Don't Call Me MV: SHINee gives us an intense crash course on love & self esteem in this stylish comeback song

SHINee members shine in the title track of their eponymous comeback album with a fiery warning to exes, never call them back. Watch the video below.
Don't Call Me MV: SHINee gives us an intense crash course on love & self esteem in this stylish comeback song
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SHINee is back with a bang! The quartet released their seventh full-length album Don't Call Me on February 22 with nine diverse tracks - Heart Attack, Marry You, CODE, I Really Want You, Kiss Kiss, Body Rhythm, Attention, Kind and the lead title track Don't Call Me. The official music video for Don't Call Me is here and it is everything, Shawols expected of it and much more. The MV is powerful, stylish and scintillating or what Shawols know it as 'The SHINee genre'.

The title track opens with Minho, who looks uber stylish in a dark denim jacket, a stylish hat and big, chunky neckpieces. His flaming red hair, complementing the cowboy look. We move onto Onew who looks amazing in a dark hoodie and printed pants. Taemin appears next looking cool in a modish bandana and silver earrings. Finally, Key appears looking cute with flattened hair and a comfy sweater, totally nailing the punk-rock look. The music starts playing, a powerful hip-hop track with synth rhythm and beats. The members sing and rap about being betrayed in love. The lyrics are powerful such as, "If you love me. Please let me go. Don't want it now." and "I don't know you so don't call me." SHINee gives us an intense crash course on love & self-esteem through this stylish song.

According to a report carried out by Soompi, The title track, Don’t Call Me, is composed by Kenzie, Dwayne ‘Dem Jointz’ Abernathy Jr., and Rodnae ‘Chikk’ Bell. Kenzie has written the Korean lyrics of this addictive dance-based hip-hop track.

You can watch the fiery MV below:

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Shawols, which is your favourite track from the album? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments below.


Anonymous 1 week ago

I felt old to see them again, but young to hear them again.

Anonymous 1 week ago

Why are they back now?! I'm so unhappy not to see them in concert! Damn Covid!

Anonymous 1 week ago

I'm so glad they're back. I had left the kpop world 2-3 years ago, but just for their return, I'm coming back !

Anonymous 1 week ago

How can they perform so well after so many years? Idols? Artists? Princes of kpop? No Kings of Kpop!