When Boman and Arshad argued about Salman's marriage

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Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani got together to argue the case of Salman Khan's marriage at the STAR GUILD AWARDS 2013. While Arshad was arguing for Salman to stay single, Boman was pitching for a case of Salman getting hitched.

This happened in the presence of Salman Khan who sat on the judgment table. Boman also got his son Kayoze Irani to be a witness for him.

What was Salman's decision? Did Jolly LLB Arshad win this case or did Boman defeat Jolly LLB Arshad Warsi proving yet again that he is the biggest lawyer in the country?

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boman uncle get a life u need attention that's why u r talking about sallu marriage same goes to arshad warsi stupid people need attention that's why always talks about sallu's marriage

Whenever Salaman decides to marry, people will criticise who he marries. After marriage they will hound him on when he's having children. Simply can't win. He looks a bit annoyed in the last photo. Arshad and Boman with their usual banter on stage trying to show people up. Typical. These award shows are so boring

Would like to see Arshad and Boman together !!! they will definately rock :)

Why would he wanna get married? He drinks and flirts with girls around his arms. What does he care?

They need to leave him the flip alone, why are they so preoccupied with getting him hitched? Leave him be.

Marriage is not be all end all. I applaud him for not wanting to get married if he thinks its not for him. He actually looks really happy ever since he and Katrina broke up. Good on him for living his life the he way wants to. I like that he doesn't care what people think. And if he changes his mind and decides to get married in 10 years, that's fine too. If he finds a woman who he wants to spend his life with and if they love each other, why not? Who are we to decide if its too late for him or not. Its his life, he'll decide what to do with it. He is an awesome host btw. He stays true to himself. No fake behavior. Love it!

This wasn't even funny. I don't think SK is a good host, don't think he's funny in the slightest bit. Just my opinion, sorry. But this is actually a serious issue. Why ISN'T he getting married??? Should be a cause for worry at this age.

wanna see the videos.

he is the true superstar!! salman khan

that's hilarious, wanna see Star Guild award right now, can't wait

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