Sana Saeed in Student of the Year [Kuch Kuch Hota Hai's Anjali]

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Remember little Anjali from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? Looks like she is all ready to make her debut on the screen in Student of The Year. While I failed to notice her in the trailer, thanks to facebook found this stills :D sharing with pinkvillans.

Making a mark in Bollywood as the eight-year-old cute and bubbly daughter of Shahrukh Khan in Karan Johar’s Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, actor Sana Saeed has resumed her tryst with acting after 14 years in Johar’s film Student Of The Year.
“I have a full-fledged role in the film. It is not a cameo. I play a high school hottie –Tanya. It is the second lead,” the 23-year-old said.


omg i expected better from the 11 year old she was pretty back then and look at her now ms. cheapo......................way dissapointed -.-

she's so pretty. looking prettier than alia in this still!

wow she is amazing with great features :)

sana and varun look amazing togethere

love u sana.

Awwwh my Sana love her! And yeah she so should have been main lead but i loved her as Tanya! Soo want Varun & Sana to do another movie together! They are soo cute! Plus they know each other from college! Il always love Sana 100000 times more than Alia! Alia is gr8 aswell but Sana is a much better actress!

I am all suprised is it sana OMG shez hot i belive she can lead the movies in future no doubt she is an amazing actress and alia has yet to learn alot

Sana is lukin tall just coz of her high heels. But in my opinion Alia is much better lookin and way ahead sizzling than Sana. I don't see Sana as a competitor to her.........

ya...sana is alia z nt bad aswel...i thnk karan took alia cz c is frm bhatts...nd generally ppl luv 2 watch da kids 4m bollywood family alia got a chance nd c has proven dat shez quiet imprssive and approachable 4 a 2nd chance..nw i thnk karan shud gv a chance 2 sana as wel by launching her in hs nxt muvi against varun dhawan..thy luk gud 2gthr..wat say guys??

Grown up, playing 'a high school hottie' how original, not! All I remember is she was the annoying kid in KKHH. Funny haircut, and that squeaky voice! Lol.

Her name is Tanya in the film not Anjali... If she was the lead she wouldn't have got best debut award, not it's clear it will go to Alia Bhatt. Sana might be nominated for best supporting actress. She has grown so I don't think she is 5'1" anymore, unless she is short.

Wow, she looks beautiful. Cannot believe that she's grown up so much!
I wish they had made her the main lead. Tired of seeing professional models instead of actresses as leads in most films.

omg i almost fell asleep.
this is going to be so BORING.

awww nice! She turned out so pretty! Good luck to her!

i loved that movie
especially the name Anjali,
why cuz its my name as well

Yes, I also think she looks a lil like Mahima Chaudhury.

Sana saeed should be the first lead
She looks better than alia in my opinion but alia look so much younger
She got lucky because she is mahesh daughter so
Will give her chance for this one
For me sana wins

Wow she's soo pretty and all glam up
Alia is cute aswell but I don't see her special in that movie
I may be wrong
I Am not forward to watch this movie
Trailer disappoints me :(

she was so nice in the serial simple and she is just like all other bollywood cheap much skin show...puke

Mon, 2012-08-06 10:36 — Anonymous
Who's height is 5'1"? Alia's or that short woman?

LOOOL not aalia---im talking about sana. She seems taller but when i googled, it says 5.1

nice of karan to cast her in this movie - not nice of him to not put her on the posters if she really is playing the second lead. she looks really cheap though...and alia bhatt looks like 11 years old. :S i really hope there's no kissing in this movie!!!

She is lovely and I like Alia too, give her a chance guys...

She kinda reminds me of genelia dsouza!!

Ane should have been the lead!! She looks really good!!

She totally reminds me of Genelia. It would have been nice to see pic of little anjali in the post too :)

she was is in a serial where she looked quite old but here she looks so different. She looked simple & nice but here she is so different..

Who's height is 5'1"? Alia's or that short woman?

Better than alia!

Lol, everytime I look at Alia Bhatt's FORCED & Fake expressions, I burst out lolling, but I will give her chances! Hopefully she will improve...she also looks very average :/

Sana Saeed - ANJALI!! AWW

how tall is she--- i googled and it said 5.1 :S i dno if dats true

She luks tall..she's only 5.1 :s

She luks way taller than her height :s she's 5.1

I hope she gets a song or a mention in the newer trailers. I think most people remember her and the curiosity to see her will be more than seeing some star kids.

she is indeed a hottie ^_^

She is soo much good looking than alia...

who wants to bet her name in the film will be anjali

shes beautiful.....alia cant even act

She's wayy hotter than Alia Bhatt! Karan is an ass! He should have launched her as the main lead!

From the still it looks like Sana likes Varun but Varun-Alia are bf i guess Sana-Varun are gonna end up together and Sidharth is gona get Alia..

She is so pretty, much better looking than Alia.

Thank god he took Sana - I was about to lose all respect for KJO. Sana looks good - graduated from the behenji act she did on tv.

She looks like Mahima Chaudhary.

Wow what a good eye for it! I didn't even realise! And I think she will end up being with sidharth at the end!

Woww... The girl is holding a Hermes Birkin bag which starts with 20 lakhs.

Never saw any student carrying such a lavish bag. ;)

OH gawd such skimpy clothes. I rememebr she used to do a serial..i think it was on sony. Maybe 3 years ago? She looked really pretty in tha serial. Hopefully her image won't stay like t his!

Wow sana's gorgeous she shud have been the main actress. Alia looks too innocent avg looking can't carry the sexy image.

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