Emily Mei infiltrates the K pop multiverse with ‘My Domain’ backed by f(x)’s Amber & CLC’s Sorn

Published on Nov 10, 2021 06:44 PM IST  |  121.1K
Emily Mei posing
Emily Mei posing : courtesy of Emily Mei

The trio that no one expected but everyone needed! Debutant Emily Mei has shown her cards to the K-pop world and we can say they are no less than aces. Featuring two of the most dynamic K-pop artists, Emily Mei has forayed into the world of K-pop. f(x)’s Amber & CLC’s Sorn have teamed up with the Los Angeles born singer, actress and TV personality for a battle anthem that combines the K-pop and anime universes like never before.

My Domain 1

The music video is a treat to one’s eye, cinematically presenting the army of earth saviours comprising Emily, Amber, Sorn and Mei, who has entered Emily’s body after the exchange of a blood ritual. Dramatic, action-filled and with touches of heartfelt friendship, the music video is any superhero fan’s fever dream made into a reality with the hard work of a team of professionals from the award-winning CHAVVO Studios.

Lyrically the song reads about a confident girl that has gone through changes in order to become a ‘better than imagination’ version of herself. She has vowed to take over evil with her dear friends to her aid. The music boasts of a funk-pop, percolating synths and surging EDM sound brought together by the multi-platinum songwriter and producer Joe J. Lee "KAIROS” and his team at the Kairos Music Group.

My Domain 2

Talking about her debut, Emily Mei said, “I’m so honoured to release this first music episode with two of my best friends, Sorn and Amber. I wrote this song to remind myself and others that you don’t need anyone else to be complete, you don’t need anyone who hurts you, and you are powerful on your own. I feel like everyone has a ‘MEI’ inside them, a darker side they don’t usually show to others, a side that sometimes takes over when times are tough. I hope people watch our journey and feel a release, feel like they have someone to relate to.” 

My Domain 3

The cliffhanger at the end of the music video has us waiting for more already!

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