Drug charges, bullying & more: Here are some KPop idols who turned out to be ‘fake’ after all

Fans almost always put their hearts out on their sleeves for their favorite idol. But what happens when they turn fake?

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Former member of AOA Jimin clicking a selfie; left the KPop industry after bullying chargesa
Drug charges, bullying & more: Here are some KPop idols who turned out to be ‘fake’ after all

The K-Pop industry is as notoriously infamous for its negatives as it is famous for its good things. While we fans do get considerably lucky with some of the best groups and solo artists, what comes off as a surprise are the bullying charges against some of our favourite idols. Idols, we never thought would’ve ever behaved in that way. 

Since the middle of 2020, a storm has taken over the K-Pop industry, which still shows no sign of calming down. There was a sudden increase in the number of idols accused of bullying allegations - from famous actors who gave us incredible performances to group members of famous idol bands - it was a rollercoaster ride for fans that still keeps them divided. While KDrama lovers might know how rampant school bullying is in South Korea - whether it be for grades or class structure - we do often tend to disregard it by wondering to ourselves that it might just not be that bad. However, as the accusations keep on increasing and getting more and more actors entangled in its web, it makes us believe that after all, it might all just be true.

Every action has consequences - whether it's bullying or accidents or possessing something illegal. 

Today, we're looking at 5 idols who made us think they can be an idol, a role model, to people across the world. While I do think forgiveness matters, it is pretty subjective.  Bouts of superiority and ego leading to a vicious cycle of pain cannot go away with just an apology. And a role model, who youngsters look up to, can't keep on getting embroiled in drugs charges. If it comes to that, it gets difficult to call such people idols. 

Jimin from AOA

One of the biggest bullying controversies in the K-Pop industry was of the singer Jimin from the girl group AOA. She had been bullying her former groupmate Mina for nearly a decade. She bullied her to the point of severe mental stress, to the point of self-harm and even suicide. Mina couldn't even attend her father's funeral because she was scared of Jimin. It sent shockwaves in the industry when Mina, who left the group earlier, posted on Instagram about this. Jimin later apologized and left the group and the K-Pop industry in July 2020. 

Kangin from Super Junior 

The legendary group Super Junior's member Kangin has been involved in multiple cases - from possession of drugs to driving under influence and even a hit and run case. He was arrested in 2009 first for the incident and then in 2016 for again driving under influence. 


Yoochun from TVXQ (former member) 

A former member of the band TVXQ, he was arrested in 2019 under possession and use of illegal drug charges. A police narcotics unit issued a warrant after he was tested positive for the drug. He was then sentenced to two years of probation. 

Above all of this, one can never forget the most shocking scandal - the Burning Sun scandal. The scandal ripped the entertainment industry as well as the elite group of politicians and businessmen, apart. Alongside these businessmen, were Seungri, a member of the legendary group BIG BANG and Yang Hyun Suk, the CEO of YG Entertainment. It was one of the biggest scandals to hit the country. 

As fans, we do give our all to our favourite stars. But as better fans, we also do need to know when to let go. 

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What are your views on these controversies? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 

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