Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia's love affair: All you need to know about the couple

Here's a detailed look at Sunny Deol's affair with Dimple Kapadia over the years
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The rumoured relationship of Bollywood actors Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia goes way back to the 1980s, after the actor broke up with his Betaab co-star Amrita Singh. Sunny Deol is married to his wife Pooja Deol and Dimple Kapadia had separated from her superstar husband Rajesh Khanna but was never divorced. Both Sunny and Dimple have children from their respective spouses. 

In the past, there have been reports that Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia had eloped and got married, but no truth came out of it. It was also said that Sunny gave the status of wife to Dimple and Pooja threatened to leave him if he does not end his relationship with her. Rumours have it that their relationship lasted for about 11 years. The Sunny-Dimple love affair continued discreetly initially but eventually became an open secret.

Even now, the two are in touch and were recently spotted holidaying together in London. A video of the two sitting together holding hands has gone viral. 

As per reports, while these two were dating, Dimple’s daughters Twinkle and Rinke started calling Sunny ‘Chhote Papa’. Moreover, in the year 2009, when Dimple's sister Simple Kapadia passed away, Sunny was by Dimple's side on the flight consoling her.

Despite his colourful love life, Sunny has been living happily with his wife Pooja. In the last decade or so, there have been barely any rumours about the actor and Dimple.

Sunny and Dimple's chemistry was appreciated on screen, and they have given us films like Manzil Manzil, Gunaah, Aag Ka Gola, Arjun and Narasimha. But more than their movies, they made headlines for their rumoured relationship. It's after ages that the two were spotted at the same place and that too, vacationing.

There was a time when these two talented actors were on the verge of getting married or according to a few reports they were already married. Some reports even went on to claim that Sunny was the reason for Dimple's separation with late actor Rajesh Khanna.

Who knows the truth? But this viral video and the pictures speak louder than words, don't you think so?

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Wasn't Raveena having an affair with Sunny while Aisha's was cheating on her?? Isn't that how Twinkle and Akshay got close ? And now Dimple is Askhays mom in law

That black vest! Oh dear :-/

Their life their rules

Hope this shuts up twinkle smarty pants! Star wives and kids turn a blind eye! Nepotism thrives for this 1 reason!

Their affair lasted for 30 years ,more than any Bollywood marriage. Just one problem sunny is married.

Not for long, divorce is the only option now.

Both looked so happy then. Why didn't they marry?

Never really understood Rajesh and Twinkles marriage...

why is akshay not making an affair I think he is suppressing it

Dimple was quite possessive over him back then as wel. The way she's holding his arm and now in the video clutching his hand. He looks really coy.

Just wish Dimple gave same freedom to Rajesh Khanna and Tina Munim.

now the only thing which could surpass this would be pics of rekha&ab together as a couple.

lmfao..that would really break the internet for real!

She openly sports the sindoor it would'nt be a surprise to anyone, but I agree it will break the internet

This isn't anything new. They were together for a long time. He always seemed a very private person and probably isn't with his wife so you can't call this cheating. I never liked him, but much respect to him for being with someone closer in age. The compatibility is much higher when you are with someone around your own age.

In Bollywood everyone is doing everyone. No one is as much of a saint as they portray to be. Time for mango people to wake up and smell the coffee.

Where's twinkle and her big mouth now

So Twinkle should do a tweet on this. She taunts one each n everyone in the world.... why not her own mother and her lover ......!!!

Only person I feel bad about is late Rajesh Khanna, he was a super star, he could have got any girl to get married, he deserved much better life partner, a wife who could really make a "better" half for him. He married a wrong person and remained lonely for rets of his life.

That last person I feel bad for is Rajesh Khanna. He was a pedophile who married a teenager. He should've been thrown in jail!

Khanna was only 14 years older than her, what would you call todays's heroes who work with heroines 22-25 years younger than them. Like Sunny Deol with Urvashi Ratuela and SRK, Salman etc.

Really? That guy married a child!

She is smoking and he is not!!

So what?

She looks so chic! They both look amazing for their age. Dimple was always a progressive, brave woman. I can't say what arrangement Sunny has with his wife but they could not have lasted, had all the parties involved did not reach an understanding 30 years ago!

You call it progressive I call it modern day doormat.

Dimple started dating Sunny after she separated from Rajesh and during the making of Manzil Manzil in 1984-85. Interesting to find out they may still be seeing each other after 30 years. On another note that makes the 60 year old Sunny a father in law figure to the 50 year old Akshay Kumar!

And a 60 year old Dimple is a REAL mother-in-law to a 50 year old Akshay Kumar. Sadly that is what happens when you are married at 15 and a mother at 16 years old. But Dimple is not to be blamed for that. She was a CHILD. Rajesh Khanna and the other adults in her life should have known better. I don't know what the laws are in India, but in the US this is statutory rape.

Next is going to be Amitabh Rekha, Ranjeet Babita, SRK PC, Shatrugan Reena, Govinda Rani Mukerjee, Karisma Kapoor Ajay Devgan and the list is endless in bollywood

Yeah, as if we didn't know any of these happened. It'll only blow up the Internet if it's new stuff, like we saw with Ranbir-Mahira.

This video looks old. Sure this is recent?

this was leaked on purpose. but if they had a relatonship for 30 yrs, may be they wanted some due for it. deol family is wierd - why marry one person an love someone else????

I want Rekha and AB pics out

They are together for 30 years , if he had guts he would divorce his wife and married Dimple or atleast converted to another religion and have 2 wives like his daddy dearest , lol

Rumors have it that Bollywood is one big gangbang!

Like father like son why marry when your not gonna be faithful to that person

So they both dated and Dimple's daughter Tina debuted with Sunny's brother Bobby? Game of Thrones suddenly doesn't seem incestuous in comparison to Bollywood.

i don't think you know what incestuous means. In GOT those two are brother and sister, these two people you mention are not related by blood in any manner, not even distant relatives.

I don't think you have a sense of humor.

How the heck is this incestuous? They are not related biologically or legally. Moreover, Tina "acted" opposite Bobby. She didn't have any romantic relationship with him.

Wow! So romancing your mom's boy friend's brother is okay? Isn't he like her step uncle? Its okay just because Sunny and Dimple aren't married but wouldn't be okay if they were married?

In sone cultures, it ia okay to marry your mom' brother..

Correct, we didn't see Karisma Kapoor romancing Rishi Kapoor or Kareena romancing Ranbir onscreen.

lol leaked on purpose...copied from ranbir. apparently this is the new way of coming out inthe public with your relationships...pathetic bwood. how sad are these people?!

M SHOCKED!!!! These people are so not trust worthy

Even dimple and sunny also got filmed but where is ms.Runout and Hrithik's single pic of their affair. Had 4 yrs affair and no single proof......Had engagement but no single pi......only the one sided mails that's also written by her. I mean really!!!

fans of Hrithik every time prove that they take an example from their obsessed idol)))

I came here to see this comment - obsessed with Kangana

Wow I didn't know the chhote papa part. Nothing is normal in bwood. Everyone dates everyone

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