Sidharth Shukla Bigg Boss 13 Journey: His bond with Asim Riaz to SidNaaz, all about this 'one man army' guy

Sidharth Shukla has had quite the journey in the house and while he stands for being a one army man, he has had hit moments in the house. Have a look at his journey right up to the Bigg Boss 13 finale week right here.
Sidharth Shukla Bigg Boss 13 Journey: His bond with Asim Riaz to SidNaaz, all about this 'one man army' guySidharth Shukla Bigg Boss 13 Journey: His bond with Asim Riaz to SidNaaz, all about this 'one man army' guy
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Bigg Boss 13 has definitely been one of the finest seasons so far and with the show's extension, fans have gotten quite a glimpse of their favourites and well, they still cannot get enough of it. With the Bigg Boss 13 finale just a few hours away from its conclusion, we definitely cannot wait to see who lifts the trophy after all. Sidharth Shukla, Arti Singh, Rashami Desai, Shehnaaz Gill, Paras Chhabra, and Asim Riaz have reached the finale week, and tonight is the night that we all await eagerly.

Amongst all the contestants that have reached so far, Sidharth has been one of the most talked about contestant and in fact, he is one of the contestants who has been rooted for the most. Fans are sure that Sidharth will end up in the top 2, standing on the stage with Salman Khan, but will he win? Well, it is only a matter of a few hours that we will know who lifts the trophy.

Sidharth's journey on the show has been one that is commendable, and so, here's a look at all the highlights from his time on the show.

1. His anger issues

If there is one thing that has remained constant throughout the show, it has been Sidharth's tryst with his temper and well, it has done some good too, and not just bad. However, he has always been called out for being aggressive and he has agreed how he will always raise the bar if someone sets it high. One cannot blame him for all this anger given the circumstances in the house, can we?



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2. Friendship with Asim Riaz

This has definitely been one of the finest phases in both their journeys because together, they were hailed as stronger. Ever since the two of them parted ways, things have sort of gotten worse, however, fans continue to root for the two and wish and hope that they both befriend each other once again, now that this journey is over.

3. Sidharth and Shehnaaz Gill culminating into SidNaaz

Another highlight, of not just these two people, but the entire show, has been SidNaaz and their journey. One can traverse an entire journey of SidNaaz if given a chance since both of them have been there for each other and while there have been fights between the two, they have come together, every single time.

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4. Bonding with Paras Chhabra and company

Sidharth has also seen a gradual shift in terms of the group he had, and when things went haywire, he had Paras, Mahira Sharma, and others to look forward to. In fact, the two of them along with others, have stood by him, even when others whom he called friends weren't there.

5. His banter with the ladies

Sidharth can rightly be called a gentleman, but he is also the fun gentleman given his banter with the ladies inside the house. While it started from Devoleena Bhattacharjee, it has been seen with other girls too, including Madhurima Tuli, Shefali Jariwala, and now, Rashami Desai. While we know it is all fun and games, it definitely has quite the watch.

6. Emotional moments inside he house



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We all remember how Sidharth broke into tears when he spoke to Asim, or when Rohit Shetty gave both of them a hearing. While that was a moment in itself, all those times that he turned emotional because of his mother, is just as adorable, and he has proven how deep inside, he is just as sweet and soft, even though he might not appear to be.

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