DRUNK DAZE MV: ENHYPEN members daze you into a magic realism version of What happened last night?

A birthday party invitation straight out of fantasy fiction, ENHYPEN members' dazzling comeback. Watch the video below.
Drunk Daze is also the title track of BORDER: CARNIVAL DRUNK DAZE MV: ENHYPEN members daze you into a magic realism version of What happened last night?
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Imagine your magic-realism themed K-pop fan fiction fantasy coming true in a music video! This is exactly what happens with Drunk-Daze, the title track of ENHYPEN's comeback mini-album, BORDER: CARNIVAL. The mini-album includes 6 tracks, including a track that was released earlier, titled ‘Intro: The Invitation’. The title track is called ‘Drunk-Dazed’, followed by others like ‘FEVER’, ‘Not For Sale’, ‘Mixed Up’ and ‘Outro: The Wormhole’.

So you have everything that happens in an American pop-horror film, a schoolgirl finds an invitation to a mysterious Birthday party. The boys, who are dressed in school uniforms, change form to some beastly avatars. The birthday party is mysterious, yet fascinating. There are moments of magic on screen and in the music and a goth-pop feel sonically as well as visually. Wonderkid and Bang Si Hyuk participated in the song, which can be described as a pop-rock sound with a strong EDM influence, that makes the chorus more peppy and upbeat. Lyrically, the song is about being in some trance, under a drunk-daze of an effective magic spell. While visually, the lyrics match the song, however, metaphorically the new rookie group is in a happy-trance, relishing the newness of this comeback. The video ends with the girl reaching the birthday party venue, like most fan-fictions, we leave it to your imagination.

You can watch the video here:

To promote and celebrate the release of BORDER: CARNIVAL with their beloved ENGENE, the group is hosting a special show titled ‘ENHYPEN Comeback Show: CARNIVAL’. The show will air on April 26, at 8 PM KST, two hours after the release of the album, and will be broadcasted live on Mnet and its digital channel M2. Sounds like a party invitation we are signing up for!

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