fail!! no one wants to see her. im sorry. her and her botox...ergh

preity's movie will be sure shot flop

infact both rani and kareena will be seen together for aamir's movie named talaash

wishing the best for all three, specially my preity.

Hiii frns i want join wiz u if u lyk

AIYAA WILL ROCK WAIT & SEE RANI IS BACK WITH A GANG i have no hopes abt preity"s ishk in paris especially after what we heared financial troubles new male model turned actor ; as for kareena's Heroine it might be better than the one of preity even though the story of the falling of a star is quite similar to vidya's TDP and on the lines of fashion i think it s getting boring these kind of dramas it being repeated no one will like to see the same thing again

Heroine and Aiyya will be worth watching hopefully.

I have no hopes for Preity's movie either...the other two sound great!!

rani's movie will be bad.....preity and kareena can turn the tables

Rani will rock it as usual!

yeah i'm not interested in preity's movie....heroine sounds the best....but for sure gonna watch rani too!

Would like to see Madhur Bhandarkar's 'Heroine' the most.Perhaps Aiyaa too for Rani & Prithviraj .Don't know about Ishq in Paris which has a new male lead & Preity looks so different from her usual self. Feel so sorry for Preity,she was so gutsy & happy....

go bebo

preity's movie had financial issues...wont be gr8 because of money....other two will be awesome...

Sadly Preity;s movie I have no hopes, other two will be awesome.

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