Emma Corrin REVEALS why Prince Charles and Princess Diana's iconic wedding is not a part of The Crown Season 4

Emma Corrin and Josh O'Connor, who play Princess Diana and Prince Charles in The Crown Season 4, revealed in an interview as to why the royal couple's iconic wedding is excluded from the series.
Emma Corrin REVEALS why Prince Charles and Princess Diana's iconic wedding is not a part of The Crown Season 4
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We're just a day away from the highly-awaited release of The Crown Season 4 with all eyes on Emma Corrin, who brings to life the legendary Princess Diana. Moreover, with the setting place at the time period when Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) became prime minister, it will be a 'cold war' showdown between the PM and The Queen (Olivia Colman).

Light will also be considerably shed on Diana and Prince Charles' (Josh O'Connor) troubled marriage, albeit, with one historic moment not making it to the latest season of The Crown; their iconic royal wedding. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Corrin disclosed that the reason for Charles and Diana's wedding exclusion from The Crown Season 4 was simple. "We never re-create things just for the sake of re-creating them. I think if we do re-create a scene — like the engagement scene, for instance, when they do the announcement — it has to be because it's linked to something that the characters are going through. It has to be part of the story. It has to further the plot, basically," Emma shared.

The 24-year-old actress noted that the wedding can easily be viewed on YouTube. Hence, she doesn't see a point in them recreating it. On the other hand, O'Connor, who entered The Crown universe of Charles in Season 3, mirrors his co-star's stance sharing with THR, "That's The Crown for you. That's why The Crown is so good. Peter Morgan [The Crown, creator] isn't interested in showing you the wedding because, yeah, Emma's right, you just go on YouTube and you can watch it. I think all the historical events are important for punctuating so that the audience know where we are."

Giving an example, Josh shared how Morgan will put in Thatcher's election just to inform the audience where the storyline of the current season is kickstarting from rather than putting up '20th December 1981' on the screen. The 30-year-old actor divulged that it's how Peter signposts it using historical events. What O'Connor finds more interesting, as Charles and Diana had to keep a certain decorum on their wedding day, you couldn't see the nuance whereas when it's behind closed doors, like a wedding rehearsal, one has more license to create and fictionalise.

The biggest reason, however, as to why certain famous events in royal history aren't included is because everything, eventually, must be directly linked to Queen Elizabeth II. "They don't follow any plotlines that don't directly link to the Crown, which is really interesting," Emma revealed to THR and added, "I asked Peter about it and he said no, we can't, because her storyline doesn't impact the queen. Everything actually has to feedback to the queen. Even Diana's plotline, it's all about what she's doing and the effect that that's having on the queen. That's why it's called The Crown."

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Meanwhile, The Crown releases tomorrow, i.e. November 15.

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