ENHYPEN’s BORDER: CARNIVAL breaks their own personal record by achieving 450k pre orders!

As fans eagerly await to see the members’ royal charms, their first comeback album has broken their record. Read on to know more about the record and the album.
Official teaser photo of ENHYPEN's BORDER: CARNIVAL ENHYPEN’s BORDER: CARNIVAL breaks their own personal record by achieving 450k pre orders!
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Global rookies ENHYPEN’s comeback is so close that it's already breaking records! After their debut album BORDER: DAY ONE, fans have been eagerly awaiting and have set high expectations from their latest album. Looking at the Drunk-Dazed MV teaser and concept photos that Belift Lab has released, it seems like it will definitely be above those expectations!

The latest album, BORDER: CARNIVAL is due on April 26 at 6 PM KST, while the pre-orders started rolling in from April 5. The orders have been increasing in massive quantities, and the group has now crossed their personal record by clocking in more than 450,000 copies sold by April 23, as stated by Belift Lab. The group achieved this feat in just 19 days! This is a massive increase in sales than the numbers of their debut album ‘BORDER: DAY ONE’ which reached 300,000 copies in 20 days.

The mini-album will include 6 tracks, including a track that was released earlier, titled ‘Intro: The Invitation’. The title track is called ‘Drunk-Dazed’, followed by others like ‘FEVER’, ‘Not For Sale’, ‘Mixed Up’ and ‘Outro: The Wormhole’. The tracks seem quite groovy, something that will make you move to the beats. The theme revolves around a ‘carnival’, with context changing from horror to royalty, remaining gorgeous throughout.

To promote and celebrate the release of the mini-album with fans, the band is doing a special show titled ‘ENHYPEN Comeback Show: CARNIVAL’. This show will air on April 26, at 8 PM KST, two hours after the release of the album, and will be broadcasted live on Mnet and its digital channel M2. Like the album, it will be a massive party with the theme ‘CARNIVAL’ at its very core. This just sounds like a great two-for-one deal!

ENHYPEN captured the attention of the entire world when they debuted through I-Land, an idol survival reality program. They soon became the highest-selling K-pop boy group to make their debut in 2020. Their work has been steadily increasing in popularity ever since.

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