At a Distance, Spring is Green: Everything you need to know about the upcoming KBS2 college romance drama

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Korean actress Kang Min Ah and idol Park Ji Hoon clicked at media events
At a Distance, Spring is Green stars Kang Min Ah and Park Ji Hoon, alongwith Bae In Hyuk.

Among the many webtoon-based dramas seeing the light of the day, At a Distance, Spring is Green is one of them. The drama is a light-hearted rom-com that can also be considered a slice of life drama. While the world gradually tries to return to normalcy, it looks like the South Korean industry never really stopped. With many Korean dramas that have already been released, there are also many which are currently, as we write, in the making. 


At a Distance, Spring is Green is one of them. Boasting a cast of young and some rookie actors, it’s a college romance piece that promises to melt people’s hearts. With some of the teasers already revealed, we can see how it definitely has the potential to make viewers get butterflies in their stomachs. So without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the latest upcoming KBS2’s rom-com At a Distance, Spring is Green, which is also known as Blue Spring From a Distance.


Who will we see in At a Distance, Spring is Green?


As it’s an adaptation of a highly popular webtoon, the actors are met with a high set of expectations from the very start. For lead actors Park Ji Hoon, Kang Min Ah, and Bae In Hyuk, this will definitely be a challenge. The drama heavily depends on a love triangle between our three leads and plays on the themes of love and friendship. 


Starting with the lead trio, Park Ji Hoon is the charming Wanna One member who’s hit recognition through the group. His visuals, vocals, and acting were always praised, and have been acting in K-Dramas since 2006. Some of his works are Love Revolution (2020) and Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency (2019). 




Actress Kang Min Ah shot to fame with the recent rom-com True Beauty, where she played the lead female’s best friend, Choi Soo Ah. She portrayed the bubbly and cheerful character with such ease, on top of her flawless visuals, it was difficult to not end up liking her. Other dramas where she’s worked are Bring It On, Ghost (2016), A-Teen 2 (2019), The Temperature of Language: Our Nineteen (2020), Beyond Evil (2021), and others.




Bae In Hyuk is a rookie actor who debuted in 2019 with the show When You Love Yourself 2. He has an irresistible charm, especially when his dimples appear when he smiles. He has dabbled in both films and dramas and is majorly recognized for his roles in The Spies Who Loved Me (2020). He’s currently filming as a lead for the upcoming show, My Roommate is a Gumiho that is all set to premiere on May 26. 




We’ll also get to see CLC’s Kwon Eun Bin portraying senior Wang Young Ran. Choi Jung Woo, who’ll be playing the role of So Bin’s first love and friend of 15 years, Hong Chan Ki. We also have Mr. Queen’s Na In Woo playing the role of Yeo Jun Wan, Yeo Joon’s older brother. Lastly, we have the troublemaker Kong Mi Ju, played by Woo Da Bi. She’s a roommate of Young Ran and So Bin and is bound to create some chaos in their lives.


What’s the story of At a Distance, Spring is Green?


Starting with Park Ji Hoon, he plays the song of a wealthy family called Yeo Joon. From the outside, he seems to have everything under control and also everything that he would ever want. He lives up to everyone’s expectations and is the definition of a ‘perfect’ guy. Despite all of this, he’s hurting and is in desperate need of a true friend. He’s a cute first-year student in the Business Administration Department of a prestigious college.


Enter Bae In Hyuk, who plays Nam Soo Hyun, a third-year student in the same department, and ends up being his confidante. He’s a straight-A, no-nonsense student who dislikes rich spoilt brats. Their friendship begins on tough terms as they’re both grouped together for a class project but then gradually develops into a meaningful bond. Even after being polar opposites, they find the support and courage they need to navigate through their life’s struggle together. 


Their friendship goes for a toss when Kang Min Ah’s Kim So Bin enters the picture. She’s also a third-year student of the Business Administration Department and crosses paths with the two friends. So Bin isn’t a top student or a rich kid. She’s ordinary in every way and works hard to fight life’s struggles.


The drama broadly talks about the many insurmountable struggles people in their 20s go through and aims to project a realistic picture of it.


Any updates or teasers for At a Distance, Spring is Green


Yes! KBS has kept us well fed before the drama. Starting from the present, KBS today, on May 17, dropped a cute trailer video introducing our lead actors as the characters from the webtoon. The actors seamlessly blend in with the cartoon’s illustration style as they almost look like the characters have come to life! Watch the teaser here: 



Before the video, KBS also released teaser stills of Kang Min Ah and Bae In Hyuk in their characters. We can see So Bni raising her hand to touch the wound at Soo Hyun’s face, with a face full of concern and Soo Hyun stops her. There’s an undeniable mystery and tension in the air. Check out the teasers on KBS's official website, here


On May 12, they released the first set of stills where we see Yeo Joon bring an umbrella to So Bin and walk side by side, nonchalantly protecting her from the snow. Yeo Joon has a cool expression on his face while So Bin looks a bit confused. They both look picturesque walking down the road together. 


A week ago, they released a fun behind-the-scenes clip, with an introduction part, where each actor introduced their character and their thoughts on it. Check it out below. 



When will At a Distance, Spring is Green air?     


At a Distance, Spring is Green is all set to premiere on June 14, 9:30 PM KST, i.e. 6 PM IST. You can watch it on Rakuten Viki. 


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