Sanju, Rockstar and Barfi: Performances which prove that Ranbir Kapoor is an actor par excellence

Ranbir Kapoor is amongst the nuanced actors in Bollywood who grips you with every movie performance. With Sanju releasing today, we list down 5 movies that featured stellar performances by Mr. Kapoor.
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Over the years in Bollywood, we have seen method actors who get consumed by their character with the end result being something spectacular and out of the blue. These crop of actors come up with stellar performances which leave us awestruck and flocking to the theatres. 

A primary example of such an actor is Ranbir Kapoor, who time an again has proved his mettle as a perfectionist. 

Ranbir embarked on his Bollywood journey with a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film; Saawariya. However, it was Rockstar that showcased the true actor in Ranbir and consequently, many films later, Ranbir has proved why he is an actor par excellence. 

As Sanju releases today; in which we will see Ranbir step into the heavy and controversial shoes of Sanjay Dutt, we list down five movies (including Sanju) which show killer performances by the actor:



When photos of Ranbir decked as an older Sanjay Dutt leaked on the Internet, fans went berserk with the uncanny resemblance. If the advance bookings and occupancy report is anything to go by, it seems as if Ranbir has managed to capture the essence of Sanju beautifully. Capturing the macho avatar with a soft heart of Sanjay Dutt is not an easy task, but leave it to Ranbir to win hearts over.


Before Rockstar, Ranbir had good movies in his kitty, but his acting prowess was not used to its potential. However, Imtiaz took advantage of what he had with Ranbir and what we got is one of Ranbir's career-best performance. As Jordan, we cried for Ranbir's character and felt his pain as the heartbroken singer longing for his loved one. 


Just like Imtiaz, Anurag Basu capitalised on what he had with Ranbir. In the movie, we see the actor as Barfi, a mute and deaf man whose heart is made of gold and Ranbir's mixture of wit, emotions and expressions will melt your heart into a puddle. 


Imtiaz worked around the undeniable chemistry between Ranbir and Deepika Padukone and if ever, you want to see why Ranbir is so hyped as one of the best of his generation, watch the breakup scene between him and Deepika, and there's your answer! 

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year:

This movie featured one of Ranbir's most underrated performances that should have been appreciated more. As Harpreet, Ranbir gave a power-packed performance. 

Which performance of Ranbir's is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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After amir rk is the best actor

Keep saying parody lol n in the mean time rk will take all the awards

I dont know from where these fan came from when hs movie gets good mouth of words from critics and where those ppl vanishes away who constantly criticize rk on pinkvila by saying sanju ki "parody nai dekhngy"

Why isn't Wake Up Sid included here? That movie was one of Ranbir's best performances.

Ranbir is good. There’s no denying that. But the actual focus should be that there are way too many actors who get to enter Bollywood due to their family background or contacts in the industry. Of course, looks play a major role in Bollywood too. We can have many more talented actors in the industry if casting is still carried out like those days where audition is carried out. There are too many untalented actors in Bollywood. It’s not wrong for a star kid to be in the industry but they have to be there for their talent and not for their name or looks.

Rocket Singh. RK prove in this movie that he is with aamir the best actor in india

When i saw him first in Barfi i was just blown away. I watched the movie and realized that it's a new legend in a making. He is the one who can fully justify the existence of nepotism, because he is as talented as his grandfather (and much more talented than his father,lol). I loved him in Saawarya, he's such a charm there. Rockstar, ADHM, Tamasha - he shines in every second of these movies. So sad he made some stupid choices like Besharam, it ruined his career for quite a long time. I hope 'Sanju' brings him back to the top, he really deserves it.

He is sucha great actor man

Now box office king bc sanju is now reported to be biggest opener of bollywood

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