Ranveer Singh on Star magazine: A Star is born. Do you agree or not??

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Ranveer Singh on Star magazine: A Star is born. Do you agree or not??
He made his debut in the film Band Bajaa Baraat opposit Anushka Sharma. Well I saw the movie, and found it ok..for me it was the typical "chick flick" made by the Chopras. For me looking wise Ranveer is just ok..he has this look of a normal guy, I mean you can see lots and lots of guys like him on the road and you (at least I) won't turn around to watch him again. But acting wise for me he was good I mean it doesn't seems that it was his first movie, so he's definetly going to compete in the best debutant of the year category, but before saying that he's going to win i want to watch Isi Life Mein...that guy with the green eye is inspiring me...but i want to say that whoever will win, he will be way way way better than the last year winner Jackie Bhangnani...-_____-
However let's comeback to Ranveer...I don't know if someone else had this sens of "dejà vu" watching him acting...but I had it for the whole film and still have this sense of something similar to someone..
There is something in his acting, voice, dance, look that remind me sometimes srk, shahid and ranbir...
Btw he competed with stars like srk, salman, hrithik, ajay and ranbir in the catagory of "entertaining actor - male" at the first big entertainment awards, and not just here but also on lots and lots of internet sites' polls.
And now there is this cover dedicated to him from star mag and he was appreciated also by KJo on twitter in one of his rare tweets (that seem more advertisements instead of Karan's thoughts)
Btw what's your opinion...is a new star born or it's just a passing comet?? I'm more for the passing comet but I wish I get wrong..


hess my new SRK!!!!!!!

i like him.. he is good actor nd i saw his acting skills in BBB

whats with the stigma that actors need to be good looking? They need to 'act'. I think ajay devgan and shahrukh khan, both not conventionally 'good looking' are fantastic actors. This guy looks regular and we need more ppl like him in movies.

all those calling him a loser need to watch band bajaa baraat...he was awesome. Hes not the most good looking guy but hes definitely a good actor. Unassuming and real. unlike the fake from head to toe entitled brat star kids.

BBB was a good film! a worth watch!!!!!!!
this guy deserves to go far in b'wood. anushka as well

@ZENNY i thought ali zafar in tere bing laden was also very good and def. in the runnin for this years newcomers list!

if big movies like guzaarish, no problem, action replayy with big stars fail to do well and BBB is actually doin very well it says alot bout a newcomer! Anuskha herself is only two films old, with no big director or actress only with yash raj's banner (which isnt doin that great) ravneer has proved himself without having a big surname attached to his name! I hope he goes far in his career!

Superb actor

I havnt seen the movie yet, but da promos says a lot. I think Ranveer is good n hats off to him for making it himself. But, I du agree dat his style of acting & dancing(wich I saw frm da promos) reminds me of Ranbir frm Saawariya & APKGK... its da same enthusiasm in it. But not meaning he is bad.
I also want to see da new guy in Isi life mein.

Congrats Ranvir!

I liked his acting....


really good actor!!! i like him!

Who is he? Nothing special sorry!

Lol what do u have to say now ?

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