DVWN trailer release, BAE173’s comeback, KARA anniversary and more: DAILY HIGHLIGHTS you might have missed

There’s a lot that went down on April 8. While the bigger news was always right in our face, here are some other news of the K-Pop industry you might have missed out on.
DVWN trailer release, BAE173’s comeback, KARA anniversary and more: DAILY HIGHLIGHTS you might have missed
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While today seemed a bit slow in the Korean entertainment industry, there might still be some news that might have gone under the radar for some or the other reason. In this segment, we’re highlighting some news that you might have missed out on and should know, to gain a better knowledge of what’s going on in the K-Pop industry.

DVWN releases an eerie trailer for his upcoming album

On April 8, DVWN, the talented singer and songwriter, dropped a mysterious-looking trailer for his new album titled, ‘It’s Not Your Fault’. The video shows him lying down in the center, far away, under a white cloth. He lays on the floor and the sheet gets dragged, forming mysterious shapes with some objects. If we see clearly, there’s a mysterious man clothed in black who raises his hands towards the singer’s body lying on the floor. The album is scheduled to drop on April 14. Check out the teaser below. 

Rookie group BAE173 releases their first comeback MV ‘Loved You’

The 9-member group debuted in November 2020 and has already made their comeback with their second mini-album titled ‘INTERSECTION: TRACED’. The album’s title track is called ‘Loved You’ and is an emotional but electronic dance track. It talks about a breakup and the pain after that. The song also sounds groovy. Check out the MV below. 



STAYC released their second album ‘Staydom’ today; title track ‘ASAP’ is a bubble-gum lover’s dream

The 6-member rookie girl group also made its debut in November 2020. Today, on April 8, they dropped their second album titled ‘Staydom’ and released the music video of the album’s title track, ‘ASAP’. It is filled with bright colors, majorly pink, is vibrant and a bubblegum lover’s dream come true. The album consists of a total of four songs, ‘ASAP’, ‘So What’, ‘Love Fool’ and ‘So Bad’ (Tak Remix). Watch their music video below.



KARA members celebrate their 14th anniversary together

Even though now disbanded, KARA members celebrated their 14th debut anniversary today. Member Gyuri shared the photos of the members on her Instagram. We can see members Seungyeon, Nicole, and Jiyoung together with Gyuri, and a cake with a 14 number candle. The members look beautiful as always. When one person commented wondering how nice it would be if Hara was there, Gyuri replied saying how about they just pretend that Hara couldn’t come because of the pandemic guidelines. For the uninitiated, Hara passed away in November 2019. Check out their photo below. 



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