Twitter war : Bipasha Basu v/s Amisha Patel

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Bipasha Basu and Amisha Patel have a history. They have exchanged war of words in the past. This time it is on twitter over their infamous dress incident on the IIFA green carpet. Co-incidentally Amisha and Bipasha walked the IIFA green carpet 2011 wearing the same Ramona Narang dress. How embarassing is that?

Here is their twitter war. Please share your thoughts?

Bipasha tweeted "IIFA night was great!Thank you Toronto:)Do not feel like leaving but sadly have to leave!Had the best time ever!Also last night a fellow actress landed up wearing the same dress in a diff color as me on d green carpet!It ws quite amusing even for me:) So next time I'll plan my green carpet outfit in advance n nt pull out things frm my cupboard last min!:) Anyways u can't stop the world frm buying d same things n keep a tab on all!"

Amisha Patel retorted : "Thank u sweethearts for loving myy iifa dresses. Ramona narang the designer made them 2 months in advance of the event.Fortunately I don't need to copy anyone.even my red launch party dress was ramonas creation as she knows me n my style since we were kids.I know u all r upset at some nasty n unrequired comments made by another actor. But don't b upset. I'm really unaffected.I don't care if ten people wear same outfit bkos clothes don't make a person.its ur own charm n how u carry it. So I'm chilled.we all have r distinct style. N that is natural to us n not by the clothes we wear.n yes designr ramona narang is a family friend since I was a kid.she knows me v well. As for copying. Y wud I??? How silly!"

Someone replied Amisha's tweets saying : "i think Bipasha never said anything about you..she infact found the co-incidence amusing..why r u going crazy about nothing??"

To which Amisha replied "darling I also nevr mentioned bipashas name. I think she looked wow.just answring my fans.u have a problem with that sweety?"

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why was amisha even invited , her career is long gone

ameesha is un comparabble sexy bomb shell.kaho na pyar hai was my 1st move that i wached in theatre when i was 6 yr old.she was my 1st crush ,day by day she is oozing sexuality with growing age.generally indian women gets aunty looks when she reaches 25.but ameesha at 38 age still looks girlish

Bipasha did have a problem with the dress incident because she says 'next time I won't pull something out of the cupboard at the last minute'. Indicating its something she had a about the house and like it came naturally to her as if she's some hot shot fashionista. So she took a clever and sly dig at Amisha. Wake up people. Learn how to read between the lines.

ameesha was sensible.. bips.. like an aunty...
Ameesha y r u so much cuteeeee
You r still my first luv from Kaho na Pyar hai
U r still too much preety nd cute



I have no clue why Amisha Patel got upset. It seemed as though Bipasha Basu was just pointing out the coincidence, and her use of " :) " indicated her amusement regarding the whole affair.

Still though, the dress is so lame that both of them should be embarrassed to have worn it.

I thing both are cooooooooool but amisha has beautiful face ....

both look horrible

Bipasha looks like a wrestler o_O

Both>> look YUCK


Amisha looks like a clown, a drag queen! HATE her hair style!

Bipasha looked better!

Both ladies look bad for me....but at least Bipasha has fit legs.....Amish instead has fatty legs and she shouldn't have worn short dress.

Bipasha just can't stand it that people might look at someone ELSE and not HER - absolutely cannot STAND it!!! And her "I'm so fabulous, everyone wants to be ME" attitude at recent press conferences has been REALLY awful.
For what it's worth, I don't think it's a very nice dress (in either colour!) but at least Ameesha looked like a GIRL in it - LOL!

Let me tell u that Bips found the incident amusing. please notice that she has used ":)" in her tweets!

ameesha is so curvy and hot in this dress compared to bips.Love it

Amisha's yellow dress is nice but she isn't looking that good either.
Bipasha should stop working out....coz dresses don't look nice on her...her body is like a man!

ameesha was a good actress... she looked good...had brain as well... delivered 3 back to back hits at start... but never made it big in bollywood............just becoz of her suc***g attitude..... she talks garbage

hahahhah...why big fuss??? nasty creased up dress look bad on both of them!!!! hahahahhaha

Bips tweet was totally innofensive! What if she wanted to bring out the sub? It's not necessary for U people but for HER who went throught this situation it was relevant to point out n talk how she felt abt it, she never meant to ofend Amisha!

Amisha lost the control of her position n dignity! I am hoping so much to see Bip's tweet back, she will shut Amisha's big nasty mounth! :D

For God sake, u Indians has a serious problem! Bipasha didn't say anything offensive! Amisha in the other hand even said many things UNRIQUIRED!

"So next time I'll plan my green carpet outfit in advance n nt pull out things frm my cupboard last min!:)"

SO WHAT? What if this was the true n she picked that dress in last min??? Bips looked so much better, blind jealousy people!!

Look how toned up n TALL Bips is n look how short n chubby Amisha is!!!Amisha looks odd, observe her celulitis on her leg in the up part (yuck!) besides Amisha is too OLD FOR THESE TYPE OF SHORT DRESSES she always looks so tacky n odd wearing them unlike Bips who still young n pull off this look very well!!

Look how toned up n TALL Bips is n look how short n chubby Amisha is!!!Amisha looks odd, observe her celulitis on her leg in the up part (yuck!) besides Amisha is too OLD FOR THESE TYPE OF SHORT DRESSES she always looks so tacky n odd wearing them unlike Bips who still young n pull off this look very well!!

watch out ! Amisha look at Bipasha's body. plz Bipasha stop being in gym all the time. she has a wrestler body then a actress =(

Bipasha definitely started the war. I don't care who looked good but it is so childish to take these things to Twitter. Silly people...when will they ever grow up

looks like in the next movie bipasha will take off her top to show her six pacs!!

surely ameesha got lot more men weak in their knees at the green carpet than bips.If women workout excessively,the muscular look makes them look like female bodybuilder.Bips must just hit gym for staying in shape.Please dont build anymore muscles

BPASHA is very mean....first she started kofee with karan show back in 2009 she said bad abt ameesha must say bipasha is very jealous of actress frst ameesha,in race she even fought with katrina and in dmd deepika...and again ameesha...bipasha u look weird in this pic....ameesha looks much hotter....

the dress is looking funny on Ameeshas rotund figure Bipasha is tall and toned and can carry it off

Bipasha looks better in it. Case closed!

I agree with previous comment...they are both too old for this dress!!!!

Bipasha is looking like a BHOOTNI................WHAT HAPPEND TO HER ??????????????/

i was a huge fan of bipasha and neutral on amisha. but nw i just hate bipasha,not because of this incident, but couple of incidents made me to dislike her. as for this one, she started the twitter war! she was the one who got soo offended that amisha was wearing the same dress!

Hmm I think if Bipasha didn't have an issue with the incident, there was no need to bring it up in the first place.

Bipasha looks like Beyonce, super sexy. Amisha on the other hand looks like a rainbow with a 90s ponytail.

Well first of all, this is not the APPROPIATE dress to go to a big GLAM awards function like IIFA, come on it's too chort n simple, this dress might be great for a night club, to a party with friends a night but NEVER to an award function! It's TOO SHORT anyways man! But Bipasha definitely looked better n Amisha is just too fat n looks cheap (like always she does in short-revealing dresses) Amisha is totally overreacting!!

it did look better on Amisha oh and Bipasha also wore another dress which was similar to Diya Mirzas dress.

Amisha is a such looser! As no one offer her a role in a movie her response is based on her despair in seeking attention n SILLY cat fights, plz grow up!

LoL....what do you mean? since then a women over 30 can't wear short dress?? J Lo is 40 and she's wearing all the time short dresses...and they look good on her.If a women is fatless when she can wear whatever she likes.Why are you so puritans in India?

"So next time I'll plan my green carpet outfit in advance n nt pull out things frm my cupboard last min!:) "
what an arrogant arse she is! Ameesha still looked better!

Bipasha didn't say anything nasty about Amisha.. :\ Wonder where she got that idea from.

Saying that, the dress clearly looks better on Amisha. Bipasha looks like a bodybuilder now. Not even a short tight number is gonna make her look feminine.

I like this dress on neither one of them. They need to dress their age(s) they're both over 30 and should not be dressed like this at all. Even Katrina Kaif who is much younger than them shouldn't be caught wearing it.

So next time I'll plan my green carpet outfit in advance n nt pull out things frm my cupboard last min!:)

bipasha meant with this that amisha just took her dress out the last minute loll!!!!! she really meant that the dress was just ordinary n that she didnt hav time n took her dress out the last minute lol

OMG is Amisha totally insane, or just seeking attention? Poor thing, but at least she still gets invited to these events despite her lack of career!

what's up with all sweety and sweethearts. lol.

so what if they wear on the same dress... no big deal.... amisha look beautiful there :)

Not a big fan of either of them. But honestly? Amisha rocked the dress in yellow. And if there was ever a physical fight between them Bipasha would win! Lol.

like Amisha said, she is just answering her fans. It wouldn't be polite if she ignored what they were saying. and frankly speaking Bipasha was seriously being mean. if she weren't being mean, why would she bring up the subject anyway? How lame is this! Come on grow up woman, thousands of people wear the same clothes in the world and no one bothers to mention such things; things which are not even worth mentioning. use your twitter account for more worthwhile things. I understand it's a personal account but there is no need to attack others. No one really gives a damn if 2 actresses wear the same dress. Like Amisha said, it's about how well you carry off that dress and even a 5yr old kid would be able to see that she totally nailed it here. What happened to you Bipasha? Jealous much? green with envy that no one paid attention to you and Amisha looked way hotter?? I can't believe I used to like you. First the child labour pic and now this! Grow up.

I never ever Imagine Bipasha looks like that. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase Bip, stop the exercise. I dont blame John now. Look at Amisha's body, fresh and radiantly beautiful.

May be, this is not the only place she complained of them wearing the same dress, that's why Amisha took advantage and retaliate, common Amisha I love u for answering her.

Bipasha should retire now. Ameesha is cute.

Bipasha is just plain Jealous I guess.


nt sure if ameesha had to give such a big clarification or wtsoever but bipasha sure looks insesible.. if she would be sportive she wdnt go on saying how she puled the dress last min and all, it sure wil hurt the person wearng te same outfit.. is bipasha trying to say i wore the dress cos i ws in a hury or else would have got smthng beter and difrent.. isnt it rude.. she shd hv said it in a beter way.. nwy amisha sure cnt be quit aftr bipashas tweet... am nt a fan of eithr of thm bt bipasha shdnt hv strted this.. comon chil its jst an event nt ur weding or once in a lifetime chance to dress ... bips is so sily , aftr the child labor prblm she got in to by her tweet, i thot she would grow up... lol.. bt thr she goes again...

its Amisha who started the amisha look better in ths dress

Amisha looks much better and hotter than Bips ... and ofcourse .. the tweet came first from bips ... so y blame amisha ...she was not at all discussing the matter before Bipasha tweet.So, people must understand who is doing these kind of things to be in news

I think both of them planned this together for publicty.Not much demand for either of them these days.

There is no war. Bipasha didn't say anything controversial. Amisha's being defensive about nothing.
Still it's pretty hilarious that they both ended up in the same outfit, lol .

Bipasha never meant anything negative or personal towards Amisha by her tweet! Amisha and/or her fans might have got Bipasha wrong. Why are people just waiting for two women to fight and creating stories out of a matter-of-fact tweet? I see nothing *nasty* in Bipasha's tweet. Amisha is cool and I like her attitude towards duplicate dresses but she has got Bipasha wrong.

fellow actor? is ameesha an actor? which was her last movie....lolzzz

Bipasha is starting to resemble a man. she looks to muscled up. what happened to the feminine curvy Bipasha of Raaz and Jism.

Woah! Looks like the majority is against Bips!

the dress doesn't look good on bipasha...she should stick to long flowing dresses to soften up her hard masculine body


Look at her muscles Amisha and shut up. You don't wanna go against that

Bipasha would kick amisha's ass in a fight. L

Catfight...I'm loving it!

Bips dress doesnt suit her at all

I love the dresses..but dang that is short...does it hurt to wear something a little longer...

huh!? bips said she pulled out her outfit at last moment so she never insinuated any other actress
'copied' her.

why is ameesha getting her knickers into a twist? over reaction. and if she didnt mean bipasha
can someone say WHO was the so called 'fellow actress who has been saying mean nasty

what's so good about this dress? nothing special or unique, surely the designer could have designed something better...i've seen this kind of dress many a time. imo - having a "twitter war" over it is really unnecessary and childish, it's a two way thing ok bips started it but amisha could have just ignored it and been the better person.


I'm sorry but the dress is standard!!!! Nothing special

No biggie girls, GET OVER IT

WHAT SHOULD aMISHA DO AFTER bIPASA'S TWIT. Keep quite and let everyone think that it Amisha who copied.

both look old and tired, they need to get married n settle down

Lol @ comment that said John DUMPED her for KJO hahahahaha!

Bipasha is such a jerk. Gosh I can't believe I thought she was sensible. Whereas Ameesha is concerned I think she's just a bit immature but she seems to be a humble and sweet.

think Bips started this by saying "... landed up wearing same dress!" lol ....Dont like them both but Amisha is looking better here!

I love the way Ameesha has teamed up her outfit. She looks so fresh, young and Peppy. Whereas Bips looks old, tired, worn out. She looks bad in here to be honest.

I didn't expect this from Bipasha I really used to like her but now I think I will change my mind. P.S - Ameesha looks cute.

i like the black dress bipasha wore after when she came on stage with Cuba!!

anyways bips was just clarifying because ppl were probably asking her.... she wasnt mean! but ameesha thought bips was saying shes a copycat and went kinda crazy!

Bipasha looks like a man in that dress. Whereas Ameesha carries the outfit so well.

Ew! Bipasha

Ameesha looks like a doll.

Ameesha is so pretty.

idk why but Bipasha didn't start the war according to me. She acted easily but Amisha i think got really intense which was a bad thing on her part. lol but I find the it very funny.

some people dont even have dress to wear in this world, stop freaking out just because someone wore same dress like u..

Ameesha Looked way better in that outfit. Period.

God Bipasha is so mean.

Bipasha is so immature!

this is why i cant stand them both.

lower ur hemlines women.

ur not 16 anymore.

but ameesha does fares way better - nice colour and accessories.

bipasha looks worn out. and her hair looks dry.


bips started the war first!! Its really bad of the world knows they wore same dress at IIFA..what is so big deal..bips should not act like children.

Bipasha get a life!

I think Bipasha has gone mad after John Dumped her for Kjo lol!

Bipasha is so mean. Poor Ameesha

ameesha has fans/followers??????????rofl

They are behaving lyk teenagers! bips started and the dumbo took it up! c'mon grow up.

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