DKB’s Teo departs from group after drunk driving incident; Pens letter to fans

DKB's Teo, has departed from the group after being apprehended by police for driving under the influence. The artist has penned a personal letter to express his sentiments to the fans regarding this.

Updated on Nov 06, 2023   |  08:55 PM IST  |  178.8K
Teo from DKB; Image Courtesy: Brave Entertainment
Teo from DKB; Image Courtesy: Brave Entertainment
Key Highlight
  • Teo announces departure from DKB in a handwritten letter to fans
  • DBK might have to rework on their upcoming album following its main vocalist’s departure

DKB's main vocalist, Teo, has made the difficult decision to depart from the group following his involvement in a DUI (driving under the influence) case. Teo's departure has raised questions among fans about the impact on the group's music and performances, as well as the support he received from fans during this challenging time. It is a reminder of the importance of responsible behavior, especially for public figures, and the consequences it can have on one's career and the people around them.

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Teo conveys his departure from DKB to fans through a heartfelt handwritten letter

In a statement released on November 5 KST, Brave Entertainment officially declared that Teo, the main vocalist of DKB, will be parting ways with the group following a DUI charge.

Here’s the official statement put out by DKB’s agency, Brave Entertainment: 

"Hello. This is Brave Entertainment.

First, we would like to apologize for delivering unpleasant news to the fans who have shown support for DKB.

We confirmed that on October 30th, our artist Teo was caught by the police for driving under the influence and had his license revoked. We informed Teo that drunk driving is an unacceptable behavior with no excuses, and after having careful discussions with the persons involved, we agreed that [Teo] should not cause any harm to the group. Thus, Teo has decided to leave the team. Teo is currently deeply reflecting on his immature actions.


As we are very aware of the seriousness of this situation and the responsibilities that must be upheld, we will do our best to manage and educate our artists in the future. We apologize again for causing concern to our fans.

In the future, DKB plans to reorganize the team into an 8-member system and continue their activities. We will provide our support so that DKB can return with more mature music and performances. We ask for your continued love and interest for the now-eight members of DKB, who are doing their best for a comeback despite these difficult circumstances."

Meanwhile, Teo extended his apologies to fans, fellow DKB members, and the staff through a handwritten letter, which he shared on DKB's fan cafe, addressing his actions.

He wrote:

“Hello, I'm Teo. 

First of all, to the fans who felt great disappointment over causing controversy due to an unpleasant incident.

sorry. It was an irresponsible action that betrayed the love and support we received.

Above all, I apologize for causing harm to the members and many staff members who are still working hard to prepare for their comeback due to my immature actions.

As of today (November 6), to prevent damage to the members due to my mistake, I will leave the team.

I once again bow my head in apology to everyone who has shown so much love to me for my shortcomings. Going forward, I will reflect deeply and reflect on myself."

DKB faces potential album adjustments after the main vocalist's departure

DKB is set to have a comeback this month with eight members and has filmed the music video without Teo. However, as he was the main vocalist of the group all of the songs might have to be revised and performances modified. 

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