Wanted to Bharat: How Salman Khan has remained synonymous with Eid all these years

The festive season has become a treat for Bhai fans who flock to theatres to catch a glimpse of the superstars. Here, we trace his Eid journey along the years...
Wanted to Bharat: How Salman Khan has remained synonymous with Eid all these yearsWanted to Bharat: How Salman Khan has remained synonymous with Eid all these years
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In Bollywood today, Eid has become synonymous with one man - Salman Khan. The actor is known to release his films on this date, as a gift to his fans who come out in huge numbers to catch a glimpse of him. What started as just a casual release soon turned into a huge phenomenon! How? So hua yeh that Salman was witnessing a rough patch in his career. His films weren't working, the superstar had also been battered and tarnished in the media. Some even started saying he's almost over. 

The Beginning...

But then, Salman rose like a phoenix from the ashes and delivered one of his biggest hits back then. Prabhudheva's Wanted presented Salman in a never-seen-before avatar - the actor soon became the common man's hero. Mouthing bhadi dialogues and filming slick action scenes, he made his way into the heartland of India, one more time, albeit this time to stay and reign forever. The film turned out to be a superhit and suddenly, Salman came right back in the reckoning. 

The Mass Phenomenon

The following year, Salman stepped into a soace that not only left the audiences with a great performance but also a lovable character - of Chulbul Pandey. His stint as the corrupted but funny Robinhood of the area won him several accolades and the film went to become an all-time blockbuster at the films. After a 60 crore haul with WAnted, which again was a huge figure at that point, he went on to shatter all records with Dabangg which not only opened huge but also ended up with a lifetime of a whopping Rs 141 crore. Dabangg completely resurrected Salman and there onwards, there's been no turning back. 


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The Unbeatable streak

Eid soon became synonymous with Salman. Every Eid, fans waited to watch their favourite superstar scorch the silver screen. The hooting never stopped, the ceetees kept coming as he ransacked the place with his trademark antics and dialoguebaazi. In 2011, it was Bodyguard that released on Eid and it went on to do even better than Dabangg. It opened at a record Rs 21.17 crore and ended at a lifetime of Rs 144.78 crore. If that wasn't all, it was Kabir Khan's espionage spy thriller series Ek Tha Tiger that brought back the fantastic pairing of Salman and Katrina Kaif back on screen. The two savaged all record charts and the film shattered every BO record on its opening day. The action thriller finished its run at the plexes with just Rs 2 crore short of Rs 200 crore. Then, in 2014, it was turn for Sajid Nadiadwala to work magic with Sallu. He did and how! The film became his first entry into the Rs 200 crore club and also netted around Rs 230 crore plus revenue at the cash registers. 


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A new Salman

But from 2015, something changed in Salman. The trademark hero, who was only beating up 10 goons at a time and maaroing punchlines, was gone. In came Salman 2.0, who decided to pick scripts that only showed his mass hero side to the world but he capitalised on the same and used it to back more emotional scripts. Bajrangi Bhaijaan, which many consider to be his best film till date. hit the marquee on Eid 2015 and the rest was history. The movie that was an interesting mix of family values, inter-national bonding and emotions, packed in the right punch and Salman also made his foray into the coveted 300 crore club. Not just that, he bettered it next year with Ali Abbas Zafar's Sultan that gatecrashed all pre-existing box office records. Suddenly, there was a more nuanced Salman and the same critics who once rubbished his films and called them 'garbage' started taking notice of the actor in him. 

A few misses, too

But the momentum broke with Tubelight that released two years ago. A heavily emotional film, the Kabir Khan-directorial lacked the usual ingredients of a Salman-starrer and faltered. Fans couldn't accept their main idol, who they almost worship on screen, being slapped all throughout the film and what resulted was the film being a letdown. Despite that, the movie raked in over Rs 114 crore at the box office. Even his flop film made that much money! And last year, it was Race 3 thaty hit the marquee and although the film was panned all over, it still went on to do business of over RS 170 crore at the BO. 


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Time for Bharat now

With Atul Agnihotri and T-Series produced Bharat, it marks a reunion for many. While Atul teams up with Bhai years after their successful Bodyguard, it's also Ali Abbas Zafar's third film with him. The director has already delivered two big 300 crore projects with him so the expectations from Bharat have sky rocketed. Along with this, it also brings together the lovely pairing of Salman and Katrina again. Only that this time, it's more emotional than just heavy-duty action roles. The film has hit theatres today and it will be a week from now onwards to see how it fares at the ticket windows.

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