DSP Media issues statement in response to former APRIL member Hyunjoo's allegations of bullying by bandmates

Former APRIL member Lee Hyunjoo accused DSP Media of being bystanders when her group members bullied her. Read on to find out.
Lee Hyun Joo is a former member of the group DSP Media issues statement in response to former APRIL member Hyunjoo's allegations of bullying by bandmates
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Former APRIL member Lee Hyunjoo took to her personal Instagram to share her horrible experience with her former group, APRIL. Hyunjoo verified her younger brother's claims that she was mistreated and harassed by her former bandmates. She revealed the severity of the harassment almost drove her to a point of no return. She further accused DSP Media of being mere bystanders and did not support her when she needed their help. The situation has worsened further.

DSP Media which currently houses both APRIL and Hyunjoo has released multiple statements denying the allegations. Not just that, the agency has also filed both criminal and civil lawsuits against Hyunjoo and the individuals who made the allegations online. This is after Hyunjoo made a personal statement verifying that she was indeed bullied by her former bandmates. APRIL's Chaewon and Yena, Hyunjoo's former bandmates also spoke up to deny the claims made by Hyunjoo and her acquaintances. DSP Media issued an official statement refuting Hyunjoo's claims of bullying. DSP Media allege that the content in the post is one-sided and far from the objective truth. 

DSP Media revealed that they have suffered through unbearable emotional distress as well as tangible and intangible damage, because of this controversy. They revealed that the group members are distressed because of these allegations and they will let the judicial authority reveal the truth through a fair and impartial investigation! Hope the matter is resolved soon.

You can read Hyunjoo's statement on the matter below:

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What is the solution to bullying allegations?
Artists shouldnt be suffocated by their agencies. Issues must be addressed while wounds are fresh and not brushed under the carpet. Else, the consequences will be ugly.