ENHYPEN embraces Halloween spirit; Dresses up as fruits and performs on their song Chamber 5 (Dream of Dreams)

Boy band ENHYPEN recently dressed up as fruits to get into the spirit of Halloween, and performed on their song Chamber 5 (Dream of Dreams).
ENHYPEN embraces Halloween spirit ENHYPEN embraces Halloween spirit; Dresses up as fruits and performs on their song Chamber 5 (Dream of Dreams)
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South Korean all-boy band ENHYPEN recently dropped has shared an adorable new dance video in the spirit of Halloween! On October 29, the upcoming boy group released a fun “Halloween fruit version” dance performance video for their song Chamber 5 (Dream of Dreams) In the video, each of the ENHYPEN members were adorably dressed up as a different fruit before performing the playful choreography for the song, which several of them first performed as part of a battle on Mnet’s I-LAND.


In case you missed it, just last week, ENHYPEN dropped the second official teaser video titled Dusk Dawn, after releasing the first official trailer titled Choose-Chosen a few weeks ago! And to no one’s surprise, ENGENEs went crazy! Just like the first teaser, fans went all out figuring out all the hidden messages that were embedded in the video.  With still a bunch more trailer videos to be released, the ENGENEs were bound to get on the theory train for each of those! 


Check out ENHYPEN’s cute Halloween dance video below:


If you don’t know about the group, ENHYPEN's K-Pop journey was available to the public thanks to I-LAND. Millions of people around the world tuned in to watch and see who would make it to the next round and vote on who they would like to see to a part of the mysterious future group. In the end, only seven were left and now they're ready to come together to make history.


With 2.1 million followers on TikTok, 1.3 million on Instagram, and nearly 1 million subscribers on YouTube, it might be surprising to hear that the band has yet to officially debut. They even already have a fandom name, ENGENE, meaning that fans are the engine that drives ENHYPEN’s growth and development. ENHYPEN also shares a "GENE" with their fans to connect, discover, and develop with one another. But even with all of the history and followers behind them, they are just getting started on their journey to take over the world with their music.


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