With Star Kids or Against Star Kids?

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Day in day out you read fan frustrations about stars kids. How they have more than what they deserve, how they are talentless, how easy Bollywood is for them, etc, etc. While I 100% absolutely agree with these thoughts, at the end of the day doesn't it all come down to our preferences.

Yearly a whole bunch of star kids make their debut but only a handful make it to the next year, and the next. Sometimes having everything served on a golden platter is not enough. There must be something special about these handful that manage to survive? And yes having this uncle & that aunty producing and directing films for you does help a lot as we are seeing a lot of it happening these days but obviously if you have nothing going for yourself that same uncle and aunty will leave your side as we have seen this also happening.

To be in place of a Hrithik, Kareena, Ranbir that tiny bit of talent is needed or else they wouldn't be where they are today.

That aside lets think few years ahead of us.
What about this crazy lot?
In couple of years they will be in the same place of these Alia's, Varun's, Arjun's, Shraddha's of bollywood. Are we going to pass judgement as we do today on them as well or will the case change as the future of Bollywood are kids of our favorite superstars be it a Shahrukh, Aamir, Sridevi, Madhuri, Kajol, Hrithik, Aishwarya etc.

End of the day they are all 'star kids'

Why do we favour one and not the other?

Shouldn't talent speak for itself?


People like Hritik, Ranbir and Kareena are talented and work hard. It shows on screen. So then I don't mind them getting thing easier but the work of people like Abhshiek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor really doesn't show their passion, commitment and soulfulness towards acting. Yes, Abhishek had a Yuva and a KANK and Sonam had a Raanjhana, but it is too less and it is almost as if those performances were beaten out of them. In that case the star kids syndrome bothers me, because I know many talented, dedicated, hardworking people who do not get the chance to even act in one film let alone dozens.

by the where is kajol.rani mukhrji.salman khan.amir khan !!!!

Aamir & Salman are star kids as well.

With all due respects when Salman came in to the industry no one cared whose son he was. He started off in a side role in Biwi Ho To Aisi and his voice was even dubbed. I actually at the time thought that he was too good looking to be a hero. other than Dharmendra none of the male leads were striking looking. The role in Maine Pyaar Kiya was rejected by many people and the production house themselves were going through a bad phase no one expected anything from the movie. As for Aamir he was neither a star kid his uncles production house was going through a bad phase as well. There is a you tube video which shows Aamir going around putting posters of his own film in places. So it's very unfair to call them star kids you might as well call the make up artists whose children may want to become stars later on 'star kids as well'

As long as they're talented and entertaining, I don't have anything against star kids.

This is precisely why Katrina is such a superstar-she is beautiful and from outside the industry. The audience sides more with those from outside the industry-look at SRK. He had immense popularity for over 15 years but now he is becoming too powerful and audience cannot relate to him anymore.

Just coz they get to release at least one debut movie with lots of publicity, does not mean the going is good for star kids. Non-star kids work hard to get the first film and then the going is good for them. Whereas the journey for star kids is more tough from when there films release and they are harshly criticized and made fun of. And why to criticize them? I don't agree that acting talent of outsiders is any better these days. And female star kids have an advantage that no director/ producer can misbehave with them, say they were nothing before they got the break, etc. And ultimately it is talent and audience's acceptance that sustains: where is tushar kapoor, iman khan, abhishek bachchan, esha deol, and the others?

These star kids have no life... They thrive on their parents money and power...There should be atleast 75percent reservaction for outsiders in Bollywood..!!!

No big star is the result of their superior acting talents. They got all of their initial opportunities due to either connections (star kids), beauty (aishwarya, deepika, all models turned actors), or their good fortune (SRK came to bombay and got so lucky as opposed to other struggling actors who never get the chance). Most great acting talents never make it past theatre plays.

At the end of the day EVERYONE who is in the industry today, star kids or not have beat out other people who are not in the industry for 1 reason and 1 reason only - CONNECTIONS. Even a non star kid used their connections to get in the industry, there is no one that came in purely from an audition and then landed an actual role from auditions/talent only. I used to think that people like Preity Zinta came in from sheer talent alone but Preity knew Bobby Deol and Farhan Akhtar for a long time, hence she got the role in Soldier and then Dil Chahta Hai which really put her on the map. Farhan Akhtar actually came to her house with the script. SRK had many connections through when he was working in theatre, but challo that essentially came through his work so that

As for nepotism, I think one of the main differences is that although both batches need talent to SURVIVE in the industry, somehow star kids have more chances as well as even if they fail or do not so great work, they are more RESPECTED because you know their parents. If you don't know or see someone's parents, we somehow don't respect them as human beings as much. For example we know Sonakshi Sinha's father so even if she does something a bit slutty on screen we have in our minds that it's not that bad because we can see her father is very strict and so she comes across as more of a good girl. We know Deepika's father, we were more ready to accept Parineeti Chopra because of her cousin, it's the audience who gives them more chances and respects them more.

There is only one person who I can think of that truly came in this industry as somewhat of an outsider/newcomer and that man is Akshay Kumar.

some star kids are really nice n very professional n they know how to entertain some are useless

If we have actors like Alia Bhatt, Bebo & RK on screen .. whats wrong with th star kids ? Sure people like AB, Hrithik (omg i hate the Krish series) shud stop acting ! also, non star kids like Pc dnt perform soo well to be credited as much as they are !

You had me at Alia's

lol, yaa i find her kinda cute, that's why may be I am biased ! :)

pareeniti and adithya aren't star kids but they are good actors

Sure! they are just related to well-connected stars or filmy producer family. They never made it on their own.

although nepotism works in the industry i am grateful for Hrithik, Ranbir and Farhan. but whats sad is the people interested to be in films take acting courses, participate in workshops for many years and despite being immensely talented they can't make it while star kids learn acting for the films they do. thats highly unfair. we audiences pay them to learn acting.

The day Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra retire, we will get to see some outside actors in Bollywood...otherwise the same cycle will be repeated until their movies don't work anymore and these producers drop them!

aditya chopra promotes new talent... i mean he helped srk in the beginning of his career and he launched anushka sharma, vaani kapoor and a bunch of new and talented directors... he's given new actors a bigger platform/audience like sushant singh rajput, ayushmaan khurana, ali zafar, tahir bhasin (in an amazing role in mardaani)... he's launching a new actress w/ ayushmann and also does movies w/ non-star kids... on the other hand yes, i'm waiting for the day KJo retires but then, I'm sure he'll make ayan the head of Dharma and the same cycle will be repeated with the current star kids' kids being launched

Shah Rukh's launch in Yash Raj has more of Yash Chopra's hand than Aditya's. In fact, it was Aamir who told Shah Rukh that he would be right for this role and he should do it. Aside from launching these newcomers you mentioned, Aditya also gave a launching pad to several star kids like Arjun Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, who else? but the sad thing is Yash Raj doesnt promote their newcomers so they don't really get that big of a chance. whereas Dharma really knows how to play it. Of course, they have Reshma Shetty by their side.

Thank you for this comment! All right, big banners helped SRK at the beginning of his career, he has not himself made ​​his way! And his father was acquainted with people from the film business. At least someone wrote it! Only Akshay, John and Arjun nobody helped, but Akshay is the best!

deepika too had Farah and sharukh. it was a big production movie and it was her first movie. she didn't struggle like many underrated actors who still don't get their due.

The day Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra retires, we will get to see some outside actors in Bollywood...otherwise the same cycle will be repeated until their movies don't work anymore and these producers drop them!

Being a Star Kid things become sorted. No struggling for their survival. More opportunities over others. At the end I would like to add things come easy to them.

They get opportunities despite failure. Kareena had years of failure and then Jab we met. Had it been anyone else, they would have been shown the door. Please stop with in the end its all "talent" Its BS.

Give me one movie that Sonakshi Sinha has done that she'll be remembered for in the future. None come to my head. Point proven.

Lootera! She was marvelous along with Ranveer, and the film / songs were fantastic too.

heck even Dabangg 1. lol :D Point to be noted!

Interesting...the star kid(actually belonged to filmy family would be appropriate) that I'm a huge fan of is Aamir Khan because he's not only gifted but simple, down-to-earth and would talk about Armani and local mumbai brand with same respect whereas most of other star kids want to become STARS from their first film on-wards...they seem less interested in art, more in 100 crore club instead.

This is very individualistic; cannot be generalized and more dependent on one's upbringing, value system and respect for art. If you are good...you will be loved eventually but if you're not no 2000 times shoving in our throats deep down would work. With that, my respect is for outsiders because only they know what struggle they have to undergo to get a prestigious film which a star kid would usually get while in a spa.

This so called "bollywood" has become a "dhanda"- meaning nobody gives a crap about the quality of the films; they're all hungry for attention and money. For obvious reasons, this a family business. With more "stars" coincidentally emerging from "stars families" is nothing but BS. Who launches them in their movies? Their parents or family/director friends. Who keeps promoting them? Their family friends who happened to have worked with their parents and can find ALL the talent in this world in these "star families".
"Bollywood", a.ka. snobby, arrogant little brats, have got nothing on Hollywood. So honestly they need to get off of their high horse.

How is Aditya Roy Kapoor a star kid?

Dude, he is the brother of Siddharth Roy Kapur, one of the top producers in Bollywood. He might have had a rough start initially and had it differently from other star kids, but he is one, saying that, Aditya is awesome and i can't wait to see him in Daawat e Ishq. :)

How is Parineeti a star kid?

Well this would not have happened if India had casting directors. who knows they will bribe them too. But I am thankful for Hrithik, Ranbhir, Karisma and sometimes Kareena. I dont think of Salman ans Aamir as star kids

I don't care star or not, if they are a star's son/daughter and you are doing what you're supposed to do meaning my money is well spent on seeing ur movie ur good and here to stay. If you are a star child and living off your parents fame or just hanging around at party's not improving ur acting or just some rich girl/boy we are going to have a problem. Emraan hashmi is not exactly a star kid but he is related to a known director but he gives his best( gangster, awarpan, jannat, murder TOO many movie I can name LOL)Kangana ranuat is not ( as far as I know ) and she gives her best.(ex Woh lamhe, Gangster,& Queen ) Ranbir is a star kid and he gives his best (still remembering Rocktar and his debut movie saawariya also Barfi). Sonam is born with a designer silver spoon in her mouth, she is not a good actor according to me and wasting her time in this business( no offense sonam fans she has lots to prove as her first movie was saawariya and that was in 2007 it's 2014 and she has not wowed me yet with any movie hopefully khoobsurat will). Also Katrina My once idol was not a star kid but she is wasting her time and her time is up as well. So I think for me it's an equal clear slate for any actor , but yes the audiences can be biased towards star kids and nicer to those who were not star kids . So there is good and bad in each situation, But it doesn't matter who their relatives are if u are doing what u are supposed to do and the feedback is positive , then that's all I need from u.

Nice post @bollywood lover. Well IMO being the star kid will only give you some films at the beginning or a big launch but in the end it's your TALENT, HANDWORK & the STARDOM which will define you career & will make you sustain in Bollywood. Star kids like Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor Khan & Ranbir Kapoor are today in this position because they have worked really hard for it. Time & again they have shown their talent. They have that stardom thing that makes them popular celebrities across India & all around the world. And the deserve every bit of this success. So no matter what if you're a star kid or not in the end it's your TALENT which sustains.

Please, stop with this cliche that " in the end it's your TALENT, HANDWORK & the STARDOM which will define you career". Do you really think that's true?! Or have you just watched some of them "star kids" give an interview in their defence? Thing of Abhishek Bachchan who has yet to make a decent movie.. take Alia Bhatt who has only survived because of good script and direction, not her talent.
You are saying that Kareena Kapoor has earned her position bc of hard work?! Maybe in the "Jab we met". But ever since that movie she freaking thrives on hero-oriented movie, where hero does the work and she, being in the movie, also gets the 100 crore heroine tag.

Generally against as they tend to be over confident, bad actors, and unintelligent. Not all of them

Very touchy topic for pinkvillans

I would say this comment was "shot of the day":)

Bingo!! I don't follow other bollywood forums so maybe the readers are same on most sites but quite amazing to see readers of PV. Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment ;)

I dont know why ppl keep mentioning shahid as STAR KID. His dad never were a star but a gr8 actor many ppl didn't even know him. His dad had no connections either. More likely its other way around. Pankaj kapoor are getting movies bcuz he's a gr8 actor and also tht now everyones knows shahid. I never knew him until my mom told him when I saw him in halla bol. Shahid struggled as much like an outsider not even Shiamak helped him much though hewas in his dance acedemy n even featured as a background dancer in taal n dil to pagal hai behind karishma. He didn't either have any big god father to back him up or big banner like sidd with karan or ranveer and parineeti with YRF. He got 2 yrf films dil bole hadippa and badmaash company which both was bad or I liked BC. Never featured in any dharma film until now his shaandar is being co-produce by karan and tht is too bcuz Kjo darling sweetheart alia is in it. Truly star kid is alia varun sonam arjun etc.. more likely its about who truly strugled before getting a debut film and shahid is one of the ppl who strruggled alot due to his very young age and choclate looks...I bet ppl didn't even know abt shahids dad when he debuted...he himself don't take as a star kid bcuz he struggled of his own. Someone like ranbir kapoor had it very easy his first film by SLB and though it flopped he got his 2nd film by yrf.. now tht his the power of star kid u sit at home and get roles..even if shahids dad is an actor whenever he asked about his advice his dad used to not to give him cause he wanted to make his own choice n misstake to learn from..which he did alot of misstake his early years of films were just crap but he has learned from it. And he never got super stardom though he is one very passionate and talented actor...and same went for akshay.. there was a time when he gave 14 flops in a row and still got up from there unlike sidd or ranbir or sonam if they give flops they have ppl backing them up. There just very few fortunate ppl like akshay and shahid tht despite having no god father n giving flops in row they are still in the game and thts bcuz of their fans. I hope shahid very best and he gets into same race like ranbir (as he apperantly is superstar of young gen) after haider which is spreading globally now too. Star kids would be totally fine if outsiders were equally given chance and treatment...

I don't mind if the actors in a movie are star kids or not as long as I enjoy the movie. One point though is that the stars must look good besides a good script. Going by the BO success, Sometimes a bearable script works because of a good looking star.

As the article says, at the end of the day it all comes down to personal preferences and this topic has been discussed many times before.

Poeple you don't like some one. Dont watch their movie, they will be flop and will be out of race. End of the Story.

Bollywood is an extremely patriarchal and nepotistic industry. For whatever reasons, good, bad, business-wise, or ethical, the case remains that the overwhelming majority of people in the game are all related to the industry from a very early age. Let's look at the facts: from the 1980's onward, who are the male actors who have successfully made without extremely powerful relations at an early age? There remain only around FIVE established mainstream successful ones: Jackie Shroff, Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan, Arjun Rampal, and John Abraham. Hopefully Rajkummar Rao and Sushant Singh Rajput will also join that crowd. Meanwhile, Anil Kapoor, Kumar Gaurav, Sanjay Dutt, Sunny Deol, Govinda, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn, Saif Ali Khan, Sanjay Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Akshaye Khanna, Abhishek Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Tusshar Kapoor, Vivek Oberoi, Riteish Deshmukh, Shahid Kapoor, Emraan Hashmi, Ranbir Kapoor, Imran Khan, Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Siddharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan, Farhan Akhtar, Aditya Roy Kapur, Abhay Deol, and I'm sure others who I've forgotten have all had considerable degrees of success. I count Ranveer and Siddharth because Ranveer is Anil's nephew and Siddharth is related to Manish Malhotra. That's around 30 actors who are from film or other powerful families. Let us not forget, the best Amitabh Bachchan who made it considerably on his own was descended from a great poet and was recommended for films by Indira Gandhi! The situation is luckier for women. While the source of Bollywood's women is largely mysterious, most of the successful female stars are not from film families, save relatively recent entrants like Karisma Kapoor, Kajol, Rani Mukerji, Kareena Kapoor, Esha Deol, Soha Ali Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Alia Bhatt, Parineeti Chopra, and Shraddha Kapoor. So, since the 2000's the few established successful non film-family newcomers have been actors like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Preity Zinta, Bipasha Basu, Sushmita Sen, Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Dia Mirza, Anushka Sharma, Kangana Ranaut, and others... Can you even think of one male actor? I can't... Please post PV!

Hmm I think I read on Wikipedia that Siddharth was related to Manish but if that is incorrect I stand corrected... But anyway, I included Amitabh's name to emphasize a point lost in translation... you need powerful contacts to get into the industry. Additionally, I happen to find certain star kids such as Hrithik, Aamir and others incredibly talented and hardworking, but I was just making the point that nevertheless they are still connected to the industry in a significant way.

Your mixing with alot of stuff here. The way your picking like from amitabh to shahid and ranveer is your so "star kid" then u cab say abt this then about all proffession..everyone today needs connections to get a job or by recommendation nowadays in pretty much all countries due to major population in big cities. Amitabh was recommended by his own todays wife, Jaya...but tht doesn't mean tht he didn't struggle cuz he did! Directors would make fun of him for being so tall at that time. Speaking of ranveer his mom n sonams mom is sister but that doesn't help him cuz those two families weren't so close.. anils wife has always remained low key and anil didn't help him into the industry. Ppl are mostly more close to familys from fathers side than mothers. Shahid is not a star kid to begin with his dad may is best actors in india but he never was a star and he never wanted tht really he was more into theatre and lived a good middle class life as well and had very little connections from the industry not tht would benefit shahid anything. Shahid did not mention his dad on his struggling days cause he knew his dad wasn't any big to mention to get him a film...he did over 100 of auditions which he got rejected in all due to his very young age and baby face back then n skinny. More than ranveer shahid, amitabh did have alot of struggle along with akki. U can call srk a star kid too then orgot into the movies easily on the same category as u placed amitabh...cause srk got recommended by hema malini! So does tht mean tht srk didn't struggle? So stop being biased... in every proffession u have to get recommendation for grabbing your first work... only sending recemees doesnt work and tht is fine.. star kid is parents who is a star or big director or producer like alia varun ranbir abhishek etc..
P.S Sidd is not star kid he's not related to manish M. I dont know from where u got tht from but its Varun who's related to Manish.. his mother n Manish are cousins..

Siddharth is NOT related to Manish Malhotra. He said so on Koffee with Karan. Infact, Varun Dhawan is related to Manish Malhotra. Please check your information before you post it. Just because people share the same surname/last name does not mean they are related.

Number 1! congrats Bollywood Lover on a well deserved no1 post on PV!

Ahaha. Thank you very much but am surprised even your comment got likes & dislikes which clearly has nothing to do with celebrities :P

^.^ Not everyone's work here gets to the top + you made everyone confront the bias so many fandoms have! Some posters are just salty.

what i find annoying about star kids is that they deny how easy it is for them or make up stories about how hard it was... arjun kapoor's facebook story... i mean really... you hang out with these guys but the only way they found you for an audition was facebook? also, they say that people have expectations from them, well the audience has expectations from everyone but guess what... if an outsider fails, he/she won't get a second chance to redeem him/herself but a star kid will get so many chances even after 4th, 5th film flops plus these outsiders have to deal with sleazy and creepy people, the casting couch... star kids don't have to deal with any of these things to get a good film

what i find annoying about star kids is that they deny how easy it is for them or make up stories about how hard it was... arjun kapoor's facebook story... i mean really... you hang out with these guys but the only way they found you for an audition was facebook? also, they say that people have expectations from them, well the audience has expectations from everyone but guess what... if an outsider fails, he/she won't get a second chance to redeem him/herself but a star kid will get so many chances even after 4th, 5th film flops plus these outsiders have to deal with sleazy and creepy people, the casting couch... star kids don't have to deal with any of these things to get a good film

If ugly-licious Shahrukh, Ranveer & no where near Bollywood heroines like Anushka & Rani can get auditions then so can Arjun, Varun & Sonam.

You NEVER know!!

The only star kid I have problem is with Abhishek, that's it.


"The only star kid I have problem is with Abhishek, that's it" ----- I have problems with Tusshar Kapoor also. He is really annoying. Jeetu Ji was million times better than Tusshki in every aspect.

good ones : Ranbir,Arjun Kapoor, Ranvir (Sonam's cousin) , Shahid Kapoor etc are good .Rani, Kareena ( intially she was intolerable, she got the grace period fro her bacground n eventually she improved) Though Alia s overrated she is improving too

But ppl like Sonam and Abhishek Bachchan to be locked up

i really don't find much difference between these star kids and non-star kids. all of these had god-fathers or some people to back them up. like yashraj for ranveer, karan for Sid. I think akshay kumar must be the only star in recent times who rose to fame without any Godfather or major studios backing him up.

I think though talent should play a big role when picking "Actresses" and "Actors", it usually doesn't happen that way.
All the new crop of young star kids and outsiders are just mediocre in my opinion. Those including Alia, Shraddha, Parineeti, Varun, Sid, Arjun, Sushant, Sonam etc. And so are the movies they do, mediocre and easily forgotten.

I still miss great actresses like Sridevi, Kajol, Juhi, Madhuri etc. Yes they were from the Golden 90's.
Kareena, Priyanka are ok actresses.
Sonakshi and Anshka could act, but not so great either.
Deepika and KAtrina are like babrbie dolls. Though u can say that Deepika could act a bit, but still not so great.
Abhishek, Jacki Shroff and the rest of the star kids that never made it, is just that. They never could catch up.
I respect Hrithik and Ranbir and Farhan- they are pretty good at what they do and they have proven themselves repeatedly.

What matters is talent.. star kid or not. Yes ofc star kids have way easier of getting a debut film than an outsiders. Outsiders has to take long U-turn by first doing tv-series and if they become popular by tht and also count in reality dance shows and if they are still very much liked by audience then maybe they get a film. What pisses me off is tht 80% of star kids are not even passionate about acting they are just there just because of trying out or being pushed by their super famous parents like abhishek. He once said that the negative part of being a star kid is tht your parent expact u to become an actor...he also said tht first time when he told his father tht he wasn't so sure of becoming actor he got slaped..tht was in farhans show "oye its friday". Sonakshi, arjun, sonam, salman and tiger etc they are just here bcuz of becoming a celebrity. The only truly passionate actors are Shahid, ranveer, ranbir and amir khan. When they speak about their character or career there is passion. Shahid is doing haider which everyone may know that he gone bald for one scene and also charged no money. How many actors do u think would ever do that? We always hear actors demanding more money for certain film. Shahid said himself in a Interview with shradda that haider is not made on based on BO collections or who has stardom in the film but it is purely made of passion for cinema of making a really well whole film. Same goes for ranbir when he talks about acting and ranveer has said several times on he always wanted to become an actor long time back. Arjun was fat and didn't know what to do with life same for sonakshi its just cuz salman pushed arjun to become hero...and sonakshis mom too pushing her. Sonakshi arjun and emran has said tht they never thought of becoming actor and sona esp. said tht she never grown up on films and had least interest but always says tht destiny made her into actress. Emraan too never liked movies but he tried and at end he liked acting. And sonams clearly was because so she could dress up and show up at events and promotions...many times she bragged about sayin Im anil kapoors daughter I get everything I want and then her take on aishwaryia too was just arrogant. Sonakshi still says or said tht the day she dont enjoy acting she will quit... I mean what actor says tht? It clearly shows tht she was just pushed in and dont deserv her mark in BW there are so many outsiders tht tries to break in but unfortunate tht they dont have a papa like her to get the ticket. That is also the reason why she pickked back to back masala movies with her all roles being same and be saved by the hero cause if she truly was interested or passionate about acting she would try to do different roles but no she just likes to do less effort roles caus she just enjoys on just dancing around and break 1 or two bottles on ppls head.. her tevar will be no different. So she and arjun are the ones tht pisses me most of cuz she keeps saying destiny gave her this proffession and arjun keeps deticate his career to salman. If salman didnt push him tht means he would never loose weight and become an actor? But at least his doing diff roles unlike sonakshi. Varun seems also passionate and tries hard to break that star kids do struggle or at least he said tht he used to audition with fake names and not give out his real surrname and picked up the job as assistant director at Kjo my name is khan.. at least u can appreciate him on working with a director first and try to bag his 1st film by himself. Tht alia doing audition among other 300 girls was just bogus tht too was karans idea to tell everyone tht she auditioned and got picked.. she might did audition but his reason picking her was clearly of being mahesh bhatts daughter.. then now its bcuz of karan tht t all three sid alia varun are getting too much publicity and thts why varun being too exposed. Or else I think ppl would like him more if he wasnt too exposed by karan. But still star kids are just being raining too much and they learn acting along films by film and BO hit are always important wheter u can act or not which is one bad thing..thats how "actress" like katrina been raising up just bcuz of BO hit. So if an outsider can act and has talent but been unfortunate with BO hit then its bye bye for him/her something tht harman baweja and saifs sister said. Recently Jhanvi kapoor are being too exposed and being already shoved down in our throats before her debut and same for sharukhs son. Sorry for the looooong comment :p PV plz post this :p

I am definitely not loving this star kid trend at all. But for that to end, someone like Karan Johar (another product of nepotism and the Godfather if it) has to just disappear or get kicked out some way or the other. I can clearly tell that he is very jealous of talented outsiders like Vidya, Kangana and Sushant. That's why he doesn't give them work in Dharma Productions or speak about them much and is desperately pushing mediocrity like Alia and Varun in our faces. Does anyone remember how he asked Varun and Sid how they handle the pressure when Sushant (who came from TV) signs a big film???? The answer is simple. He was fantastic in his first movie and a much better actor than any of his peers. He's got immense talent from his debut movie itself which helped him get into the industry. Varun had also said that Alia gets insecure when people like Sushant, Irrfan, Nawaz and Rajkummar Rao get critical acclaim for their performances. When she signed Queen director's next film, she said she loved Vihas' Queen but she didn't praise Kangana or even mention her and I could clearly see in the video she was fuming with jealousy lol. But like some Pinkvilla users said, people like Shahid and Hrithik would have made it big regardless of whether they are star kids or not, cuz they are true gems and one in a million. Shahid actually had a difficult struggle in his career because his dad was never really a big shot commercial hero with lots of connections but hopefully after Haider he gets his due.

It depends on their acting ability because if we have Hrithik, Aamir, etc on one side then we have Abhishek, Varun Dhawan, etc on the other side. It depends on how good they are when it comes to acting but I do hate it when they are overexposed and when they are given 100 billion chances to prove themselves O.o

At this time I can not agree with you, I like Abhishek and talent he has, but something went wrong in his career (I wish him only the best. Varun I have not seen in a movie, can not say anything. But I respect your opinion, you are honest and principled. Rekha PS I love, the greatest actress and beauty "" "

If you like Abhishek then that is your personal preference :) Thanks a lot :)

At this time I can not agree with you, I like Abhishek and talent he has, but something went wrong in his career (I wish him only the best. Varun I have not seen in a movie, can not say anything. But I respect your opinion, you are honest and principled. PS I love Rekha, the greatest actress and beauty "" "

Varun Dhawan talented good joke

I am def not for star kids or supporting them in any way. Because if ur given only limited options to choose from, of course ur top choices are going to include the star kids. I disagree tht only few make it, most star kids (depending on how much money their families have and how influential they r) have more lifelines even after their first film bombs, their intricate and extensive network based purely on favoritism keeps them alive in the industry longer than they should. If outsiders r given the same oppertunities, they'd also become faves among the common cinamagoers. Also, most star kids learn acting along the way- stars like Alia, Sidarth, Shraddha, Sonakshi were kind of really bad in their debuts, now they're improving. It's good but why not give those oppertunities to ppl who r already much better than them at this craft? Would u choose a doctor who's fresh out of med school but has the best office on the block or one who operates out of a modest clinic but has higher success rate? Besides being completely closed off to outsiders, Bollywood as a result has become a family tht literally is made of blood related relatives, hence they've their own ways of doing things which to be quite frank is not leaving a lot of room for innovation and very limited scope for improvement.

Among the children, there is a lot of star Vivek talant- Ranbir Karina Aliya.i so, yes, they have an influential family, but so what? Vivek had no luck with the career of the problems with Salman, but while he was on top, it would be there now if it was not love Ash (not all be Akshay Kumar, the man who made ​​himself, without the help of the leading actresses and large banners . Akshay has proved that he is an actor adapted and survived the hard Bollywood, though he never flirted with the press and do not suck up to the top actors. Mithun Chakroborti- another actor that shined like a star. Everyone else somebody, but helped

Only if kareena could act!She cannot act for nuts.

Abhishek,kareena are totally talentless.

With star kids if they are talented like Kareena, saman, hrithik.....
But hate the star kids who have flop all along their career like best flop friends- ABhishek, udhay chopra, jacky bhagnani !! THey should just be kicked out!

I always had mixed feelings about this.. Im kind of against and then not. Yes very few star kid are talented like the last one is ranbir that has true acting talentit's very natural...of girls its parineeti yeah she's not a star kid but a star sibling I mean she is YRF khudki maal..she has no heroine appeal but very average face but still made it very easily but she can act ofc. But then there are like ones you dont even want to notice like alia SONAM tiger etc. Alia is not just lucky but very overated n forced to be seen by us. Shes ok actress but they pretend as if she is madhuri. KJO is the only one who's behind on just supporting star kids...it was clever of him to also launch sidd who's an outsider so tht ppl cant directly point out..he has made an balance. But yeah what can we do everyone will have kids n its not odd tht they will join the 'family buisness' . Its like in other proffessions too esp in industry n buissness proff. the owners kids always join to take over the company to take it forward.. n same thing here every khan kappor kumar would want theur name to be taken forward. Rishi kapoor is also a star kid and tht family will keep going on I mean after all they are the masons of bollywood

I think its pathetic to involve little kids in this post. Sushmita, Aishwarya, Lara and their kids are unnecassarily involved. These kids dont even know what will b their future.

Always with talent.I grew up on a very good movies and prefer to what one of them in 100 time,then whach wide-advertised sh..t.Do you ever see a really good thing,which needs adverisment.

I really dislike star kids. In my own way I boycott nepotism. I would not go to a theater to watch a movie if there is a star kid in it and I dont let my family go either. Mostly I won't even watch it. But I may see it online if the movie has good reviews. Not that one person not going to the theater will make any difference but atleast as an audience I am not contributing further to the cause of nepotism.

I am totally against them as we are forced to like them as there is no outsider..Desi Paris Hilton (KJO) accepted the fact that they do favor star kids big time..see the likes of Varun, arjun, abhi(shake) etc...

So I guess Bollywood has also turned into a family Business.... star kids and than their kids than there will be their kids and it will go on and on.... and no one from out side will ever get a fair chance .... Nepotismmmmmmmmm

Its not about their parents. Im not a fan of Alia or Ranbir and its not cos they're star kids...Its just their attitude that repels.

Let's think this way, if Kangana had been a star kid, would it have taken her so long to make a Queen? Would she have faced so many troubles? She is far more talented than the current lot of actresses. If she had been a star kid, something like Queen would have been her second film. But it's good she's not a star kid. I have more respect for her. It's all the more satisfying and spectacular when something has been attained after hard work and struggle. I don't think star kids can hang around for a long time if we don't go and watch their films. They have to have something special about them. But I also think that we have been watching so many talentless people lately that even the remotely talented ones makes us say "Wow." We, as the audience, have lost our objectivity about good acting. First we need to figure out what that is and understand it when we see it. A lot of these star kids seem more talented to us than they really are because they work with very talented people. Talented costars, talented directors, writers and big producers. A film is a whole, an actor is just a part of it. Often we like the film as a whole, because of the story. When a film does well because of the good story, people start feeling that the actor had a lot to do with it. Sometimes that's true, but sometimes it's not.

for talent. end of.

easy for star kids to get a chance in the industry
to sustain themselves now that is a different battle.
as for Bachan its not like his dad produced any movies for him or shoved him down our throats , other producers and directors wanted him.
Why is Aishwaryas pic here? she isnt a star kid.

She is carrying a starkid

I have really a problem with the star kid bonus. India got such talented actors who are not really successful because producers think in the first line which daddy or mother they can make happy and not who fits the role perfect. People like Hrithik or Kareena would´nt be at the top without their parents.

Hrithik and Kareena are the wrong examples. They have talent.

Just gonna say that hrithik and kareena are bad examples. These two ppl were made for celluloid. They shine on screen. Industry is lucky to have them. Wouldn't say the same for the talentless / zero star potential star kids. Agreed with what u said earlier.

Hrithik and Kareena are overacting experts.

It's true. I think being a star kid is fine, but if you don't have any talent or don't put in the hard work then you shouldn't get any more opportunities. I feel that Alia Bhatt is a good actress, she's just overhyped and everywhere that's why people dislike her. Overexposure kills. But actresses like Sonam or Shradda don't show any improvement from their first film and they're staying in the industry because of producers/family. For the guys I think many also have made drastic improvement like Sid Malhotra, ARK. Its simple: if you have talent, then you deserve the big projects

Okay you should just shut up!

I have no problem with star kids, but I do have a problem with them getting multiple opportunities when they clearly don't deserve it (Abhishek) and I do have a problem with them being overhyped by everyone in the industry, even when their contemporaries are better than them (Alia).

what about models???

what about models???? if they were not pretty they wudnt be in the industry either!!!!!

Nah, they are NOT star kids, they just happen to look pretty! Of course it plays no role in casting choices, so they obviously deserve so many chances till they get it right! It's quite a struggle for models too, don't you know that?

We have talented people on both the sides - While we have Srk, Pc, Vidya, Akshay, Arjun on one side, we have Ranbir, Kareena, Varun, Salman too on the other side. It doesnt matter if one is a star kid or not. If you are not talented, even after being a star kid, you will be in the zone of Uday, Abhisekh, Tusshar..!!

Exactly my point.


i think he/she meant Arjun Rampal. But still, Arjun? and no Aamir or Irfan ??

Well not all star kids get success. Look at esha deol, vivek oberoi etc. Even abhishek has settled with sec lead. He is never the hero. Most of the time he is in news because of family. U can get 4-5 chances instead of one but then audiences decide. amitabh tried his best to make AB junior SRK but he couldn't.

Like kjo is insisting on casting alia bhatt in every movie churned out of dharma as if no other talented actress is left in the world.

Can anyone utter a single name of a young n new actor/actress who is not from a BW industry?????

Sidharth malhotra

Sid is being promoted by Karan. Not for his talent but Karan's own interests!

Sid is enough talented n hard working. Without hard work no one can reach wherever he is today. Push up does not always work if there is no talent.............:).

See this is the problem with you people. You think all non industry kids sell their soul to get into movies. Before they used to say it about heroines but now heroes too lol. Why do you always have to be a pessimist, why not believe that these kids got here through hard work and a bit of luck. I think the new kids like sushant, sidharth, ayushman, kriti, and vaani are all talented and are here because they were noticed in their other professions (modelling/tv)

Plz get a life there karan not only promoting Sid but alia and varun also why don't people linkup varun with karan I mean May be he is interested in varun for his own interest why only bash on Sid Han?

Sushant Singh Rajput. He's got the best line up too.

BTW frm above kareena,sonam,alia r the most overrated one!!!they r still in industry because of their family connections

Just answer this-did u watch jab we met just because the heroine's name ended with kapoor?or ranjhana or 2 states for that matter? your stupidity knows no bounds

i watched JWM just to support a female lead movie!!!wats so stupid about that... my opinion is different thing.. but I don't consider these things when there r some serious things involved!!! worshipping a spoil star kid is not my cup of tea... by d way I hv watched her chameli.. heroine too.. though they both sucked.. then again wat can we do.lol...

Apart from being overrated, Aishwaryia is irrelevant to Bollywood.

thnx for making her relevant even in this post!!!lots of love

bebo has won filmfare awards 4 or 5 times i think unlike ur aish who has only won 2(courtesy: Bhansali)

Mayb u dont know or forgot to add Aishwarya has received filmfare best actress even for her south films. One cant expect logic from Kareena fans, everyone knows her family brought her filmfare awards.

She has been mentioned in above article so your lame comeback is irrelevant.

This is most ridiculous thing to say... maybe Sonam because she still hasn't proved herself yet (who knows in future), but c'mon, Kareena who has given us many blockbusters and great performances is not overrated. She was underrated actually until the time JWM came. Alia still has many years to go but anyone who says she sucks as an actress, I will always disagree. After seeing Highway, she changed my mind but I've only seen two of her movies. Yes, you can say these actresses were given a lot of chance but NOT overrated. At the end of the day, the producers are investing money and surely they have trust on these actresses to bring-in the money, that is why they are there in the movies.

yea sure!!! she has given great performances the likes of khushi,MPKDH n she was just about to finish then there comes JWM(only film that is good).. lao g.. then started her 5 minute role trend.. I must say quite inspiring body of work!!!!& about alia..she may be okay.. but she will never this over hyped n free publicity from here n there!!! sonam is not even worth talking

why don't you worry about your own old trAish who doesn't have a single worth praising performance?

Aishwarya has delivered more critically acclaimed performance than over-actor Kareena.

wats with stooping so low by calling a beautiful living woman trAish!!!! god bless u

Sexist :/

& without really realising it, i think.

why r u including little kids in this!!! is there any guarantee that they all r entering Bollywood!!! wat nonsense... talk about those who r already in Bollywood

I am sure abt atleast one jhanvi kapoor.lol most of the star kids are groomed that way .they get associated vid movies in some way or the other director producer or actor . Very few specially yesteryear actors children are not actively involved in this business

If it's absolutely necessary to take a stance, then I'm 'against' star kids. The toughest thing in almost every profession is to get past all those initial interviews, get your foot in the door. Once you have that opportunity, you'll usually go all out and prove yourself. But see - if you are a star kid, you get that opportunity initially and then again and again for more than a reasonable amount of time, that's not really fair. That said, my opinion doesn't matter since there is no stopping the star kids. But I have to say somebody like a Hrithik Roshan, he'd have made star kid or no star kid ... he just has it in him.

Had it been anyone other than Abishek Bachchan, the person wouldn't have been here this long. Same is applicable to Sonam. They getting the first chance is acceptable. But people can't keep giving them chances just because they r star kids. This has to definitely change.

wat about bebola!!!

Lol. Yes she tops the list.

Nice post. We are always hypocritical when it comes to star kids. If you are talented & hard working you will stay. And if you are not, you will be vanished. Classic examples are TUSSHAR KAPOOR, ZAYED KHAN, ESHA DEOL & BigB's son ABHISHEK BACCHAN. None of them are remotely talented so they all have faded away. On the other hand Kareena, Ranbir, Sonakshi, Arjun, Varun etc are all talented & hard working actors. Getting their first film was relatively easies for them but after that it's their talent & hard work which have made them reach where they are today. Like you said, it's our preferences. If we don't like them we have an option not to watch their films. I see many morbid fans on PV hating on star kids which is absolutely wrong I feel. Stardom is always hard earned.

Why do we favor one and not the other? --- Exactly my point. These so called outsiders fans will definitely support their favs kids when they come to Bollywood just because they are the kids of their favorite stars. That's hypocrisy! We should just enjoy their movies without analyzing who is a star kid & who is not. At the end they are all entertainers & here to entertain us. We can choose not watch their films if we are not pleased with their work ( Like many people have stopped watching Tusshar Kapoor & Abhishke Bacchan films). We always have the option. It's our choice. So rather than ranting & hating on them we should try to make the right choices.

pv post this. Thanks!

how about.. hema Mali I'd daughter, anil kapoor's daughter, randhir kapoor's daughters, sidharth Roy kapoor's brother!!! salmon & then RK's GF... sounds more intersting

Superb analysis from you & the article. It's going to be an interesting debate. ^.^

"Why do we favor one and not the other? --- Exactly my point. These so called outsiders fans will definitely support their favs kids when they come to Bollywood just because they are the kids of their favorite stars. That's hypocrisy!" ---> Spot on.

Idk why peeps think B-Town should be different from the rest of the world, an ideal place where people invest money in others out of faith & the goodness of their heart. While we see the stars on screen, what about behind the scene? Writers, producers, directors, etc...?
In life very few of us all are number one in whatever position we find ourselves in. Most of us could do much more & be better than what we're. Does it mean we have to quit? In life no one makes it anywhere without someone giving him/her a chance or two. & nobody is foolish enough to say no to any given opportunity.

"We should just enjoy their movies without analyzing who is a star kid & who is not." ---> I like a few, do not care for some, I am probably mean to others & i keep it moving. I will watch the movies that appeal to me for whatever reason. I am no hypocrite, trying to act like God to decide, who is allowed the advantages the star kids have, because I think this one is talented & the other not. Chances are, others might like those I can't stand. Who am I to decide than? People need to be reasonable, but that's just me.

"I see many morbid fans on PV hating on star kids which is absolutely wrong I feel. Stardom is always hard earned."---> Again, spot on. I've found that success @ the B.O. (& in life!) rides on so many factors, talent is really the least of them. So, nothing else is left to say.

Yes, talent should speak for itself but what about those that aren't as fortunate enough to enter the industry but are probably WAY more talented than the star kids? What about the opportunities given to the star kids to work with the powerhouse directors and production houses? While it takes a newcomer 5-10 films to work their way up, a star kid is already given those opportunities on their first or second film. It's the nepotism that ruins the star kids' image. It's their arrogance and their attitude that angers Bollywood fans. Most of these star kids have developed their talent after many many films while if a newcomer wouldn't even be given that many chances. The star kids' daddies and mommies can afford the expensive PR and they can afford to be in the news to stay relevant. They can afford to pay off critics to write good reviews about them.

True.. Look at Alia bhatt as example. She has the resources to make a video on her dumbness even when she does not have a release lined up. That's the way to stay in news

If they can act and have screen presence. I don't care if you are an aspiring actor, star kid, beauty queen or model as long as you can act. The audience knows what they like. Just because your're a star kid or relative does not mean audience will accept you.#esha deol # tushar #abhishek # kumar guarav #tanisha # zayed khan #fardeen khan # zayed khan # prabitha sinha #imran khan # twinkle/rinke, raj babars kids. #vivek Oberoi. Only ones I can think of right now. I'm sure there are many more.

I am against most of them. 85% of them lack the talent, passion or drive to be in the industry. They don't have to because they are guaranteed to stick around no matter what and when this happens, quality and standards drop low-much lower than a lot of other movie industries in other countries. It is up to the audience to boycott these crap star kids completely and not go to their movies. Then after a long string of flops they will be weeded out completely.

I would much prefer a Rajkumar Rao or a Kangana over any star kid. Sure some star kids have proven themeselves. But so many other are given multiple chances despite failing everytime. I am sick of of them and more importantly i feel sad that real talented people are not given a single chance.

Well, you just cited talented peeps that obviously got a chance or 2 to prove themselves... I am sure there are more to come too...

anyone outsider or insider is extremely lucky to work in bollywood. connections matter everywhere and in a place w/ so few acting opportunities, of course those w/ connections will have a HUGE advantage. this is ok as long as the "star kid" has talent and works hard to move hindi cinema forward (ranbir, alia, kajol) but it is definitely NOT ok when the kid lacks one of the two qualities (or both) i.e. arjun kapoor, sonam kapoor, abhishek bachchan and KEEPS getting roles and decreasing the quality of the films they are in. same goes for untalented directors like sajid khan, sohail khan etc.

Honestly, I'm against them. Not because they don't have talent but because of the undeserving opportunities they get to start their career to keeping it going. It is obvious that they get their "break" because they are "star kids". Right from Ranbir Kapoor to Sonam to Alia Bhatt, they are launched over someone else who may be more deserving. Taking Alia for example, she didn't have the body as Karan Johar says and asked her to lose weight. Why was she even given this chance, when probably had several other toned wanna-be-actresses auditioning.
Not only this, non-star kids have to struggle to get a film. But star-kids either have their parents as producers or get an easy access to films. They do pretend to be grounded and "start from the bottom" as interns (Sridevi's daughter) or as ADs. But the question is, would getting to work with big directors be as easily accessible as it is for these star-kids ? I don't believe so.

If talent is what makes people stay in Bollywood, then how come 70% of the people there come from famous families? Does talent mostly lie in famous families? Does talent only lie in small amounts with common folk? There are so many talented people who never make it in Bollywood because they do not have the connections.

It is a huge problem when 80% of the people acting in Bollywood are there because of nepotism.

There are almost ZERO heroes that aren't Star Kids/producer kids/have family in the business. Just SRK and Akki that I can think of. And maybe Sid but he has a godfather in Karan.
Salman, Aamir, Hrithik, Ajay, Saif, Shahid, Ranbir, Arjun, Aditya, Varun, Ranveer (Related to Anil Kapoor family), Imran, Emraan, Abhishek, Farhan they ALL have family who worked in the industry. It's kind of sad actually that producers aren't interested in new talent . Even talent that has shown some ability-- Vidyut Jammwal is still stuck playing villains and supporting roles.

YES. Anon nails it. 95% of the industry IS made of star kids. Like any business, this has become a family one too. Unless the culture of movie making changes, that is shifting from independent financiers and producers to solely studio run filmmaking business, this trend will continue..not just with actors but also directors, producers, composers and even singers. It's the nature of the beast. And also, widespread culture of holding auditions is a must. Until then, good luck outsiders, u gonna need it.

Add John Abhraham, Sushant Singh Rajput and Ayushmann Khurana into the non-star kids list :)

There needs to be a balance. If a star kid has true talent- example hrithik, ranbir then they should be given a chance. However, it is getting boring that ever new face is a son/daughter/nephew or niece of someone from the industry. If outside talent is not looked at the next srk or madhuri may never be found.

they dont know the struggle of a outsider and their attitude as well some of them

To me this is like reservation in the education system. While I was in college I hated it that people who had lesser scores than me could get into better colleges primarily due to reservation quotas. I can imagine how actors who are not star kids feel. They have do a lot more to become successful. One thing that I am happy about is the competition. I really want to see how well are shraddha, alia doing 5 years from now. I am also happy that these days directors are more open to working with new comers. I think the playing field will slowly get leveled.

"One thing that I am happy about is the competition. I really want to see how well are Shraddha, Alia doing 5 years from now. I am also happy that these days directors are more open to working with newcomers" ---> This so much. Not only newcomers, but also not always the same ageing B.O. superstars. I do remember vividly the time, when even all the scripts would go to them & there was not much offering at all for younger actors, who were de facto perceived as the competition to stall & nip in the bud.

The most overrated and highly hyped star kid has been Alia Bhatt. She's being promoted by Karan Johar and Mahesh Bhatt as if she is the best thing to happen to Bollywood. They need to slow down before it hits some rock.

Besides Alia and Sonam , all are creating their own image. :')

Did you just lump Sonam & Alia together? Now we might argue about my dear Sonam's acting talent, OBVIOUSLY. But whatever clout she got today, she WORKED for it.

Just to give you an example:

- there was no Karanji to nurture & repeatedly guide her through the fall pits of first choices.

- No prominent mentor flying to the rescue to save her behind & to help ajust her tattered image, after she put both her feet in her mouth.

- & certainly no powerful starmaker was there to gift her on a plate the ultimate source of contention for so many, the ever so prestigious L'Oreal endorsement ...

Nice try though. Nice try.

Well there is Anil kapoor film company whose sole job is to keep Sonam's career alive.

Umm, they are a producer family first. So not surprising that he has his own company, that is run by Rhea who is the producer in the family. Anilji is also producing movies & series for himself first. Ever watched 24? Khoobsurat is only their second movie for Sonam in 4 years. Rhea's next production will star a whole cast of newcomers. So I don't see your point.

Most actors got home productions compagnies that will produce movies for them, if they want to try something different from the offers they are getting, from Shahrukh to Salman and more. If Anil really was doing or had a Karan do what Karan is doing for Alia, Sonam wouldn't go through the struggles she went through. Acting was never the career he wanted for her anyway. It was her decision & he is supporting her as good parents do; he hasn't taken over her career or gotten a family friend to take her under his wings & dedicate all his productions to her.

There is a clear loop hole in your argument. Is argument here is : Do star kids get undue advantage: Yes/No. Coming to Sonam: 1) Is she a star kid? Yes. 2) As she benefited from being a star kid? Yes. Has Sonam's family financed her movies? Yes. End of argument. Anil kapoor produces movies/soas fro himself;there next movie will star new-comers etc..these points are non-issue.

Sick of the star kids. Tired of them learning their mediocre craft on the job. My vote anyday goes to the fresh blood.

All I'm saying is that I am not against star kids who have talent, however I am against star kids that have no talent like alia bhatt yet she is taking the place of someone who clearly has more talent like parineeti chopra or shraddha kapoor and wasting our time when we watch really good movies but with an actress like alia who do not look old enough and cannot act either

They don't know the struggle of a outsider

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