ENHYPEN takes viewers on a soothing journey to the beach for their latest comeback teasers

Published on Sep 30, 2021 02:17 PM IST  |  82.2K
 ENHYPEN Concept Photo; Picture Courtesy: HYBE Labels
ENHYPEN Concept Photo; Picture Courtesy: HYBE Labels

ENHYPEN posted the mood board of 'ODYSSEUS', the last concept of the regular album 'DIMENSION: DILEMMA', on the official social media handles at midnight on September 30th. The 'ODYSSEUS' mood board draws attention as the beach that appeared in the intro track video reappears. The image of the seven members standing against the backdrop of the warm sun-drenched sea of ​​late summer and the beautifully setting red sunset, and the flags on the sandy beach give a refreshing feeling.

Previously, ENHYPEN entered the splendid world through two concepts, 'SCYLLA' and 'CHARYBDIS', but somehow it felt like it was not for everyone, and it drew a lonely feeling, and the happiness in small everyday life together. The seven members drew a response from fans around the world with their unrivaled visuals and perfectly working on the concept.

ENHYPEN, who will release their first full-length album 'DIMENSION: DILEMMA' on October 12th, will release the second concept of the new album ' CHARYBDIS' version of the concept film was released. The members in the concept video show a warm and cozy atmosphere, such as spending time in their own space, walking outdoors, or playing with a ball, like the concept photos previously released. The way the members smile towards the camera creates a bright atmosphere and at the same time makes the viewers smile naturally. The sound effects such as old tapes, melodies, and whistles inserted in the background give a feeling of returning to childhood and captivate the ears.

'DIMENSION: DILEMMA' is the first full-length album released by the ‘4th generation hot icon' ENHYPEN since its debut, and it is attracting attention and anticipation to the extent of exceeding 600,000 pre-orders within 6 days of pre-ordering. Following this fever, ENHYPEN plans to release the concept photos and films of 'ODYSSEUS' on the 1st and 2nd in sequence. Meanwhile, ENHYPEN's first full-length album 'DIMENSION: DILEMMA' will be released on October 12th.

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