Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao & Junaid Khan at Danesh Irani's wedding reception

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Boman Irani's son Danesh Irani tied the knot to Reah Cama on the 16th of November and Boman organised a wedding reception to celebrate the event. Here are some photos from the event.

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Kiran looks lovely!
Amir is dressed so badly for the occasion.
His son looks very like a regular guy, not like a "movie star" type.

Finally Kiran khan is wearing something that is normal ( a beautiful saree) unlike dresses she has worn in the past- were more like a pieces of different clothing draped.

I hate Amir's Jeans

the Khans suck at dressing.

Aamer and his son might have money...and AK might be a celebrity but please dress appropriately for a wedding reception....

love aamir khan so much more because of the love and respect he shows to his wife.saw an interview where he said that when he read her script of dhobi ghat,he fell in love with her all over again.this is a real man who is not threatened by an intelligent woman unlike srk who is so "extremely,extremely,extremely fond of priyanka chopra because she is not over-smart".srk philosophises and acts all intelligent but the way he behaves shows how shallow he is.aamir rocks in life and movies.this is the type of role model people should have.

what the freaking hell is Aamir wearing!!!!!?????? eeewwww.... for once Kiran looks lovely, i wish someone would introduce her to contact lenses!

let them just be people.. to all who are saying we won't dress like this for a wedding.. the headline clearly states that this is a reception.. the wedding must have happened before that..

What the hell is he wearing??? It is a wedding reception, not a get together for wanna be college boys!

Did Aamir come straight from school? Jeez, obviously he didnt get the memo on the attire! Uggh those height enhancing boots! Kiran looks lovely.

these guys are dressed like they're going to see a movie .....way too casual for a wedding

someone teach bollywood men how to dress for weddings!

wow aamir's son has grown up, he doesn't look like the son anymore! didn't recognize him. so cool that aamir can look so young even with his son! younger maybe.

Aamir looks so young

Aamir's son looks older than him... awks
that just goes to show how young he married & became a father & then realized his mistake LOOOOOL

Why is Aamir Khan dressed younger than his (teenage) son?
Kiran looks so lovely!
I think she is one of the best dressed personalities in Bollywood.
Are there pics of the bride anywhere?

Kiran looks great!! Amir, not so great..

nic look

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