Simmba: 5 Reasons why Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan's movie is hoot worthy

As Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan starrer Simmba releases today, we list down 5 reasons why it is a must watch paisa wasool entertainer.
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This is the first time Ranveer Singh has stepped into an out and out masala entertainment movie, rather the Rohit Shetty world, and we are so glad he did. Watching Ranveer as and in Simmba is an experience in itself. The movie coupled with some extremely funny, though archetype, one liners make you hoot like never before. The change in tonality of the plot make you move and Sara Ali Khan's spunk provide the much needed rhythm to the story. 

If you are looking to enter the New Years in the most chilled way, laughing your hearts off whilst clapping and hooting, Simmba is THE movie for you. It has all the elements to be a masala blockbuster, giving a larger than life prospect and trust us when we say, it is a 'mind- ij- blowing- movie'. Backed by solid performances by Ranveer and Sara, the movie also has a few cameos which will make you jump from your seats. 

As the Rohit Shetty directorial releases today, we list down 5 reasons why it is a movie a true blue Bollywood fan will thoroughly enjoy:

1. Solid action: Ranveer Singh has finally forayed and placed himself as an action hero. The actor kicks and punches like a pro in the well choreographed action sequences whilst adding his spunk to the character. There is no way the loud punches wouldn't give you goosebumps. *Whistles* were all we could hear in the theatre. When a multiplex turns into a single screen theatre, you know it is a win-win situation for sure. 

2. Dialogues: Kudos to Farhad Samji for making the audiences ROFL harder with his funny pickup lines. The dialogues were written so casually that it resonates with you directly. Lines like "Tell me something I don't know" sounds funny and makes you laugh louder every time when Ranveer says it. Call it the director and actor's conviction or pure state of mind, but the dialogues do crack you and how! Don't miss it. 

3. Ranveer Singh himself: Simmba looks like an extension of Ranveer himself. The energy, the notorious side and the pure serious side to Simmba as portrayed by Singh is unparalleled. The actor hits a sixer with his performance as Simmba and all we can hear is 'Aala Re Aala Simmba'.

4. Ajay Devgn: Ajay Devgn enters the movie in a pure Singham style and those 10 minutes scenes with Ranveer are the highlight of the movie. For anyone who loves action, those scenes are not to be missed. The duo makes sure to lure the audience with their collated aura and we couldn't help but root for them, both. 

5. Akshay Kumar: Yes, believe it or not, Akshay's surprise cameo in the movie in the end will leave you surprised and how! Rohit is surely trying to a create a superhero series of his own and Akshay will be in the third edition. In a flamboyant style, Rohit announced his next with Akshay playing ATS Veer Sooryavansham. 

Also, bonus is the song Aankh Maarey which makes you want to stand up and dance in the middle of the theatre.


Sara is just a side chick in the movie

This is RANVEER'S movie and not sara's okey

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