ENHYPEN teases first full album with flamboyant tracklist and images; Title track REVEALED

Updated on Oct 10, 2021 10:39 AM IST  |  91K
ENHYPEN concept image
ENHYPEN concept image : courtesy of BELIFT LAB

ENGENE, the ‘Tamed-Dashed’ era is befalling us. Yes, that’s right ENHYPEN has announced the name of its latest title track that will be a part of the group’s first full album set to release on October 12.


Following the style of their previously released song ‘Drunk-Dazed’, the next ‘hyphenated’ song ‘Tamed-Dashed’ from the group will accompany 7 other tracks for a power packed release. The Greek mythology concept has so far been well incorporated as ‘SCYLLA’, ‘CHARYBDIS’ and ‘ODYSSEUS’, the three main figures showing three different sides of the ENHYPEN members were revealed.


The lore follows the hero ‘Odysseus’ who has to face the two sea monsters ‘Scylla’ and ‘Charybdis’ as they strike his path. In order to succeed Odysseus has to find a way to surpass both the challenges.


The latest ‘ODYSSEUS’ concept film shows ENHYPEN along a beach as they play in the water, splashing each other. A mellow guitar strum plays in the background while the seven boys play around, pushing each other to the ground and posing in the picturesque setting. Their white, unstained outfits pose a naive contrast to the mythology that follows their story.



The tracklist has a total of 8 numbers starting off with an ‘Intro: Whiteout’ followed by title track ‘Tamed-Dashed’. ‘Upper Side Dreamin’’, ‘I didn’t know’ (literal translation), ‘Go Big or Go Home’ are next. A special revelation was made in the tracklist as TOMORROW X TOGETHER member Yeonjun is credited for the track ‘Blockbuster’. ’Attention, please!’ and ‘Interlude : Question’ bring the tracklist to a circle.



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