El Capitxn reveals how friend BTS’ SUGA convinced him to taste lake water; fans gush over sweet friendship

El Capitxn and SUGA are old friends and he proved it in his recent Instagram live talking about one encounter where he had to taste lake water.

Published on Jun 18, 2024  |  12:07 AM IST |  85K
El Capitxn, SUGA: courtesy of BTS' X
El Capitxn, SUGA: courtesy of BTS' X

BTS SUGA's old friend and producing partner, former HISTORY member El Capitxn, in a recent Instagram live, discussed drinking Lake Michigan water to test who was right about whether it was a lake or not.

El Capitxn talking about SUGA

On June 16, El Capitxn went live on Instagram and shared a fascinating story from his travels with SUGA during the D-DAY Tour in Chicago. He recounted an amusing incident that took place when they visited Lake Michigan. The two of them were standing by the lake, and the conversation turned to what the water might taste like. SUGA, with a practical mindset, suggested that the water would just taste like any other water since it was a lake. He then encouraged El Capitxn to taste it for himself.

Intrigued by the idea, El Capitxn decided to take it a step further. He tasted the water from the lake, driven by curiosity and SUGA's suggestion. To his surprise, he found that the water was not salty at all. He expressed his amazement during the live stream, highlighting how shocked he was by the unexpected taste of the lake water. The anecdote provided a humorous glimpse into their off-stage adventures and the friendship they share.

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More about El Capitxn

Jang Yi Jung, formerly known as J.Pearl and currently known as El Capitxn, is a South Korean singer, dancer, producer, and former member of the boy band HISTORY. Before his official debut, he appeared on Star Audition: The Great Birth 2, where he was selected by Lee Sun Hee to join her team. 

In 2013, he debuted as HISTORY's main vocalist and youngest member with the single album Dreamer, which featured narration by fellow labelmate IU. He also featured in IU's song Friday and narrated Melody Day's song Oh, My Guy. Despite several music releases and comebacks, LOEN Entertainment eventually reevaluated the group's viability.


By 2017, with most members either enlisted in mandatory military service or about to enlist, the agency announced the group's disbandment, allowing each member to pursue individual activities. Following the disbandment, Jang Yi Jung joined the composer team Devine Channel under the stage name J.Pearl. He co-led the producer team VENDORS, initially formed with former HISTORY groupmate Kim Jae Ho (now known as Nano), before transitioning to BigHit Entertainment as a full-time producer. Under the stage name El Capitxn, he has arranged or composed songs for artists such as Heize and Sunmi.

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