Sushant Singh’s M S Dhoni clocks 3 years: Check out interesting facts about cricketer revealed in the film

Today, Sushant Singh Rajput’s M S Dhoni clocks three years, we rounded up 5 unknown facts about the cricketer that were revealed in the film. Read on!
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M S Dhoni is a cricket legend and there’d be hardly anyone- cricket lover or no cricket fan, who’d be not fond of this cricketer. When it was announced that Neeraj Panday is making a biopic on the life of Dhoni, every Indian was excited beyond imagination because getting to know his life in detail is something that nobody would want to miss out on. That said, back in 2016, MS Dhoni: The Untold Story hit the screens on September 30, and today, as the film clocks three years, we bring you few interesting facts about Dhoni that Neeraj Pandey revealed in his biopic.

Today, Sushant Singh Rajput, who essayed the role of Dhoni in the film, took to social media to post a video from the film and thanked his fans for all the love. Alongside the video, Sushant wrote, “3 years of #msdhonitheuntoldstory I got up this morning and looked at myself through your eyes, and then looked back at you, with everything I understood I was. #selfmusing.” Take a look and find out few interesting facts about Dhoni that we learnt from the movie.  Such was Sushant's amazing portrayl of Dhoni that post the film, people used to mistake him for Dhoni.  

What? Dhoni was never a fan of cricket

For all those who have watched the film would know that Dhoni never loved cricket! That’s right! In his younger days, Mahi, as he is fondly called, was more interested in football. In the film, we are shown that Mahi had once told his school sports coach, 'Chhote ball se kaun khelega'. But as luck had it, Dhoni played for his school cricket team and went on to become one of the greatest cricketer of all times.

Helicopter shot

We all know that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is synonymous to the Helicopter shot but interestingly; this shot wasn't Dhoni's technique at all. Thanks to the film, we all learnt that his gully friend, who goes by the name of Santosh, was the one to teach him how to hit the helicopter shot.

Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh knew each other before playing for the team

As shown in the film, Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni knew each other even before they were playing together for the Indian cricket team. During the Indian team selection process when Dhoni's team played against Yuvi's, they both had a brief encounter. As a matter of fact, Yuvraj beat Dhoni to become the player who gets selected in the national team and while they both started on a bitter note but went onto become great friends.

Dhoni likes women who don't recognise him

In the film, we were told that both the girls in Dhoni’s life- ex-girlfriend Priyanka Jha and wife Sakshi Dhoni didn’t sort of know that he is a cricketer when they first met. In the film, we are shown that Priyanka and Dhoni met on a flight where Priyanka failed to recognize Dhoni, Sakshi met him years later at a hotel in Kolkata where Sakshi also failed to recognize him. But looks like, Dhoni was left awestruck by these qualities and that is what made him fall for these girls.



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