Relive the magic of Hum Aapke Hain Koun..!

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Relive the magic of Hum Aapke Hain Koun..!

Bollywood comes together for the most celebrated movie...Hum Aapke Hain Koun..! Where to start? Perfection!!! 20 years back...thank the lord director Sooraj Barjatya came with up this brilliant idea of probably making the best family drama ever created in Bollywood. Others tried and failed to recreate the magic HAHK left behind. Directors that followed post release of HAHK still credit HAHK as their inspiration behind film making.

Here's a little tribute to 20 years of love, family, drama & MAGIC.

Salman-Madhuri AKA Prem-Nisha:
They came and conquered our hearts. Their fights, the drama, their naughtiness & their LOVE. *Cough, Cough* what better way to define the strong presence they left on us forever. More or less HAHK made Salman & Madhuri the big stars they are today. Salman who is long left known as Prem and Madhuri who's great presence as Nisha got her the best actress award for 1994.

Sisters forever: You gotta love them to bits. Nisha's biggest sacrifice for Pooja...oh the highlight of this film.

Bromance: Fresh change to see Mr bad guy of those days Mohnish Bahl play the lovable brother to Salman.

Babu ji & Bestie: Actually a better bromance than Mohnish & Salman. Their matching outfits and all...classic. Not to forget the love triangle between Samdhi ji and Samdhan ji.

Everyone else: Each and every character was so lovable and amazing in their own way. From Rita and her namak wala halwa, Bhagwanti a.k.a. the famous Mami to Lalloo Prasad and his english lessons and others.

Tuffy you Star: Truly man's best friend. Hero of the movie.

You wished it Happened/Heartbreak: Prem-Nisha imagining their future and with them us believing in that perfectness. We never saw this coming and cruses on those stairs, how I wish this never happened. To see Pooja fall from those damn steps. Probably the only part of the movie that can be fast forwarded.

Joote Do, Paise Lo, Didi Tera Devar Deewana/ Songs: Still part of every wedding. Not one desi wedding is complete without a HAHK track.

And here's just a few things I could think of. The list is obviously ever ending. I can't remember when exactly I saw this movie first but have to say have seen it uncountable times to date today. If you haven't seen it what are you waiting for. Grab you copy now and relive the magic they created 20 years back today.

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Madhuri looks much older than Salman!!

salman and madhuri in shuddi?? its anews to me really??? if yess than m so gladd ...hope it happens:)

Madhuri was so good in hahk. All mainstream indian actresses should strive for such perfection. She was so subtle yet impactful.
Salman was so good looking. He was my favorite till he started doing all these dabang type movies. I wish he would go back to being the romantic hero and do movies that are actually worth seeing. Tired of these 100 crore club flicks that does these days.

even i was not born at the tym this film was released..n i remember i was small wen i watched this movie at home with my mom .........i always bushed looking at salman as prem first crush...the love of my life .....i have now lost the count how many times i watched MPK,HAHK,HSSH.....i can watch it again n again n again.. .this movie still has that freshness...that love......which movies nowadays lack...i m so happy that salman-sooraj r cuming back with prdp...!!!!!

Cool Salman Hot Madhuri = Blockbuster movie, can't wait for their Shhuddhi.

i was not even born wen this movie was released...but i remember watching this movie at home with my mom ....... i watched MPK,HSSH,HAHK...wen i was small...n i used to simply "blush" n feel shy watching salman as prem....n my mom used to tease me for that.. ..n this is how i fell in love with salman....!!!

Salman looks fresh and cute but can't digest maduri :/. Tried to watch on utube but only made it to 5 mins. So corny :s

Madhuri was the reason why Hum Aapke Hain Koun being a cult replace her with any of the other 90's actress and the charm is gone puff.

Cute Salman.

I think Madhuri and Salman had such a natural chemistry. It was not intense or superficial. It was real and balanced. It is kind of chemistry that depicts sane love which is just as deep or maybe deeper than passionate love with lots of drama. Both look good together.

Looking forward to see this jodi's next Shhuddhi.

Stunning and matchless Madhuri

Wafer thin plot ,hamming throughout ....but it is my favourite romantic movie of all time . Those were the days of stolen glances ,fleeting touch , holding hands ...when a kiss still meant you were in love ! These days the hero & heroine live together & romance & mystery flies out of the window. I badly wanted to be Nisha & marry the dashing ,respectful Prem .

Neeesssaaaaa Raygaaaaaa Raygaaaaa Raisssaaaaaa Raisaaaaaaa Rayyyy..............Man i got goosebms whenever i heard that ...Nostalgic

Hum Aapke Hain Koun is one of THE best films in Bollywood history. Salman Khan & Madhuri Dixit chemistry was just awesome. BTW that Tuffy dog is dead now :( i have a pet too so i feel really bad. RIP Tuffy.

Good old movie!! I watched this movie three times in cinema hall.. It was fully packed back then. 90's was the best era of bollywood. Anybody remembers when Rangeela came out, Those Rangeela boot and Hat ..Every single person in the street male/female used to wear those hat haha.. I had one too lol.. Love 80's and 90's.. I wish it will come back again.

I hope Salman-Madhuri's next film Shhuddhi with Kareena & Karan Johar's Dharma production, becomes another Cult classic like this .

I think this movie was so adorable ! Pela pela pyaar hai on the pool table omg was the sexiest thing ever hahahah I use to love that part ! It was so sweet bc it was truly so innocent but steamy. Madhuri was magical in this movie

Hype machine for Salman-Barjatya's next has started. I guess they are worried the magic of Sooraj's simple movies look faded in the world of designer remakes and Salman himself lost the innocence of Prem. I liked Salman when HAHK released. By the time HSSH released, his image changed (Chinkara case). HAHK is watchable purely for nostalgic reasons.

HAHK was the film that brought family audience to theatres. Families had stopped going due to trash cinema of 80s. HAHK is the only clean family entertainer, a feel good film that showcases Indian values. Its songs and leads costumes were a huge hit for years. No wedding was complete without HAHK songs! It broke all records, became biggest hit of all time and is still the biggest hit of 1990s. This film opened overseas market and celebrated Golden jubilee run in cinemas abroad also. Not only Madhuri and Salman, even character actors like Aloknath, Reema Lagoo, Renuka Shahane got more popular and ruled on Indian TV. Films of Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar are all inspired by HAHK. TV shows still get inspired by HAHK, whether it was Ekta's K serials or Rajan Shahi's Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai. HAHK influenced the way Indians celebrate weddings. No film upholds family values and institution of marriage the way HAHK does. Sooraj Barjatya is a legend. Inspired generations of filmmakers, gave back to back all time blockbusters with MPK and HAHK. Barjatyas were honoured by the then President of India for HAHK. A film embedded in childhood memories of most 90s kids!

Although I wasn't born when it released, it's still one of my favourites ever.

How is this film even successful ? Its like a shaadi ka video! What is wrong with Indian audiences. I mean Bobby Jasoos became a flop ... it was a wonderful film! Kochadiyaan was a flop but Kick is a hit! MD, Salman look like they are high on something .. all of em are so excited in the film! its a joke ...

You need to understand Cinema first to appreciate this gem of a film. I'm sure you are some teenage kid who loves superficial film made today.

You are havin a low sugar level

you must be from late 90 or early 2000.

A lot of this has to do with your age... I think people less than 25 will not understand the film or appreciate it because their part of a different era.


+100. agree its like a wedding video

Thanks sane person ! :) ur the only one here :D

If evr i get into situation whr i need to decide in Hum Aapke Hai Kaun and DDLJ .. I will prefere to c HAKHK coz i know what i'm goin to get to c that no any movie will evr do ..

Aaahhh gone are the days when Salman actually acted in his movies with face full of expressions now it is just the number game & utter shit in the name of movies.

wow dat golden days of cinema....i really miss 90's films....

I've always had a soft spot for 90s films and this is one of them! HAHK is such a sweet, endearing movie, and I loved Salman during his early years. Love love love this movie!

Hahk was a trendsetter in true sense. All other great movies that followed like ddlj kuch kuch hota hai were highly inspired. Madhuri and Salman have never looked so good with anyone, as much as they did with each other. Salman and MD are the most gorgeous on screen pair ever. People always talk bout the chemistry between srk and kajol but for me prem and nisha are more romantic than raj and simran

We love to watch it whenever it comes.

It's enduring popularity is impressive, it's a silly film and but people really seem to like it. I can't sit through a movie like that personally, and its running time is insanely long, 206 minutes according to Wiki!

You are very correct. Is worth one watch but nothimg spectacular as per acting. Is a nice story though of all things been equal

true i would rather watch action replayy or raavan.

One of those movies that you can watch every week and still not get bored.

seriously? wow

yes seriously its a movie you can watch with the family without having to get up out of awkwardness. To each their own.

Hum aapke hai kaun & hum Saath Saath hai are the best family bollywood movies EVER!!! Nothing beats these 2!

I've realise that those of who who don't like them - never had "regular" family lives.

And if someone doesn't have a normal family or childhood, is it their fault??? Shame on you for saying such mean thing. No one chooses to be born in an "irregular" family.


What they showed in HAHK is how familes should be.....too much hatred, greed and jealousy nowadays....have always loved this film

maine pyar kiya and HAHK are the best films to have ever been made in indian cinema for me...wish they had films like this films...they inspire you to be good human beings

This and maine pyar kiya are the only 2 films I can watch now and they always make me smile even when I'm feeling low... Salman love you for bringing so much joy in our lives...looking forward to the next movie

I loveddddddddddd ittttt

What was so great and novel about this film is that, there was no villain, or out and out negative character as such. This was so different from every other movie made at the time, where the conflict always arose from the awful things the villains would do. This was my favorite movie growing up along with Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke; and I love it to this day. Salman and Madhuri's chemistry was just so lovely. The family dynamic was beautiful; it made me want a big joint family like that. Few things make me nostalgic for my childhood like this movie! Leaving aside the fact that this article makes me feel really old, it was great!!

Pinkvilla post this!

Such a timeless film. This will always remain as Bollywood's biggest hit.

Amazing! It's my favorite list forever! It's just the best movie Bollywood has ever created!

I love every bit of Hum Aapke Hain Koun! I was too young when I saw it. Lots of sweet memories. I became a big fan Salman-Madhuri pair after this. They looked so good & so so charming. IMO, they were/are definitely the most good looking on screen pair ever. They shared a such sparkling chemistry that it was almost unbelievable. HAHK is the biggest blockbuster of modern era. It broke all barriers of perception/business of Indian films. Nobody ever thought that Indian market could ever be so big. No other film had such an impact since then. It was a watershed event for Indian cinema :-)

Love the comment! So true, I feel ya!!!!!!!

i just didnt this film, the longest and most boring childish thing i have ever watched in bollywood films--------------- not my taste dont see what people see

The movie came out the year I was born so I had to watch it few years later but I still remember after watching it I would sing didi tera to my older sister like everyday lolz such great memorizes can't believe it's already been 20 year!

Love you Salman Khan. My loveable Prem mwahhh

What magic?
I've never been able to watch it at one sitting.
I've seen various "bits" over the years - and pieced it together in my head.

AW! This was the first hindi movie i saw on the big screen. I was too young to really follow what cinema even was, but I remember crying when Pooja died (because i thought it was real) and calling MD "Fairy Aunty" because she looked SO beautiful. Salman looks so, so handsome too. Good times!

Prem prem prem..i love you!!

This movie cannot be watched just once, it has been seen more than twice atleast by many. It makes you happy!

I've lost count to the amount of times i have watched this movie. Everytime i watch this movie i get the same feeling i had when i first watched it. It gives me feeling of joy and makes me smile all the time, it reminds me of my childhood days i would always watch it. No other film has made me feel like this since! I am excited about prem ratan dhan payo now!

Sonam is the. Next Rajshri heroine , what an honor , huge moment in here career . Just realised what a big deal is after watching this

In 1 Word Epic movie

The Most Loved And Cherished India Movie Ever! A film you cannot define but you keep on watching again and gain with a smile on your face. If you look up the word chemistry in a Bollywood dictionary, a picture of Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit from Hum Aapke Hain Koun...! should be there.

Log kehte hain khoobsurat larkiyaan jab jhoot bolti hain tou aur bhi khoobsurat ho jati hain.....

I can never see magic when Salman is on the screen. He´s such a non actor.

Shut up Jeevan


LOL :D ''JEEVAN'' we know! ;)

What was the need of this comment? It's a page celebrating a 20 year old classic movie. Take your negativity else where!

Dil ne Kaha dekhe jo jalwe Husn yaar k .... laya hai kaun inko falak se utar k ......

this was such a great scene! Just looking at each other as he plays pool and she walks down the stairs-- the chemistry MD and Salman had here was just magic.

When indian cinema was at its best pure class can not be compared with now days cinema. Wish sooraj's next movie will take us back to those wonderful days

Dil ne kaha dekhe jo jalwe husn yaar k .. Laya hai kaun inko palak se utar k ....

It's not and will not b possible to recreate this beautiful thing again .. It's one and it's only .. It's been 20yrs and it's still young ..

It's not and will not b possible to create this beautiful thing again .. It's one and only ..

unmatchable movie...we lose ourselves every time we watch this cult classic...I saw 3 times in theatre & in TV limitless...I remember every time Madhuri smiles, the theatre goes mad with thunderous claps...making us to long for the smile still more..

Bechainnn hai meriii nazarrrr hai pyar kaa kesaaa asarrrrrrrrr..awsome movie awsome salman-madhuri pair..loved it

Bajaana wajaana bhi ataa hai? ya bas pose liye kharay hain??

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww memoriesss....loved the movie saw this so many times and still whenever i see this film it gives immense happiness..Thanks rajshiri and Salman madhuri for this historical blockbuster to india cinema...we all are misssing such stories in 2014...all film makers should watch this flick 100 times now to make film with me Hum apke is a true winner:)


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