ENHYPEN is all set to make a mark in the Japanese music industry with their debut on THIS date

Know about everything related to ENHYPEN’s Japanese debut here.
Rookie K-Pop group ENHYPEN performing at a music show. ENHYPEN performing at a music show. (Pic Credits: News1)
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After topping Japanese charts before even making an official Japanese debut, the boys are now officially making their debut in the Japanese music industry! ENGENEs, we suggest reading the article fully so you know everything that ENHYPEN has made a mark in and is going to do in the Japanese market! 


ENHYPEN announced today, on May 11, that the group is finally going to make their Japanese debut with BORDER: __, (Romanized: BORDER: Hanakai). According to reports, the album consists of three songs - the Japanese versions of their debut title track Given-Taken, Let Me In (20 Cube) and a new original Japanese song. They also released a group photo dressed in all-white, showcasing a softer side of theirs than the ones ENGENEs are seeing nowadays with their BORDER: CARNIVAL promotions. 


Take a look at the group photo below:




The rookie group started making their mark with their debut album BORDER: DAY ONE by charting No. 1 on Oricon daily album chart, No. 2 on weekly album chart and even topped the Japan iTunes top albums chart. Not just this, with ENGENE power in Japan, their 2021 Season’s Greetings also topped the DVD weekly chart of Oricon! 


If you think this is incredible, there are many more things that they’ve achieved! They are the first-ever foreign artists to be selected as Japan’s popular late-night show ‘All Night Japan’ which has been running for half a century. They even graced the covers of the popular magazine ViVi for their June issue. 


Meanwhile, check out their award-winning, groovy Drunk-Dazed song below:



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How excited are you for their Japanese debut? And how much in awe are you about their incredible achievement in Japan? Let us know in the comments below!