DOONA!: Bae Suzy and Yang Se Jong tease sizzling chemistry and opposite personalities in latest stills

DOONA!, Bae Suzy and Yang Se Jong’s upcoming project is all the hype as new teasers and posters have been released and are creating anticipation for the adorable-looking drama.

Published on Sep 25, 2023   |  02:30 PM IST  |  625.4K
DOONA! new teaser stills: courtesy of Netflix
DOONA! new teaser stills: courtesy of Netflix
Key Highlight
  • DOONA!'s new teaser stills released, starring Bae Suzy and Yang Se Jong
  • DOONA!'s summary, cast and other details explained

DOONA! is Netflix’s upcoming drama in which actors Bae Suzy and Yang Se Jong will be seen together. After the success of Start-Up and Anna, fans eagerly anticipate the romance drama. This would be the first time actor Yang Sejong will be seen in a drama after he was discharged from the military in November 2021. The latest stills released give hints about the characters’ personalities. 

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Breaking down DOONA!’s latest teaser pictures

DOONA!’s new teaser pictures were released on September 25 and they give some details about the characters. Lee Doona played by Bae Suzy is an honest girl who speaks what comes to her mind but deep inside she has an unhealed heart which also makes her defensive and her mood changes like the weather sometimes. The new images show a pretty Lee Doo Na both glammed up and dressed down. While she can be seen in pretty dresses and elegant earrings, she also sports big headphones, caps and a bag of chips in her hand. These stills perfectly capture the duality of the character. 

Won Jun played by Yang Se Jong is a calm and collected person. He has a bright smile and is warmhearted and kind. Just like the character’s personality, he is seen wearing neutral-coloured warm clothes which bring out his approachable and comfortable vibes. In most of these pictures, he is seen with a snug smile and a cosy look in his eyes. 


Everything we know about DOONA! Till now

DOONA! is a romance drama around two people Lee Doo Na and Won Jun. Lee Doo Na is an ex-K-pop idol who was once very popular but has now left her previous life behind. She lives in a shared home and is more of a homebody. Won Jun on the other hand is a university student who is an everyman. The two start living together in the shared house and soon Won Joon becomes attracted towards her. The two start spending time together and there is obvious chemistry there but Won Jun is confused by the mystery Doo Na is. While both are trying to figure these feelings out, they come closer and closer to each other.

DOONA! is scheduled to release on October 20.  

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