Stardust Awards 2014 Nominations out!

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The award seasons is around the corner and we have with us the nominations for the coveted Stardust Awards for year 2014.

Here'a a look.

'Bang Bang', Haider, 'Happy New Year', 'Ek Villain' and Kick have been nominated for the 'Movie of the Year'.

'Star of the Year'(Male) nominations are - Shah Rukh Khan(Happy New Year), Salman Khan(Kick), Ajay Devgn(Singham Returns), Hrithik Roshan(Bang Bang), Shahid Kapoor(Haider).

Best Actor(Drama-Male) nominations are - Shahid Kapoor(Haider), Amitabh Bachchan(Bhootnath Returns), Randeep Hooda(Highway), Naseeruddin Shahd(Dedh Ishhqiya)

'Star of the Year' (Female) nominations are- Kangana Ranut(Queen), Deepika Padukone(Happy New Year & Finding Fanny), Rani Mukerji(Mardaani), Parineeti Chopra(Hasee Toh Phasee, Daawat-e-Ishq, Kill Dil), Priyanka Chopra(Mary Kom)

Best Actor(Drama-Female) nominations are- Madhuri Dixit(Dedh Ishqiya), Shraddha Kapoor(Haider), Priyanka Chopra(Mary Kom), Alia Bhatt(Highway)

Best Actor(Thriller-Action-Female) nominations are- Deepika Padukone(Happy New Year), Ranu Mukerji(Mardaani), Priyanka Chopra(Gunday), Sonakshi Sinha(Holiday), Vidya Balan(Bobby Jasoos)

Best Film nominations are- Citylights, Highway, Finding Fanny, Queen, Filmistaan

While we wait for the entire nomination list to be out, please share your views on who should win these awards!

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bloody creeps...whr is katrina??.?she was damn awesm in bangbang..bloody awards...deeps gr hny???joke f d yr.....sold awards go to hell

How cant HOLYDAY and AKSHAY even not here in action catagories!RUBBISH,MAD JURIES...

Why dont Akshay kumar nominated?

haider shahid kapoor

Katrina should be nominated forbang bang. She did a wonderful job. These people are two biased.

shahid kapoor and haider.

Salman khan kick film


shahid kapoor only.

Salman only

Salman khan is best actor in the year kick

shahid kapoor best actor for haider.

Salman khan best actor for kick.

how come Katrina Kaif not nominated ? And Deepika is nominated for action, thriller (Happy New Year?
What rubbish ?

shahid kapoor the best.

Ul dont have Haider in best film. Lolz

shahid and haider only.

Madhuri Dixit deserves the best actress award.

katrina is the best actress and beautiful also and katrina is the queen of bollywood

katrina is the best onlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I guess shahid will get at least one award for sure. I hope he gets in both category. cuz he deserves for haider.

Shahid Kapoor is the best actor and Haider is the best film of the year

shahid kapoor in everything.

Shahid Kpoor as best actor and star of the year..Kangna ranaut as best actress ..Alia Bhatt as best actress drama....Haider as Best Film..Shahid Kpoor as best actor drama... and Best actress thriller to Rani Mukherjee

Shahrukh Khan - Star of the Year - Male (Happy New Year )
Deepika Padukone - Star of the Year - Female (Happy New Year )
Deepika Padukone - Best Actor (Thriller /Action ) - Happy New Year

Bang Bang, Haider, Happy New Year, Ek Villain, Kick.

Aren't all these movies either hindi adaptations of other movies or, in case of HNY, an outright lift?

Bollywood has no original writers anymore.

Shows you the current standard of Bollywood where 4 out of 5 nominations are: 'Bang Bang', 'Happy New Year', 'Ek Villain' and 'Kick'.

Kidly hand over any awards in any category going to any of the above mentioned movies to the originals these movies were 'adapted' from. It will give these award shows SOME credibility at least.

Hahahahahahaha the things that even make me laugh more that katrina is not nominated officially in star dust awards but nominated in pv and and her crazy fans are voting like she nomated for oscar or global academy and by surprise she is the only actress have extra votes even more than pc no matter acting skills for the kat's carzy fans. Poor fans expecting more from her. Pv please post


SHAHRUKH KHAN and deepika fOr happy new year

priyanka all the way is the real winner

Really hope highway/haider/queen team get the awards

Whole Ek Vilain Team.

Ek Villan and best director is Mohit Suri.

Siddarth malhotra should get an award. Parinity is overrated.

Deepika is good but nothing infront of Rani, Vidya or Kangana. Why is she even nominated?

Deepika Padukone all the way. The lost counts how many awards she won. This time too she will surely win

Everybody in the industry knows how worthless actors & non deserving ppl barring shahid kapoor have been nominated. They attend to be in limelight & some get to perform,anchor which is a easy way of making money. Even a fool can understand what's going on

Ranks dialogue delivery was weak in madani. You could make out even in trailer. And mary kom was not good enough. Biopics should not be made. All I could see in mary kom her hardwork in training. For acting there wasn't scope nor was it good. Hence i'am omitting priyanka & rani

shahid kapoor for haider

No kat no stardust this year!

It seems like they have covered an award for everyone just like they do every year. Pathetic!

PK is not out and you guys are already putting out nominations. your award functions are like a dime a dozen. you just want to get the upper hand now so your award function matters. it is all about making money. i mean seriously bang bang and happy new year for best picture???? where is queen? who will make up categories and awards just to make everybody happen and force them to come to this function. you started off promoting new talent but now you know that nobody watches your lame show so you switched to cater to big name actors.

Filmistaan is the Film of the decade !

Sushmita in Samay was so better than Rani in Mardaani... Rani is really very over-rated...

SMH! The only way you can put 'over rated' and 'Rani' in the same sentence is if you put 'is not' in the middle!

Thats your opinion... Rani 'is' over-rated, IMO...

i dont know why but i have strong feelings Shahid Haider will win

Rani hands down

kangana deserved more than priyanka .....

Juhi should get ansupporting actress award for Gulaab gang. Madhuri is the winner for sure in drama best actress, her begum para was a killer catty one. Even 19 year old boy like mecan fall in love with her. Its sad that Aishwarya is doing The Reader, not madhuri with siddhart

Yeah, what action sonakshi did in Holiday, where Madhuris Gulaab gang is the most powerful one,

Wheres Gulqab gangs Rajjo in Best actor Action female, i think it has the best action scenes by any women, stillif Madhuri dances she'll get the award for Dedh Ishqiya, she's deserving too

Sid Sid sid sid sid sid sid sid sid sid ...only sid should get.

Ek villain should be on all category. Siddarth malhotra should be best actor. He is out standing.

Siddarth malhotra only

Queen was the only movie this year that was fresh, funny, full of good performances and something original. The rest of the movies like, kick, hny, bang bang the top box office hits, all of them were below average. Salman's Jai Ho was such a senseless movie(thank you sohail for that crap) and after watching HNY i wish i hadn't spent the money, wish it had been a flop so Farah wouldn't make any more movies. All these biggies need to learn from some of these younger actors, take a risk will you, you already have the money and the fans. Alia bhatt has better script sense.

I am happy for vidya nominated

Not a single nom for Katrina yet lol. But I say 'yet' with trepidation - maybe she might still get nominated for something but thankfully none of the top awards.

I bet she'll get nominated for Best Comedy/Romance actress. Stardust: Sabko nomination milega!

Naseeruddin shah pankaj kapur and khanna were amazing in finding fanny

ek villain best music album!

ritesh best actor negative role

siddarth malhotra should get awards this year!!

shraddha kapoor debutant singer!!

ek villain mysic

they give out awards based on money!$$ not on performance

ek villain ek villain ek villain ek villain

truly if u think about performance wise it is shahid and siddarth

Sorry only shahid deserves that. Siddharth acting was worst as usual.

Rani's body language, dialogue delivery, everything was so spot on and completely transformed her into a different character. She deserves all awards for the subtlety of her performance when so many others would have gone over the top. Unfortunately subtlety isn't rewarded in Bollywood.

The only true competitor Shahid has in these nominations is Randeep Hooda. Rest is all crap.

rani better win every award including national award. it was an important film for India.

Best actor(female) nd star of the year - Deepika Padukone

Shahid Kapoor for Best Actor this year. Every award show.

Why is Happy New Year in this?

Ek Villian,
Salman Khan,
Shahid Kapoor,
Alia Bhat,


I'am afan of priyanka, but marykom was average. Biopic sucks. In the movie priyankas hardwork can be seen but not much can be said abt acting or movie. She deserved for barfi though.

i'm so proud of the film Haider even if it didn't do well in the box office people all around the word admired Shahid performance i'm just so glad for him :)

Who said haider didnt do well?? It did better than bang bang.. they recovered their budget and gained profit and was declared HIT. Bang bang saw much drop on weekdays but managed to be HIT with much bigger collection than Haider bcuz of big budget.


Shahid Haider will win and Rani Mukerji Mardaani

LOLOL, deepika for HNY??? o godddd, i guess they have to give her a lolly pop to keep her happy like shahrukh for HNY..., babe you have no chance this year! last year there wan't priyanka their, but this year we'll know why you got all those awards last year hahahaha

LOL how can you declare nominations for this year even before it ends? The most awaited movie of the year, PK, is yet to release! these nominations are utter nonsense.

Sid will get award only when if he changes his name as Siddarth Sharukh Khan or may be son of any film director or actor.Other wise no is very unfortunate for him that is a Bollywood actor , not a Hollywood actor.So much nepotism and partiality in this award functions. Amir Khan understand it better.So Sid no matter what great your performance is you are not getting any award buddy as baecuse u are in bollywood.

Dude, what are u talking abt? Sidd was good but better in hasse toh phasse more than EV. But its no award winning performance.. its nothing on par like Shahid or rajkumar rao from Citylights. He still needs to be more flexibell in his acting. You siddharth fans are just funny n almost embarassing to take up hisname in best actor category. But yess the khans devgn n roshan is no deserving in being nominated.

Friend, if your statement is true then Prinity chopra's should not be nominated at all. She is a overrated actress. It is all in the game my friend. It never happen in US , I mean in Hollywood. It is so unfortunate.even though akshay kumar performance was better than SRK in this yr but he is no where.what kind of award fiction India arrange..succking the feet of the money donator.

After giving a breathtaking performance in ek villian,Sidharth is not nominated,shahrukh for hny is nominated just because he is a,all awards are baised.Dont know why they dont accept new talents.No one would have done it in the way Sid did it and literally highway was the best film and where is two states.,so non-sensible nominations

i cant believe this please be honest and tell me the truth that with over 200 comments, some sensible people writing the obvious good performances others their favourite, do you all really think whatever we write here would even be slightly close tot the outcome of the results?! hahhaha and that too with stardust? i'd much rather just wait and see and instead of hollywood ceremonies like oscars and stuff where they actually give credit to actors you sit before the tv cheering them on, bollywood awards is to laugh at mostly how about we just watch to have a non stop LOLLING when they are given, much more fun and no stress!

NO Arjun Kapoor? No RANVEER SINGH ??! For KillDill, GUNDAY ?? SMH
Even if Dp was good in FF, Rani deserves to win for MAARDANI, the BESTEST FILM EVER in Bollywood Cinema !

BS awards... Compare the prestige and decorum and respect at the Academy Awards, César, or BAFTA awards, which I consider as the main awards in the West. I am very happy that we celebrate commercial films at our awards, which is not as evident in the West. For me, that, and only that, is the only plus point. However, all of our awards except for National Film Awards and (MAYBE!) Filmfare are complete and utter bakwaas. First, they give extremely stupid awards like "Box Office Star" and "Face of the Year" and associated awards... Then they have to make distinctions between Critics Awards and Popular Awards etc. Like why is there a "Movie of the Year" and "Best Film" like WTF! Basically, the awards as shown on TV are a few awards plus 6-10 dance performances, of which I can only enjoy 1 or 2 (only if Madhuri or Aishwarya do them). I really wish they would show National Film Awards on TV... at LEAST on something like Doordarshan or B4U if no Zee/Star/Sony/Colors/Etc. will pick them up. I think that would be revolutionary in its small way in the way we appreciate INDIAN cinema. Yes, it would be nice to have special National Film Awards for just Hindi films, but since besides a few categories that is not currently the case, we should at least start with showing that and using THAT and Filmfare as the Gold Standard.

Rani Mukerji aal the way...

what's this?? award for each kind of movie?why not one award for a movie in generall? and what's the difference between star and best? its like award giveaway....

Please give best actor award to Mr Malhotra, his fans seem really angry, for Shahid appreciation is enough.

Yes lets give best mediocre actor award to sid just to please his fans.....have u ever wondered why u are his fan? Only bcuz of his good looks nothing else. So basically your comment is joke of all 200+ comments..

Lighten up...she/he obviously being sarcastic.

Yes it was a sarcastic remark, it was reply to one who was saying Sidharth desrves award not shahid.


shut up u all.....keep calm and wait for the main event (stardust awards 2014)

shut up u all.....keep calm and wait for the main event( stardust awards 2014 )

Sid will not get any award or reward. This is India and dirty politics.Anyway doesn't matter. May be one day he will win OSCAR.

Star of the yr male - Siddarth malhotra

In which angle Happy new yr has got nominated. and SRK as star of the yr. It should be Siddarth malhotra.

When the competition is tough,win is the most satisfying.I feel sad for Haider to be nominated along so many crap movies.

After delivering busting performance in Ek Villain..No nomination for Siddarth malhotra. Great....!!

Why SRK has nominated in star of the yr..? His performance was not at all good in HNY. How long these award people will do this practicalities...? It will finish up young generation.

Why even happy new yr got nominated. Worthless movie. It should be Ek Villain, Haider, Bang Bang, Singham return..?

Siddarth malhotra - Best actor , not Shaid Kapoor.

Wtf!haider dekhi hai tune?

It is kangna, shahid and Deepika this year.

pc - shahid - haidar > But why not nominate ? and for what dp in list

if u can nominate dp for her 1 second role in hny den why not kareena for singham returns? and hw cn u forget katrina, she was brilliant in bang bang??

that 1 second was much more impactful than kareenaz 1 sec in Singham

HaHa lol your heart burning badly your jealousy highlights. #queen deepika

deepika for hny for her 1 second role in it, shameful and hw cn u not nominate katrina?? she was awesome in it, awful nominations.

ha ha dey r so scared of katrina and kareena's popularity dat dey didn't even nominated dem,

ahahhahahaha, Popularity which can't help her at the box office. if this is popularity, I don't want 2 be popular. What a #SadEnding

katrina for bang bang deserves all awards who is not even nominated, and dats pathetic.

For information Happy New Year is a comedy and not an action-thriller film so why Deepika is nominated on this category. Stardust awards nominate only commercial. Thank God those film which are nominated are awesome. All the actors male nominated for best actor ? Only Shahid Kapoor was the best, hope he win. Because he diserve it.

Wait...what??? Ridiculous..

Irrelevant awards that pretty much love to please every single star in Bollywood,no matter how basic they are. Not that they care much about integrity but Stardust better award Kangana & Shahid the top prizes. Not here for the other 250 million categories. And how is it that this year the noms have come in so early,when the year itself isn't over?

Oh God, my bebo is not in the nominatio? what about singham

Why in the world "Holiday" movie is not nominated? Where is Akshey Kumar? He was wayy better than SRK in HNY! Biased nomination... No wonder. Aamir doesn't attend these so called award functions!!

How on earth is HNY nominated for Film of the Year, but more critically acclaimed and sensible films like Citylights or Queen not even in the running?! Needless to say that Bollywood's award shows are so rigged. I love Shahrukh but HNY paled in comparison to the some other films. He needs to go back to doing better films like My Name is Khan etc..

Tough competition for star of the year (Female). Won't lie, I think three out of the four (Rani, Priyanka and Kangana) did marvelous in those films. My pick would be for Kangana though. She played that character effortlessly and it was a very unlikely avatar to imagine her in. But it worked wonders. And Queen is one of my favourite films made in Bollywood EVER!

For those mentioning siddharth for EV is a joke or just plain blind fans. He was just fine in EK no award winning acting jeez. EV deserves music n ritesh for negative role. Then shahid could get nominated for r rajkumar last year or saif/john for race 2! Awards has become to those who are either good looking or has biggest stardom which we know SRK will get no matter what. Its an open secret know that ppl n other actors joke about on how many awards has Srk acctually gotten and how many he has bought..

Shah rukh khan and Rani mukherjee are the winner

Parinity is always overrated actress. Siddarth has no backing or pushing. So he will not get any award. Without backing and pushing u are not going to win any award.

Ek Villain should get all the prizes. This award functions are so pre determined. That is why Amir Khan don't go. All parcialites.

It doesn't matter Sid. You got the prize or not. You are a super star.

Siddarth malhotra. I know this award function will not give anything to him or ritesh. So dirty politics.

Ek Villan actor Siddarth and Ritesh should should get the nominations.

only shahid, randeep are deserved nominees....alll r just bakwas or paid...if they r gvng.nominations to srk slman hrithik fr action movies then why they didn't give nominations to Shahid for RR shahid was better thn these action heroes...
& why they r nt waiting fr PK....seriously awards shows Sucksss -_-

BRAVO to Madhuri Dixit for being nominated. All-Time QUEEN.

My choices:
Star of the Year: Shahid for Haider (What a performance!)
Achievers of the Year: Shahid for Haider (What a weird category, but OK.)
Star of the Year: Fight between Deepika and Priyanka - Priyanka more deserving as she did a great role and Gunday was commercially successful
Best actor drama: Priyanka Chopra for Mary Kom (Her whole transformation, the release of the first look everything was epic)
Best actor thriller/action female: Rani (They created this section so they could just give Rani an award)
Best film: Queen (From the ones there I enjoyed Queen the most)

They didnt create this section for Rani they had before even in 2012 Kareena won this category for Talaash..

... How on Earth can people take this so seriously when A.) 2014 isn't even over yet... so there are still films (Esp. P.K.) which will probably be deserving of awards. B.) When Happy New Year is nominated for Movie of the Year. That's it... only Filmfare I can tolerate from now on... and that even takes something

I love Deepika a lot and am a fan, but being nominated for best actor for Happy New Year? That next to Mary Kom, Queen and Mardaani? That's not fair. It's going to be very difficult. Mary Kom and Queen did great considering the directors were completely new. Mary Kom and Mardaani were physically more challenging roles than Queen, which relied more on amazing nuanced direction. If Priyanka hadn't transformed her body, Mary Kom would be impossible. I really hope it will be Kangana or Priyanka for this one.

Best actress should be awarded for the performance, not for working hard or dedication to craft... If that is the case, even Katrina is said to be very hardworking, so does she deserve the award, hell NO... Priyanka worked hard, but her performance was flawed, her accent was cringeworthy, still she acted good in some parts... Kangana's character in Queen was not physically challenging, but she got into the skin of the character effortlessly, with perfect body language and expressions, hitting every correct note in every scene and for that, she deserves the award more than PC...

Then why were all those awards given to Farhan Akhtar for BMB last year? Sorry but that was just ridiculous, all he did was lose some weight, work out, give a few overacted scenes (especially the last one in the village in Pakistan - I had to look away at that tone, it was so badly performed) and he gets all the awards? I am not saying PC deserves it more than Kangana but even Tabu deserves it first before anyone else. This is from a huge Kangana fan (have been since Gangster).

Film of the year? Where is Hasee Toh Phasee?

I think Shahid deserves some awards for Haider. He was just amazing and perfect. I believe he has never won a best actor award in his whole career. When it comes to the girls, Priyanka and Kangana have to fight it out. My vote goes to Priyanka as she really transformed herself for Mary Kom, showed amazing dedication towards her craft and has made 100cr, even if it's worldwide, like The dirty picture and other movies had done. It's great to see female oriented movies get appreciated and get box office results. For this Priyanka deserves to be praised and awarded.

Best actress should be awarded for the performance, not for working hard or dedication to craft... If that is the case, even Katrina is said to be very hardworking, so does she deserve the award, hell NO... Priyanka worked hard, but her performance was flawed, her accent was cringeworthy, still she acted good in some parts... Kangana's character in Queen was not physically challenging, but she got into the skin of the character effortlessly, with perfect body language and expressions, hitting every correct note in every scene and for that, she deserves the award more than PC...

bang bang , hrithik deepika

What deepika???? I cna understand Fanny F. but not HNY. Damn

Is this a joke...they made a category for every film made in 2014...Class was never stardust forte

India is disgracing their own PHENOMENAL FILM which is Haider. They didnt nominate Haider in best film hence it won people choice award in Rome film festival! Among of other foreign 7 films the italians voted Haider as best film! Europeans n hollywood filmaker liked Haider more than what indian audiences did or shall I say.. award nominators... nonsense ki night song from HNY should be played during this stardust award evening. They nominate Shradda for Haider instead of Tabu ROFL. stasr of the year will go to SRK as they need the awards to look good like Srk said himself. Im surprised Ranbir is not nominated in drama best actor in "drama king of my own reality life"

Deepika's nominated for HNY, but not Finding Fanny, a movie for which every single critics gave her rave reviews?? SMH

Who takes this thing seriously?? The categories, nominees, everything is laugh inducing Shiit!!!

I love SRK but this year best actor should definately be Shahid

Hahahhahahaahahahahahahahaaa A very good laugh! Film of the year n the nominatiins are the worst films of the year except haider. Kick n HNY is only nominated bcuz the khans in it. Deepika n sonakshi being even nominated for HNY n Holiday is a joke. This award is more like for those filns tht did well in BO n the non actors big names. I saw bang bang first as film of the year n it had me in splits! N how come haider is not in best film nomination??? But Finding fanny is?? This is too much of Bulls***

WHAT?? nO nomiation for sidharth malhotra after even sheddig his lover boy image to an aggresive and angry man in movie ek was his best performance till come not even a nomination in the drama category??

Shahid Kapoor should surely get the star of the year (male) and best actor drama and Haider should get Film of the year!!
They deserve it more than others

WTF??Bang bang has been part of the film of the year!! a flop movie would have suited this part instead of this movie!!

For me Top movie of the year : Hasee Toh Phasee, Queen, Mardani n Haidar (as far release date). Only Shahid, Hooda nomination good, other just Bakwas. Citylight actor, Ritesh n Sidharth deserve nomination. What is Srk, Salman, Aj, Sona doing here and Pari nominated for all her movies (Pure Joke) . Awards r really pissed off.

OMG! I hated Hasee Toh Phasee! I work in psychiatry and that was the most ludicrous piece of **** that I have ever seen. There is a reason why Indian people think mental illness is a taboo and these kinds of movies promote that type of thought. If you want to watch something that will explain the reality of mental illness watch Karthik Calling Karthik or Woh Lamhe, if you want to see a decent portrayal of autism then watch PC's performance in Barfi! These are the movies that make me smile even when they are based on something that I am passionate about.

Priyanka, Kangana, Shahid, Rani deserves to win. Vidya is a good actress but unfortunately her acting was pulled down due to the crap movies she did recently. And Deepika, really? For doing an "item song" in HNY?

Sidharth Malhotra deserves a nomination in Best actr male category coz he did tremendous job as an aggressive hero...
No nomination 4 him DISAPPOINTED

Yea.. He deserves nomination for Hassee To Phasee.

I dnt know u r pulling leg or not but I really like the way Sid portrayed the Nikhil character and made it real. I know everyone went gaga over Pari's character but playing simple n layer free character like Nikhil but still making an impact on an audience is not simple. Sid was 100% successful in this case. But as it is not loud n aggressive character he was not nominated. In Ek villain his character was half baked, more depth was needed. Shahid is perfect in his role in Haider. He should win n Sid should get at least one nomination.

Wasn't pulling leg. Became his fan after Hasee to Phasee. Loved his role.
Definitely one of the best act of the year. May be second best after Shahid's.

Film of the year - Haider
Male Star of the Year - Shahid Kapoor
Male Best actor - Shahid or Randeep
Female Star of the Year - Kangana
Female Best actor thriller/action - Deepika

Kangna hands down. Thriller has to Be Vidya. Drama PC

srk for hny??????????????ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

hrithik and deepika

What did Sonakshi do in Holiday to deserve a nomination in best actor / thriller category ?

So no female centric films got "Movie of The Year" nomination? Interesting!

singer shraddha kapoor deserves an award

this years awards will all be planed! shahid and priyanka

shahid in haider best actor

debutant singer: shraddha kapoor

music: ek villain

haider haider haider ek villain ek villain ek villain deserves the awards and mary com mary com mary com

ek villain

why is kick, hny, bangbang here? theydont deserve anything!!

best music ek villain

ek villain haider and mary kom were films worth watching

Except for highly deserving shahid kapoor the rest are crap & nonsense.

This particular award show loves to please everyone hence the ten million categories for practically the same award. Only Kangana, Alia, Priyanka, Rani, Madhuri, Kalki, Soha, Shraddha, Shahid, Randeep, Siddharth, Riteish & Naseerudin saab should be nominated for doing any acting this year. Sorry but Khans, Hrithik, Ajay, Deepika, Sonakshi and the rest of the masala brigade shouldn't be there. No H8, no shade, just the honest truth.

Deepika should be there actually. You're forgetting that she gave a critically acclaimed performance in Finding Fanny! She was good in HNY too, but yeah..definitely not award-worthy for HNY

Best actor :shahid
Best actor : Rani for Mardaan. She was perfect as a cop and did justice to her role.

Most of the male nominations are joke!!!! nomination to Parineeti, Sonakshi for Holiday, DP for HNY is also big's like if you are successful or a big star then u will get nomination....then why didn't u nominated Shahid K for R...Rajkumar last year??

Deepika doesn't deserve a nomination for HNY, neither does Sonakshi for Holiday or Priyanka for Gunday!

I must say it's very nice to see Rani Mukerji nominated as the 'star of the year', especially since she is past her prime.

The best film nominations are a joke! IMO they should be: Haider, Queen, Mardaani, Highway, Ek Villian and HTP

Why are there so many different nominations for actresses, but not for actors? Anyways, star of the year = Kangana, BA drama = PC, BA thriller/action = Rani.

For a change , this year , there are lovely performances from the ladies ...and it's really hard to do justice to all of them . The actors had decorative roles ...excluding Shahid & Rajkumar Rao.

You can't take seriously the award when a movie like Haider is nominated for the 'Movie of the Year' with craps like HNY, Bang Bang and Kick, you can't take it seriously when Parineeti Chopra is nominated for all the movies she did that year, you can't take it seriously when Deepika is nominated for HNY and Priyanka for Gunday, you can't take it seriously when 'Star of the Year' nominations has Shahid Kapoor along with Shah Rukh, Salman, Ajay and Hrithik for their horrible acting in their Ijustmakemoney kind of movies...YOU JUST CAN NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.

shahid , haider , kangana

Honestly Haider and Ek Villian is the best films of the year and Best heroine goes to Shraddha kapoor bcoz of her performence in films and For best actor Shahid Kapoor is best in this year

Deepika , SRK and Salman shouldn't be there.

RANI murkerji should win for action thriller female, pc or Kangana star of the year female and best female drama Priyanka .

Deepika shouldn't be nominated it should be Vidya instead, is it becos HNY became a hit and bobby masses didn't .


So many categories, seems like stardust wants to keep every1 Happy.

shahid kangana rani in their respective one else deserves all overhyped....

Honestly, what acting did Salman, SRK, Hritikh and Ajay do??? They are NOTHING compared to what Shahid did in Haider. And Deepika was busy flaunting her body with dance moves in HNY - why give it to her? Awards and their nonsense nominations, I tell you.

what acting did SRK & Ranveer do?

Exactly! SRK didnt do much in HNY, Ranveer didn't do much in Gunday and Kill Dill - that's why he isnt nominated for best actor. This award nominations are a joke

y not nominations for best actor male- action thriller as there is for female... Surely hrithik is most deserving that award, and y kat not nominated in same catagory for female she deserves it as she did many action scene by self, best popular actor is definately hrithik for bang bang, best actor- actress= shahid, nasiruddin, pc- kangana, best movie... Hawa hawaai shud nominate for dis catagory n fugly also.... Well that 1 is deserving more than haidar.. May b citylights also... Kick n hny totally worse nominated movies, y u didnt nominated akshay's holiday...?? Its lot better than hny, kick...

sab ka baap hai #Hrithik sir..
award toh #Hrithik_Sir ko hi milna chahiye

Stardust's tagline should be seriously be: Sabko Nomination Milegi. This isn't the full list, guys!

People who are complaining that Kangana isn't nominated for Best Drama Actor, CALM DOWN! This isn't the full list. She'll get nominated in the Comedy/Romance category. If she isn't nominated for that, then we RIOT!!

OMG this is a joke is´nt it? BangBang, HNY and Kick? Its embarassing to call it movies but to give an award for it shows the deepestv level of the movie industry.

Star of the year Male- Hrithik roshan, Film of the year- Bang Bang ,

Stardust and katrina dont get along as they were the ones who had posted Ranbir and Katrina's pics.

I bet these will be the winners:

Best Film: Kick

Star of the Year Male: Salman- Kick

Star of the Year Female: Deepika- HNY+Finding Fanny OR Kangana (Queen). It should be Deepika actually. She had one super hit, another critics' darling, was praised for both, and she missed out on getting it last year for her 4 hits cos they didn't have Stardust Awards in 2013. Kangana was in one hit, which was also critically successful. But her other 2 films bombed (Ungli and Revolver Rani). Kangana should win Best Actress (comedy)

Best Drama Actor: Shahid- Haider, HANDS DOWN!!

Best Drama Actress: Priyanka- Mary Kom, another easy win

Best Action Actress: Rani- Maradaani

Best Film: Queen

no reason ek villain should be winning any awards apart from music and somebody give ritesh deshmukh an award

once again kat didnt get nominated lol n then all say she is no 1
by the way its bad as she worked hard in bb no matter whatever n how long her role is

star of the year - Kangana
Best Actor - PC
Thriller - Rani..
I bet this is how its gonna be

Haider, Mary Kom, Queen, and some other really meaningful/inspiring movies should be nominated

stardust is a JOKE. the only thing that makes sense is seeing shahid and Haider. Why is kick here??? I'm rooting for shahid+ Haider and Hritick + Bang Bang! guys go see bang bang its honestly amazing, coming from a girl who does not like action romance this was the sweetest movie!! :D

Star of the Year (Male) - Srk or Salman , because of their ultimate star power.
Best Actor (Drama) - Shahid Kapoor - Haider. He totally deserves it.
Star of the Year (Female) - Deepika Padukone. Because of her popularity and hny being the highest grosser of this year contributes alot.
Best Actress (Drama) - Definitely Pc for Mary Kom. She might also win Best Actor Action/Thriller.

Where is tuba....

tuba??? u made my day!!!...u mean tabu I guesss!!

really?stardust didn't nominate Kangna for the drama part,its childish and insensitive to take her badmouthing of award ceremonies in India into account,anyway rooting for ma gal PC!

Where's katrina kaif?

It's great to see that everyone agrees that Shahid should win the awards this year...there is not a single person who is opposing it.

Why Haider is not nominated under best's an insult to the film like Haider seriously I mean isn't it one of the best movies this year....I can't even stand that Haider is listed with BB, HNY, Kick and EV..there is no comparison...why Queen is not in that category???

PC for MaryKom or Deepika for Finding Fanny.

Seriously? They literally nominated everyone! 3 categories for Best Actress? and 2 categories for Best Actor and Best Movie. StarDUST is the stupidist award of them all.

Rani and her brilliant performance in mardaani deserve an award

Only Haider deserves awards, nothing else.

Haider and shahid only..all the way..

Haider haider haider....shahid shahid shahid only

shahid and pc

my votes will go to priyanka n shahid obviously as they were brilliant in their roles

Priyanka has got 3 nominations for best actress drama n best actress thriller/acton n star of the year female which she will win 2 awards or all 3 of them

Shahid, he was phenomenon in Haider he was brilliant in every scene of Haider.He is the most deserving contender. Have not seen Marykom but still want Priyanka to win best actress award, love only these two in bollywood don't care about other,s existence.

Film of the year should be haider.

an award for everyone to make all kids in nursery!

Shahid for haider hands down :-) he deserves.. N pc or kangana for best actres.

Film of the year Mary kom for sure n Best Actress n Actor will be PRIYANKA CHOPRA N SHAHID KAPOOR

Best Film -Mary Kom n Best actress -Priyanka chopra n Best actor- Shahid kapoor

Waiting for the award show eagerly n im sure Priyanka will win many awards for MARY KOM n Gunday as well as shahid tabu in haider n the movie Mary kom n qween amongst others

If its not haider then my thought will be assured that all these awards are sold to ppl who dnt deserve it

only priyanka n shahid must win the best honours

Ok got it STAR of the year ..then the nomination looks fine .

Priyanka n shahid will win so many awards

Best actor shahid kapoor n Best actress priyanka chopra

Priyanka n shahid will win the top honours

priyanka all the way for Mary kom

shahid shahid only shahid

only shahid

shahid and haider

no doubt, Shahid gonna clean sweep. Til nw I see ths word in nly cricket. Bt in awards Shahid vl do this.

shahid and haider

shahid and haider

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