DJ Tukutz of Epik High's new 'rival' is THIS BTS member; Read more HERE

Published on Sep 16, 2021 05:59 PM IST  |  93.5K
Epik High at an event
Epik High at an event : courtesy of News1

Epik High is a group that is familiar with the ins and outs of the music industry, with a career spanning over 19 years and ongoing. DJ Tukutz is known for being witty and having an overall fun personality. So what happens when he is asked about his rival? 

Recently, DJ Tukutz appeared on the MBC Talk Show ‘Radio Star’ and gave the fans something to talk about for days. As one of the hosts on the show mentioned that fellow Epik High members have reported that DJ Tukutz surprisingly considers BIGBANG’s GD as his rival. DJ Tukutz laughed at the absurdity and on further questioning chose BTS’ V as his new rival. The funny nature of it all didn’t go unnoticed by fans who passed on the news to Epik High member Tablo.

Tablo, unsure if he’s heard it right, asked on Twitter as to who exactly had DJ Tukutz decided upon.

When a fan answered as V, Tablo replied with a “So he’s finally lost it”. As if to further prove his point, Tablo tweeted pics of DJ Tukutz and BTS’ V beside each other with no explanation.

DJ Tukutz followed with his announcement as he retweeted a pic that V has posted and captioned it “My rival since yesterday”.

He went on to retweet a fan-recorded video of the episode that explains the whole situation.

Epik High and BTS are known fans of each other. Previously, DJ Tukutz had expressed wonder about BTS’ appearance on the Louis Vuitton fashion show. BTS member SUGA produced the song ‘Eternal Sunshine’ for Epik High’s EP ‘Sleepless in’.

We love this adorable interaction between the two groups!

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