Will Aamir Khan's Talaash affect the box office prospects of SRK's Diwali release ?

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Feels like a Deja vu. In 2008 Aamir Khan's Ghajini was released a couple of weeks after SRK's Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. RNBDJ though a hit was badly affected by Ghajini which went on to become a huge blockbuster.

Today, Aamir Khan released a press release statingthat his next movie Talaash (co-starring Rani & Kareena) will be shifted from June to November 30th this year. Interesting point to note is that the much awaited Yash Chopra's next starring SRK-Katrina & Anushka is all set to release on Diwali i.e November 13th.

Do you think history will repeat itself this time around ? Will Talaash affect the box office prospects of Shahrukh Khan's next or will both have a fair share?

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Amir is the best off all... srk is goat (bakhri...) meeehhee meeehheee.. bcoz of some idiot fans srk calls
himself as (goat)... AMIR real king of Bollywood.. love u Amir
amir khan& salman khan is a biggest blockbusters star of all time in bollywood. he is a truely the king of the bollywood.
Talaash all the way Aamir khan you Rock good luck your'e movie
.Talaash will be an all time blockbuster. ;) And it has the real heroine in Rani, when the Chopras' production has none

I hate amir khan,i can not stand watching him even if he did avatar,I will not watch him and the disaster is that some people bring salman name here,from when salman is callled a star or even an actor,so sad for the case of our industry

Amir movies may be good but his charisma is zero and who is this salman you speak about ,not because amir and this salman are fake friends then you defend for salman.I am not a fan of shahrukh khan but the truth is that he is the most versatile star in bollyowd,his charisma is great and his soul is funny,i am not against him just because I am a fan of hritik,I am fair,the truth must be said ,he is the only indian star who could capture peole from allover the worldto be his fans because of his character

Aamir is the best off all... srk is goat (bakhri...) meeehhee meeehheee.. bcoz of some idiot fans srk calls
himself as king... AMIR real king of Bollywood.. love u Amir hugs...

Amir is the best off all... srk is goat (bakhri...) meeehhee meeehheee.. bcoz of some idiot fans srk calls
himself as king... AMIR real king of Bollywood.. love u Amir..

Amir is the best off all... srk is goat (bakhri...) meeehhee meeehheee.. bcoz of some idiot fans srk calls
himself as king... AMIR real king of Bollywood.. love u Amir..

amir khan is a biggest blockbusters star of all time in bollywood. he is a truely the king of the bollywood.

srk fans had lost there mind. comparing aamir & salman with that srk is usless. he is a director actor. same old style of acting. he just create hype about his movies but in actual its senseless.

actually the people who goes in against amir khan and salman khan are unable to understand what bollywood is.
Iff... they knows about the bollywood world they will never goes in favour of shahrukh khan leaving the original stars amir and salman.
My frinds, one more thing i want to tell you is that
there is nothing in SRK. He grows up just like needy in filmy world.


look people............satyamev jayate is going to be a super duper hit.......(no doubt about that)....which will take aamir khan,s popularity to new heights.HIS previous work was greatly applauded by people across the globe.
so its very simple AAMIR KHAN = SUCCESS.
and according to surveys and reports talaash is the most awaited movie of 2012. just 1.17 second teaser of talaash earned 90 crores rs (beating all previous records of all bollywood films) which is a record in itself..
moreover in all previous competitions aamir khan snubbed srk greatly like RNBDJ VS GHAJINI,MNIP VS 3 IDIOTS.

one can easily determine who will win this tym...definitely AAMIR KHAN THE EPIC ACE KHAN........

Aamir is d most talented actor in d industry.Somebdy said he works wd only establishd directrs.I suppse he has lost his head! 3 idiots is d biggest grosser of all time...jst 4 ur info.

@Thu, 2012-03-15 04:06 — Anonymous
Yes Ajay Devgan and also Emraan Hashmi know how to make their films hit with less promotions.. Credit should be given to their choice of films.
But i am looking forward to srk's film this time only because Mr Yash Copra is directing it

that short man Aamir is not my fave...srk wins this one.

Aamir is the GOD in bollywood..
He shows the way to ppl... the real TRENDSETTER.. rest just follows him...
AAMIR KHAN - the real aCE kahn

Talaash all the way Aamir khan you Rock good luck your'e movie

aamir is best actor for b-town in current date

Tue, 2012-03-13 20:05 — Anonymous

Some one has mentioned that Katrina is talentless......................the same talentless lady is acting along with Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3 :) :) :)

One thing none of you have assessed over the years, take a look at this.....................

1) Shahrukh Khan in Baazigar (Salman Khan was original choice)
2) Shahrukh Khan in Darr (Aamir Khan was original choice)
3) Shahrukh Khan in DDLJ (Saif Ali Khan was original choice)
4) Shahrukh Khan in Chak De India (Salman Khan was original choice)
5) Aamir Khan in Lagaan (Shahrukh Khan was original choice)
6) Sanjay Dutt in Munnabhai Series (Shahrukh Khan was original choice)
7) Hrithik Roshan in Kaho Na Pyar Hain (Shahrukh Khan was original choice)
8) Hrithik Roshan in Mission Kashmir (Shahrukh Khan was original choice)
9) Madhavan in Rang De Basanti (Shahrukh Khan was original choice)
10) Hrithik Roshan in Jodha Akbar (Shahrukh Khan was original choice)
11) Aamir Khan in 3 Idiots (Shahrukh Khan was original choice)
12) Abhishek Bachchan in Raavan (Shahrukh Khan was original choice)
13) Rajnikanth in Robot / Endhiran (Shahrukh Khan was original choice)

So friends if you may see............................mera pyaara sa SRK was the most original choice of the talented directors like Rakesh Roshan, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Rajkumar Hirani, Ashutosh Gowariker, Maniratnam etc. This proves that Shahrukh Khan is the most talented actor and the biggest box office crowd puller. Hell to Aamir Khan who is totally dependent on directors and not his talent.

@Wed, 2012-03-14 04:15 — Anonymous

You are spot on.. Aamir gives the theatre guys his film look and gets pictures clicked with them if his movie is due for release but will he ever do that if its not for his movie promotions?
I dont like Aamir at all.. But then that doesn't make me an srk or a sallu fanatic..For me Ajay Devgan is one of the few actors who has maintained some dignity over the years.. Unlike the big Khans he doesn't rely on promotions too much... At least he promotes his movies honestly ( without making nasty comments on his colleagues)
Really loved him in Singham which was like the BAAP of srk's Don2(the dialogues were the only saving grace in it though)

And AK has no reason to be Jealous of SRK, AK has the highest grossing movie in Indian cinema to his credit. AK is versatile and doesn't work just in one genre

They are totally different genres, and both films will do well. But yeah it does seem that Aamir is trying to take a bite out of SRK's movie... he's always been jealous of SRK's success so no surprise there.

@Wed, 2012-03-14 07:58
that's shahrukh's power darling ra one was hugely criticized and still made 200+ at box office....without super hit music and item number don 2 did the same....tell me which film of aamir was successful because of him....its only directers and good stories that make his films work.
btw all those polls were even before started shooting and it doesn't have title yet....so how would you expect it to top those charts....only shahrukh fans and some stupid haters who love to stalk shahrukh know about this film lol
shahrukh im sure you will rock

Talaash will be an all time blockbuster. ;) And it has the real heroine in Rani, when the Chopras' production has none.


SRK wins, as always.... The King Of Romance

right now forget the Khans..Vidya is ruling the box office. she must be giving these men with stunted growth nightmares.

No, they both will do well. They're two different genres!


Talaash has more than enough buzz! It has topped all surveys of most awaited film of the year hands down! Both public choice polls and trade polls rated Aamir Khan's Talaash #1 in most awaited films. After that it is Salman Khan's Ek Tha Tiger and Dabangg 2. SRK's film is the weakest one of all biggies. And lagged behind in each list! Besides if SRK had ''such'' power then why were Ra One and Don 2 rejected? Why were they even behind Ghajini, Salman's films and Hrithik's Agneepath?!

SRK has been lagging behind Salman, Hrithik and Aamir now. Desperately trying to keep afloat!

People were joking about SRK-Katrina pics and how old he looks in front of her, how he is copying DDLJ stuff and trying to regain lost glory.

Aamir-Rani-Kareena is a headier combination than SRK-Katrina-Anushka.

Reema Kagti comes nowhere near Yash Chopra in brand value.

Aamir Khan Productions - Excel Entertainment is EQUAL to Yashraj Films.

Suspense thrillers have lesser demand at box office than romantic films (that too with Rahman & Gulzar saab hearlding the music baton).

Solo release will benefit Talaash whereas a shared release with a biggie like SON OF SARDAR is a danger for SRK flick.

---> In short, both films are on the same boat!!! Equal chances of hitting the bull's eye... or otherwise

Anushka was a complete newcomer in those days and so was Asin. But Asin was already an actress and ahd lots of exprience in south and also she did the south version of gahjni....Now we have two huge films with amazing casting! Aamir and SRK are in the same legue in my opinion. When it comes to acting qualities Rani Mukherjee is the one you need. Kareena is also very good and can add that little bit a glamour to the movie. Anushka on the other hand is also a great actress but she hasnt been around for long so you cant place her in Rani and Kareenas leage. But one thing she has is the freshness....shes an nem emerging face. Katrina is far more glamorous than everyone together. Her acting is hugely critiziced so hopefully she doese manage to do an amazing job. Katrina loses when it comes to Kareena and Rani.,..simple because of acting abilities and emotional connections. Katrina however does make a fresh pair with SRK. Both are hugely successsful and a fresh pairing can do wonders (Aish Hrithik in dhoom and Jodha Akbar). SRKs film has a non stop hit scoring director who returns after 7/8 years! This means the amazing director had a long time to think about something new and fresh. Aamir had worked previously with Kareena and Rani and has delivered huge hits...he is safe with the heroines. Srk and Anushka return which is a delight for many of us. Ar rahman does the music for Srks film...well well well well...Iam gonna watch both anywayz.

Aamir Khan is boring.

contd from last post
I am not hating aamir but y cant he cut down on prublicity and promotions and improvise his acting skills is my question.. Why does he thinks of himself as the perfectionist just because the media has made out him to be one? A lot of celebrities just dont have it in them or they care very little about acting..But Aamir has always seem to be hungry for good films and good work but its just not showing in his recent flicks especially the ones he's done since Lagaan ..He might have chosen great scripts and got to play great roles too but somehow he has lost his magic as an actor..If i am asked choose between 3i and AAA i'll definitely go for AAA if you know what i mean.. Not only he looks aged but has lost the innocence and charm which he could boast of once upon a time

of course i will see Taalash, becous this movie has Aamir, Rani, K Kapoor,

Katrina and Sah rukh were not so attractive in the pictures those i see: Katrina is the same as always, Sah is old for this kind a role, so better to see Aamir's movie

Dont know about Aamir's movie but he'll surely take the publicity and marketing to a new level.. Now that he's not making much of news and appearances, he'll surely want to hog the maximum limelight during the movies' release.. Remember his comments on Big B, Black and his stupid publicity gimmicks like giving haircuts to people, meeting people in disguise,etc? Be ready for more guys

Just wonder why cant he do the same and be the same when his films are not releasing.. I mean its been more than 2 years since 3 idiots released and has he cared to meet his fans the way he did during its promotions? For him its all about publicity, making money and that's it. He can go to any heights to achieve this.. About his acting i'm sorry to say its all forced acting nothing natural

i love both of them i'll watch both these movies

Isnt the film Aamir Khan's n Farhan Akhtar's product......? Let them decide when they want to release the movie....Evn i am disappointed because of the delay since I was looking forward to it....but Why are SRK fans getting mad....If Aamir chooses to release his films close to Srk's and go for a head on collision let him go for it...he has every right to take that decision.....Its a free country....Infct to some one who says " Specially given they had already released trailers for Talaash with a release date, postponing it 5 months now means someone is not confident with the final product. " it is just the reverse......When one is super-confident about his product would he go in for a confrontative mode.....So stop deriving baseless conclusions and get a life .....Forget Aamir khan, Even Hrithik's last 2 movies movies have been more successful than Srk's last 2....so its time you guys stop posting hate messages.

srk is much better than aamir.

What is the bloody problem with SRK fans--why do they need to ALWAYS bring in SRK whenever aamir and his films are discussed. Look at the amount of hate and scorn being poured on Aamir here, the unnecessary comparisons being made. This keeps happening on twitter too--Aamir being unnecessarily trashed by certain SRK fans--the reverse rarely happens--few Aamir fans bother to comment on SRK or his films while discussing Aamir's next release.

Aamir fans need to be the most patient people on earth--their favourite appears on screen once in two to three years--and to top it up, they have to deal with troll attacks from rival actors' fans. Why do these fan wars happen at all? Why not just enjoy your favourite and also learn to appreciate others?

I truly appreciated SRK in parts of Ra-one, didn't even mind the film, never mocked it like many did on internet forums. See, it isn't difficult to appreciate any other than one's favourite, the competition, rival, colleague whatever.

Aamir's latest decision has sent shock waves among his patient fans--and the younger ones are getting rebellious and restless, a few saying they cannot be his fan anymore, cannot bother about Talaash...so now all rival actors' fans can smile and be happy.

And pl understand this SRk fans--that Aamir is busy with a tv show, hence the unfortunate postponement of Talaash to year -end--at least that is what one learns. Too bad that Talaash will come among all the other year end crowd--we would have been far happier with an exclusive less crowded june release. Sigh.

Disgusted with filmi forums and the general immaturity therein.

London ishq is already a blockbuster due to deadly combination of srk and yash chopra which never fails. Haters go to hell.

Aamir doesn't said anything about this affect guys...It's just speculation...But I doubt that Skrs movie will be realesed that soon...They still shooting...and we know how often movies are pustponed...both movies will do well...it has nothing to with Aamir or Srk or aaaaanyyyybody else! ;)))


HA HA. I HOPE AAMIR THRASHES SRK. not that i hate srk or anything, its just pretty obvious that talaash is going to be a faaaaaar superior film to "london ishq" or whatever they decide to call it. just like ghajini (altho flawed) was a faaaaaar superior product to the dumbest film of the year RNBDJ. history WILL repeat itself.

BOTH are gonna be super hit

@Tue, 2012-03-13 20:04
for your kind information shahrukh has stopped taking fees for his movies since 8/9 years he said its better to spend that money on films....thats why most of his producers offers him to co produce the film i.e MNIK and don 2.
why dos aamir has to pull shahrukh's name before his every release....doesnt his chamcha and his own name is enough lol
shahrukh will surely rock!

both rnbdj n ghajini are Hits bt later did far better in BO.i think history wil repeat itself again

For me both are awaited movies of this year..I love srk and amir so I am gonna watch both movies..Surely both are gonna rock

talaash were going to affect srk untitle and it break all boxofice it will cross over 400 core 1 day 30+
first week 120+

Talaash looks like a winner already. Romantic film (already making me yawn) starring SRK and Katrina wont stand a chance if it ever happens to clash with this thriller. There is always certain amount of curiosity that comes with Aamir's film specifically and this curiosity factor always has helped him to ensure crowds flocking to the theater. The other big advantage Talaash has over Yash chopra's film is that it has good star cast.

I came to know in 2008 Aamir Khan is an actor of bollywood after in every interview he used SRK name….what a shame :p

Wow. Aamir totally did that on purpose. What is his problem? SRK has been nothing but nice to him.

WTF is Aamir's problem? Seriously leave SRK alone. The calculating nuisance does it on purpose.

Learn to appreciate good movies guys...be it shahrukh or aamir.This fan madness kills it.I'll watch all their movies in theatre.

I'd watch Taalash for Aamir! He's much better than SRK these days....and SRK's movie has talentless actress Katrina, what the hell does she know about acting? and SRK's movie will be boring and him trying to look young!

@Anonymous's picture

Rnbdj ... Released after the 26/11 attacks ... Inspite of that it made over 100 cr ... The budget of the movie was 12 crs ( inc pub).

Cant believe the budget of the movie was 12 crore, 12-15 crore would only be Shahrukh's acting fees

AGREEE!!!!!!!!! @Tue, 2012-03-13 17:58 — Anonymous

LOL RAB NE become Blockbuster even it released after the 26\11 attack in mumbai ....... there wasn't any much promotion , yrf dosen't do much promotion & bcoz the attack it get even less (rightly so) .. still the movie become Blockbuster.. the power of the KING

RBNBJ had to contend with a lot more than just an Amir release 2 weeks later.
SRK said in an interview he and Adi Chopra had discussed postponing the release of the film, but SRK had insisted that if they did, this showed that the terrorists had won.
Even though RNBDJ was a huge hit, its release gave more people the confidence to go to the movie theatres in what was essentially a terrified time in India all over. Consequently, when Ghajni released it felt the full extent of this confidence. Both films would have been huge hits regardless.
Even now, both films will be huge hits, such is the draw of Amir Khan and SRK+Yash Chopra (no body should forget that this is not just another SRK romance, it marks the return of the master storyteller)
What needs to be looked at is why Talaash needed to be postponed.
This is usually not a good sign once marketing a release date has already begun.
It means someone is not confident with the final product.

It's so Obvious why he shifted his date.,.his movie failed to garner enough attention or publicity while srk's movie isn't even named yet and has no trailers only a few On set pics and it already has more hype than stupid aamirs movie and FYI talaash 's trailer on YouTube has all comments saying how the movie looks unpromising please don't kid urself, and to the one who made this post plz get ur facts right anyone can make a post on this site nowadays...rab ne was released one week after Mumbais biggest terror attack and with no publicity it made remarkable money...because aamir didn't have star power himself he used srk's publicity by constantly insulting him and boasting at press conferences to get attention...he made it seem like it was a competition and heavily promoted the film...while srk didn't promote it out of respect for those who died in the attacks...had he promoted his film it would have made much more money...but u kno what karma is a ***** and aamir will learn his lesson this year and stop tailgating on srks power when his movie kills talaash at the box office.

"Bollywannabe " ur informations is wrong becz rab ne bana di jodi is blockbuster

why do you forget SOS and Khiladi 786 also release on Diwali ???

LOL RAB NE become Blockbuster even it released after the 26\11 attack in mumbai ....... there wasn't any much promotion , yrf dosen't do much promotion & bcoz the attack it get even less (rightly so) .. still the movie become Blockbuster.. the power of the KING

SRK is the king, After Ghajini and 3 idiots some one calls anyone apart from Aamir a king?

i hope it affects it, i dont want it to cross 100cr, go talaash its full of talented people

Talaash has fabulous team of Aamir Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Javed Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti. Plus seasoned actors like Aamir Khan, Rani Mukerji and Kareena Kapoor unlike non-actor supermodels. It also boasts of talented supporting cast with actors who're products of reputed schools like FTII and NSD. It has two of the best production houses in contemporary Bollywood, producing it jointly - Aamir Khan Productions (which has 100& success rate) and Excel (which is known for quality and has great following in multiplex audience).

It will eat away any jaded romantic film directed by an old director and a visibly ageing actor romancing supermodels.

Aamir Khan's Talaash is THE most awaited film of the year and has won all polls for top awaited film. Its teaser got Youtube medals and record views even without any hype! No doubt it will trash a romantic film exactly the way Ghajini made mince meat of RNBDJ in 2008! HAHA!

The era of romantic films has gone and Yash Chopra's dated sensibilities can't pull crowds. It is not the 90s! Plus SRK has less star power in India now compared to Aamir and Salman. Even Hrithik's Agneepath was a bigger grosser than both SRK films of last year.

Talaash has tremendous curiosity around it and Aamir Khan's marketing strategies are top notch, they're emulated by others and are part of IIMs curriculum! If indeed Talaash is releasing on November 30, there is no doubt it will affect a romantic film - which has nothing new to offer whereas suspense thrillers are an emerging new trend for Bollywood now. Audience in India has blind faith on Aamir and his trust level is way higher than both YRF and SRK put together. Obviously Talaash will trump the love story where SRK appears to be trying to pay tribute to his long-gone DDLJ and Mohabbatein days!

BUT, MAIN thing is that Talaash release date FIRST HAS TO BE CONFIRMED! It is too early to compare it to SRK film or others. Who knows it might get postponed YET again as it has been, since last 1 year?

Amir is loser

aamir always do such things to hype his film....plz leave SRK alone its not his fault that he is bigger star than you, its not his fault that he has more fans than yours world wide i can count your fans on my fingers and the rest who supports him are all salman's dumb fans who think that he is salman's friend lol
everyone says that salman is shahrukh's enemy and almost all shahrukh fans hate him and vise versa but i thing hes a good guy he has a problem with srk....they had a fight so its ok if they don't talk or like each other but what's the problem with aamir why cant he digest shahrukh's success.
aamir you cant be no 1 you will always be in waiting list no matter how much you try to pull the sky(SRK) down you wouldn't succeed because that's not possible:)

Rnbdj ... Released after the 26/11 attacks ... Inspite of that it made over 100 cr ... The budget of the movie was 12 crs ( inc pub).... Ghajini was costing 60 crs ... N made 225 Crores u can do d math...in spite of aamirs cheap tricks ... Rnbdj did well inspire of the attacks n another movie releasing ... I

No never srk rockss

No never because srk is the king and another prope is that yash raj come after 7 years and srk also come after many with romace and female actress is kat and anushka and also also Ar rahman and gulzar sab....this movie will be blockbuster....ilove king khan

Please get your facts right! RAB NE was a Blockbuster and did well even after Ghajini release. And Aamir Khan hasn't tweeted in the last 2 years! Don't post crap

No way because RNBDJ had a newcomer actress but this new film of SRK has Katrina. People have been waiting for them to pair up for so long now! Plus SRK fans will watch his movie no matter what and there are a lot of them!

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