Episodes 3 & 4 of River Where The Moon Rises raise the stakes as Kim So Hyun discovers her true identity

Ga Jin finds out who she really is and comes face to face with the King.
The official poster of River Where The Moon Rises. Episodes 3 & 4 of River Where The Moon Rises raise the stakes as Kim So Hyun discovers her true identity
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As River Where The Moon Rises closes out in its second week, the show has added some urgency to the storyline. So far the story has been consistently engaging, with episode 3 continuing to deepen the character ties while introducing more players to the fold. While the show isn’t quite as epic as the first episode may have led one to believe, it’s still a compelling period drama nonetheless, leaving the door wide open for where this one may go next.

Saving Yeom Ga Jin

Yeom Ga Jin is held captive by the Chief of Cheonjubang when she refuses to kill unless she knows her identity and deems it right to do so. On Dal goes out on search for her when he comes to know her father might be in danger. Then develops a plot where he, with her father and assassin friends Tara San and Tara Jin, saves her and flees the place.

Princess Pyeonggang

Quite a few people have gotten an in on the secret of Princess Pyeonggang being alive and her identity. Some are trying to protect her while some want her life, albeit in secrecy. While the person in question has some different ideas. She feels guilty about surviving eight years ago.

Chemistry between Yeom Ga Jin and On Dal

There has been a lot of progress in this part of the drama which is not limited to romance. With both Yeom Ga Jin and On Dal being aware of her identity as Princess Pyeonggang, there has developed some sort of understanding between the two leads. On Dal possesses some resentment against the princess for being the cause of the destruction of the lives of his tribe and his father. But he still prevents her from committing suicide. However, we do get some fun moments when both of them are working to find her identity.

The Palace

The plot to gain regency of the throne is thickening in the palace with the poisoning of the Emperor. General Go Geon is one of the people who know about the princess. And as is his duty, he lets the Emperor know about it, going against his father's command of killing her on sight.

Ghost Valley

Princess Pyeonggang is living in the Ghost Valley using her identity as a former assassin Yeom Ga Jin. People were against her living with them but they soon warmed up to the idea. They even help On Dal repair the place she would be living in to show their acceptance. We also get a glimpse of why the place is called Ghost Valley when the villagers try to scare away the soldiers who are on an expedition to search of Yeom Ga Jin.


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