Why do Bollywood men not want their daughters in the industry?

I have always wondered as to why the Bollywood men never want their daughters to enter the undustry. I know there are a few exceptions, but most Bollywood dads have problems with their daughters entering the industry.

Does that mean Bollywood is that bad for girls in general? I will quote a few examples.

Sanjay Dutt who preaches gandhigiri in movies had this to say on his daughter Trishala wanting to join movies - "I am not encouraging my daughter to do films at all. It never happens with the Dutts," he says with an air of finality. "My sisters or my niece could have been in the movies too, but that is not the way my father raised us. This is the way he wanted it. She is keen, but then she has studied forensic science, which is also a great career option."

And who doesn't know of how the Kapoors were not happy with Karishma Kapoor's entry into Bollywood. She literally had to struggle her intial years.

What is your take on this? Why do you think this is the case. Is Bollywood a bad place for women in general?

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A man being in the industry knows what goes on inside. We ourselves see how actressess are exploited onscreen itself. They r forced to expose to survive and get chances. Nobody would like to see their daughters bearing on screen. Atleast star daughters dont go through casting couch to enter the industry. But sill no one would like to see their wives or daughters being exploited onscreen itself. Obviously it is not a safe place for girls.

I am a woman with three lovely neices. I totally agree with one work ethic that men usually have. "Keep your family away from your work" If my work was in the spotlight of public attention, I would protect my family from ANY kind of media talk. As simple as that.

Also, a man is expected to be the protector of the family. So, I guess they don't like their daughters and wives being exploited like the other girls they see being exploited in this industry. You guys are really naive if you think that romancing on screen and prancing around in bikini are the only worries girls have in the industry. making it in the movie industry is not the same as making it as a doctor or a banker. One wrong move, and you'll be stripped off of your dignity and innocence.

A man may be decent but he can't guarantee that all men running the industry are like him. Also, he is not responsible for all women exploits in the industry. look at the way Shatrugun Sinha and his wife give a scared look whenever Sonakshi is being discussed even in a harmless way. I can totally empathize with that.
Everyone wants their children to become famous withouit being exploited. Its like saying "I want ONLY the warmth of the sun and not its harmful effects"
You have to have a daughter yourself to understand that its not double standrads that makes men act like that.

Why this double standard? Even if women are sleeping with producers for roles, it's their choice and both are doing it by mutual consent. Women are not getting raped. Why having sex is seen as being exploited for women and having fun for men. Women who choose to be in the film industry are definitely not doing it for basic needs of life like food and clothes. They are doing it for fame and money and if coming from Indian society they are so bold to make this decision and enter this industry, I think they must be sure about the give and take. Nobody is a victim. So let both men and women understand and choose for themselves.

Sanjay Dutt is a Male Chauvinist Pig. The truth is that if his daughter has willingness and potential, he cant stop her. It's not a feudal society and his daughter isn't his property. He can better concentrate on his infant twins as by the time his twins will be in teens, he will be too old to pay a father.

trishala dutt is beautiful, she lost so much weight and is looking as gorgeous as ever...it's a shame sanjay doesn't want to have her act. such a weird man

if sanju does not allow his daughter to act,then he should also not act n flirt with young actresses!and also his daughter can make her own decisions especially regarding her career!!

Hypocrite is the word for these actors for sure.

The Kapoors have such a staunch anti-female attitude and yet it was Raj Kapoor himself who directed Satyam Shivam Sundaram where Zeenat Aman was barely wearing clothes even by today's standards which is a massive massive double standard. If this movie were being directed with Kareena in the lead would he make her wear the same stuff. NEVER.

I'm so glad karma hit the Kapoors bad with the Kapoors sisters hitting it out in bikinis. Here's to future Kapoor girls making it into the industry.

So sanjay can flirt young girls like kangana on screen, but his daughter can't be an actress?? What a joke..

how would you feel if one day your daughter up there with semi/almost nude clothes and shaking everything and having every guy watching and lusting for that?

Dude actually youre right.i agree with u completly

Moral of the story.

no matter what age, era we live in.... ITS A MANS WORLD ......... it will never change ....trust me of alll the lessons i hv leart in life this is on top....

n no body can change that ... no matter how powerful women is .....

have you seen bollywood films lately? these actresses dress and act like their western, of course it is also the fault of the directors etc. he can tell his daughter what to do, it's his right but he can't tell someone else's daughter.

and kitty leave ranbir alone, he's probably just embarrassed seeing his mom romancing others on screen. it doesn't mean he's not proud of her.

its a classic slap on actresses face....or should i say like that tweet during srk -kunder row....Kha.one :D

he himself is involved in the casting couch...then pretends he's all innocent about it...just ask Kangana!

simple because behind the glamorous facade lays a very dark and dirty world where you are as good as your last release. Here people sleep around, suck up to camps, go hungry to stay in shape to land a movie role and once they arrive, they do just that to stay sucessful.
Priyanka for example, Sallu does not work with her, Akshay is forbidden from working with her, Kareena won't let her man near Priyanka so she is left at the mercy of 2-3 saleable stars. Then they have to compete with newer lot who are eager to do lot more compromises just to get there.
It is not all rosy. The pressure is high. ne hs to look perfect, act perfect all the time. Then there are flops and rejections and camps.
Sanjay Dutt knows all this he may not want his daugter to go through all this.

Having boyfriends is no rarity even in the most conservative societies.The ordinary woman hide most of the time whre movie stars are not scared of what others think.DOes that make them more bad? I doubt.

If u take the B'wood industry in general.Women who have famous boyfriends like Salman have an edge.Even when he made a fuss in chalte chalte sets ,Aishwarya was chucked out and not him.And actresses like Kareena dig only at actresses who are from outside the industry.I feel ,if u have no background at all then u ll have to "h#@t" some couches or have the protection of someone ...or u ll have to make ur presence felt with modelling or beauty contests..who knows?

The world runs on money n power and the industry shouldnt be different in anycase.

he himself is involved in the casting couch...then pretends he's all innocent about it...just ask Kangana!

Sanjay Dutt should respect the fact that hismother was an actress and arespected one at that. He is just insecure that if his daughter enters bollywood his days as leading man are over. He will have to move onto character roles.

he himself is involved in the casting couch...then pretends he's all innocent about it...just ask Kangana!

Yeah bollywood is really bad..I mean look at those stars they walk half naked n you expect That its heaven when it really is hell

Lol double standards, if they don't want their daughters to deal with that sort of stuff, then why are other peoples daughters any different? Bunch of hypocrites. Such bad mentality.

Let's have a world with Sanjay Dutts type of Bollywood:
1. All characters are played by males including females like in the Shakespearean era.
2. All item songs, female oriented movies, kissing sciences have male actors.
3. Women can do anything they like expect preform and express their artistic abilities. (oppression of arts much? )
4. Not only can she not express her artistic desires, she can't write and direct movies, sing, choreograph songs, lighting, SFX etc. Because that all falls in with Bollywood.
5. All TV dramas, ads are only of the actors ( imagine Sanjay Dutt selling ladies perfume).

Now I would like to ask Mr.Sanjay Dutt how does he like this Bollywood world?

This makes me wonder, what kind of respect Sanjay has for his leading ladies, and other women working in Bollywood behind and in front of the camera from basic Tv ads to models to big movie stars?

She here in newyork does theatre n is a very bad actress... She is horrible in acting...

Sanjay is right...Trishla cannot act n will be a bad actress...

What if ur kid can't act....Sanjay is right....his daughter has no future...no need to add one more star kis who cannot act...

Well if daughter has no potential then father has a right to tell no....every father does that....

sunjay have seen so so many actresses being exploited by producers/directors that he doesn't want his little girl to go through all this even Amitabh didn't want her daughter in bollywood.even being star kid competition is so stiff that you have to do item numbers and casting couch and also to join freemasonry a secret fraternity which all top star are members to make happy big boss aka Zionist illuminati I mean bollywood hollywood is controlled by bigger power and star status is given according to level of submissiveness to bigger power aka zionist illumianati.

I can see the men want to be protective, but they need to loosen up and let an individual choose their path. Sanjay ji why don't you take up forensics or another "good" field? Why acting? because you wanted it. You follow your heart but don't let your own daughter do so? Isn't she an adult who can decide what she'd like to pursue? And I refuse to personally believe that bad things just "happen" like casting couch etc. No one can treat you bad or get anything out of you, if you don't give consent. A word like NO exists in the dictionary. Is the world outside of bollywood any safe for women? There are lecherous men everywhere. There's no win without a little risk, no matter what you want to do. I am sure it's not as bad as people make it out to be. Prove your worth through acting, be genuine, and have standards. Respect will follow. If it doesn't, let it go. Moreover, if they have family connections, people would infact not want to take advantage. That's my take anyway.

bloody hypocrite..he didnt raise his daughter..trishala's grand parents raised her and she has every right to be in movies if she desires...sanjay dutt doesnt own the industry

ya ya ya stop the effing discrimination. these sanjay types they get all protective about their daughters but when they do stuff with other people's daughter do they think of their fathers? tab kaha jata hai yeh sab? and why is it ok for a son to go into acting? it's not like they don't have to sleep around! these days men also have to do stuff to get by. yes it is tougher for girls but it is tough because of men like sanjay who proudly announces he has slept with 300 women. wah wah what a feat. let's give him a medal of honor. hope his daughter also sleeps with 300 men and hope he will be proud of her feat. what is good for the gander is good for the goose.

Look that women in Bollywood. Priyanka's affairs and surgeries, Deepika's string of boyfriend, perfectly attractive people like Preity ruining their faces to stay attractive, rumors about casting couches.

Would you really want YOUR daughter in Bollywood? I wouldn't.

is the rumor about Karishma being an escort in Dubai true? that she used to be a call girl before her engagement to Abhi?

AB, sonam, riya sen, Raima sen, tanisha , arbaaz khan, have given flops n r bad actors...

Well some daddy's know their kids potential....see what happened to AB, sonam....it's better to work somewhere else...

Bollywood is incredibly sexist, and full of creeps, the casting couch is rampant, most actresses do have to sleep with directors, thats a fact.

coz he doesnt want his skeletons to come out of the closet! If his daughter joins bollywood, she will be accessible to all the hidden connections and acts that her dad has committed. probably, he has a clean image in her eyes.

coz in this country, men are pigs ,ogling and exploiting young vulnerable females but protecting their own women from their species!

If you belive that bollywood is NOT a bad place for women. You are DELUSIONAL!

Sanjay Dutt doesn't want other men to look at his daughter, the way he looks at Katrina during Chikni. Sometimes people can be so double standard.

becoz when girls r used as a temptation whethere in item songs or romantic scense or whatever ! there's no respect for the girl at all nor for the audience ! im new to this bollywood thing but i think alot has changed in the last 20 yrs i mean girls now are used to drag audience into the movies even if the movie is a crappy one it might work becoz of the half naked ladkiz or item songs! i mean which dad sees his daughter in a romantic scence or whatever and says "im proud of my daughter"!! what the hell ! and to comment on what sanjay says.. she's a DUTT so she's not gonna through the same experience of a struggeler but if he doesn' want her to be apart of the film industry becoz he doesn't want her doing all the romance and the sexy dancing.. i tell him u should've thought the same thing when u were romancing other ladies on screen ! that's my definition of a gd man !

Sanjay Dutt believes that women in Bollywood are just there to shake their asses on screen, that's his problem.

Ranbir Kapoor has said that he gets upset (or was it embarassed) to see his mom's old movies (as if she did porn!) but he is probably really proud to watch the men in his family on screen! That's his problem.

Basically I don't think it's a "casting couch" issue (do you really think a director/producer will try ANYTHING with Sanjay Dutt's daughter?) but the male family members are just being male chauvinist pigs. End of story!

of course we all know bolly wood is a bad place for girls from decent families..
girls have to go through a lot here...sleep around, casting couch, scandals
and what not?? don't you remember priyanka's movie fashion...

Most men have a soft corner for their girls. All actors know exactly how their heroines are treated,especially women from a non filmi background. The ladies have to be 'nice' & flatter the actors, directors & producers . Then they have to wear revealing clothes & do raunchy dances these days.Strange men will gape & pass vulgar comments. Lots of these daddy actors may have themselves exploited some poor lady or enabled some big shot to do so.Lastly, an actress has a very short career span in comparison to an actor. Dharmendra had not liked Esha becoming an actress ,even though her mother & half brothers are actors. As for Sanjay Dutt ,he genuinely sounds sexist. His own mother Nargis, his aunt Zaheera and even his first wife -Richa Sharma were actresses.Why not let his daughter become one too?

Coz this country is a place full of cheap hungry and dirty ppl. thats why

Being the daughter of an actor doesnt make her an actress. For example Sonam Kapoor, i dont think she deserves to be an actress, even though her father Anil is a master in acting.

barring kareena and rani mukherjee..............look at esha deol, tanisha mukherjee, reema sen, raima sen , juhi babbar, shameeta shetty, twinkle khanna,rinky khanna..... the list is endless ......they all suck big time.

they know "insider stuff" .. guess with how many kanga, that patel babe etc slept?

Because you have to sleep around to get roles.

The competition is so stiff and young pretty girls are dime a dozen so how can you have an edge?

Only by willing to give something extra to producers/directors/actors, and that something extra that they want is sex.

The female star kids are easily gifted their first few films but after that, they have to put out or they don't get film roles

yes, because they don't want what they do to other women being done to their daughters!! we all know how much of a struggle is it for new actresses, even the more successful ones today(pc, ash, preity, rani etc etc) have skeletons in the closets.

Sanjay Dutt is realistic..look at her daughter trisha...she isnt good looking, cant speak in hindi fluently n cant act....then y to allow her to enter bollywood....to strip clothes n do dance numbers...

well all daddy's are protective of their little girls...plus they know the strengths n weaknesses of their kids...do u think all star kids are good actors...Ab is bad, sonam is worst, sonakshi still needs to prove etc etc

these bollywood men have worked in the industry for many years, underneath all the glamour, there's the affairs, scandals and rumours which they want to protect their daughters from. that in itself is the main reason why.

These fathers are just MCPs with double standards

Of course Bollywood is a bad place. It is seedy, sleazy and dirty. It is bright and fluffy on the outside, but come on! It's obvious that Bollywood is not a fairytale.

Sanjay got permanently messed up cuz of all the shite he heard about his mom and RK!

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